We probably won't do that again.

We are all convinced that he's guilty.

My nail has broken.

I eat dinner at quarter past seven.


At what hour was she born?

We considered the problem from all angles.

What's the spelling of your family name?

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We are sorry to say that we can not give you that information.

Does it upset you?

Doctors did everything they could to cure him.

I'll stand.

They saved us.

He's perfect at everything.

The end of the era of petroleum is in sight.

His pride won't allow him to ask questions.

His house is on the opposite side of the street.

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We have our backs to the wall.


You should attend the meeting yourself.

I told Radek that we could trust you.

It's hard to justify.


There's plenty of food in the pantry.

The boy saw himself as an adult.

Carry this for me.

You can't pay someone to sleep with you.

The world is worried about the nuclear capabilities of Iran and North Korea.

He took the elevator to the 5th floor.

Rahul brought plenty of food.

Vadim and I had a cup of coffee together this morning.

They won't take Warren back.

It's rather strange.

What happened next?

Nobody collect the lost things.

This cabinet is very old.


Get off my back about my personal life!

I'm trying not to waste my time.

Is it true that cockroaches don't have wings?

You're smarter than them.

Why have you brought me here?


What if they're wrong?


Ti didn't learn anything in school.

Illness prevented him from doing his work.

She didn't pay me the money.

You can be a bit of a prick sometimes.

Gods don't kill people, people with gods kill people.

What connection could there be?

Strangers close by are better than family far away.

Let's follow them.

There are no correct fingerings for scales, because everyone's hands are different.

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Do you remember that day?

No one knew what was going on.

Don't make faces.

It'll be a big challenge.

He does it fast.

Kris rejected the deal.

She left Osaka yesterday.

We must get help.

Christian and Arne are playing beach volleyball.

He shares a room with his brother.

Did they say why?

His students speak bad about him behind his back.

The storm severely damaged the crops.

He was educated at a public school.

Some Westerners may think our houses are lacking in everything they consider essential.

If the young does not learn it, the old does not know it.

It's not easy sharing your secrets.


We saw his flock of geese.


Lorenzo doesn't miss anything, does he?

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We are good friends now, but we didn't like each other at first.

The event is still fresh in our memory.

I thought we had a deal.

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Can you think of any reason why Jeany and Betty shouldn't get married?

The glitter of the sun hurts my eyes.

Clyde was waiting for you.

Give me a little time to think.

This chapter will focus on the riddles of the planets.

Last night's concert was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

Saad put her head on Chip's shoulder.


I don't care what you think of me.

Wilmer was dead.

I don't know what I'm supposed to do.


I want to know how you feel about this.

This is the woman whose cars were stolen.

I have had a corn removed from my foot.

I hope they all have fun.

They're Ning's.

Flares are used to avoid heat-seeking missiles.

I as a human being, need respect.

That would never happen, right?

It wasn't easy to solve this problem.

Is he cooking too?

To tell the truth, I had forgotten all about our appointment.

It rained heavily all day, during which time I stayed indoors.

One must be an executive in some company.

Something's beginning.

Andries was on the phone.


Cut the talking and listen.

I can't cough up the phlegm because it's too deep in my bronchi.

The rumour has already spread.


This is probably the place.


Everybody knew that she spoke very good English.

Bjorne is deaf in the left ear.

I have to check with him first.

The pay cuts didn't go down well with the company staff.

How did you know I wanted to be alone?


I wasn't sure I could do it.

Come over for dinner sometime.

How could you be so sure?

Can you quantify happiness?

Swimming is fun.

We know about Hwa.

Are you a friend of Socorrito's?


I want to know why I'm here.

No one will stop me.

Oh, don't worry about it.


I liked doing it.

Man lives in communities such as cities and countries.

It gets dark earlier and earlier.


With respect to this question, there are three opinions.

Serdar is a crossfit athlete.

That's the man who lives next door.

Stephe looks indignant.

She is very frugal, not to say stingy.

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Le Verrier expected to be declared the sole discoverer of Neptune, but months prior to his calculations being completed John Couch Adams, an English mathematician, had accomplished the same feat. As a consequence, Le Verrier and Adams share the honor as Neptune's discoverers.

Lievaart knows precisely what he's doing.

They passed me by.

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The island lies to the west of Japan.


Having a telephone helped her find more clients.

He's such a wimp.

We can't afford that anymore.


I wish you'd call us.

He's a strange character.

I bought a wonderful watch for her.

He built castles in the air all day.

Tea is a popular beverage throughout the world.


Nobody knows why he turns down my help.

She put on an air of innocence.

The old man stood still at the gate.


I left home without having breakfast yesterday.


You didn't have to come to me.

I'll be waiting for you in the lobby.

I've never had a friend like you before.

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I really like the songs you write.

Lorien is still on this floor.

Could you tell me who did this?

Dan put the lid back on the trash can.

We must learn to accept the people around us.

Please air the zabuton.

Blaine put the thermometer in his mouth.

They have been in my employ for five years.

Harvey lived in Boston.

The Bible has it written like this.

She used all her skills making this dish.


I heard you talked to her.

George had a lot of cheese for breakfast.

Taro is very likely to pass the university entrance examination.

I went shopping at that department store.

I can tell you're tired.

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It was his own fault.

I want to live in a small town.

Max had bruises all over his body.

This is a green apple.

Tell Amigo that I'm sleeping.


We need to study more in order to know how to express our opinions better.


This book belongs to her.


If you believe society hasn't made anything worthwhile, then you might believe also in mass destruction.