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Welcome to RunCompanies

The best platform for project management, hiring, time tracking, automated payments, and personal account managers that help you find the best employees.


Project Management

Powerful management tool for your company's projects, milestones, task and employees.

Time Tracking

See screenshots, clicks and type counts with our powerfull time tracking application.

Hiring Platform

Find the best employees with the required skills and create fixed or hourly contracts.

Specialist Portfolio

Get hired by showcasing your work to the company owners on RunCompanies.

Account Manager

Whenever you need help with your company, contact your personal account manager.

Automated Payments

Pay or get paid weekly for what you work. Hassle free, automated and safe.

RunCompanies Dashboard

Designed and developed with care, RunCompanies provides you with the perfect working experience.
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Tracking Software

We help you save money

With our Tracking Software you can be sure you can always count on who you're working with. Screen captures with click and type counts help you understand how your employees spend their working time.

Why RunCompanies

With the RunCompanies platform you can completely manage your company and employees online. Not only that, but you get a personal account manager, automated payments and a complete overview on what everyone does.

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Our Mission

We want to make sure that every company owner gets exactly what he needs. That's why we work with the finest specialists on the market. If you're looking for to list or find a job, you're in the right place.

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We have hundreds of jobs waiting to get staffed. Start enjoying the benefits of RunCompanies today and create your own company or get hired. You find what you're looking for and we take care of the rest.

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