About Grant Home (GH)

Grants Home Services is a company with integrated sections to benefit classes in the society, with ultimate goal been to improve business activities and finances. It consists of group of professionals who are here to bring large number of individuals together to find a sustainable solution to the challenges faced by businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals’ financial burden. It also deals on domestic and business accessories and equipment, general commodities. For more details, read HOW IT WORKS


Market Zone

This consists of ENTERPRENUERS SECTION and SHOP. We connect large number of targeted online and offline customers to the sellers on ENTERPRENUERS SECTION, while SHOP sellers gets customers here online. Please know that only legal items will be permitted to be sold on this site


Charity Affairs

The company contributes largely to this, while members are encouraged to submit details, identity, contact and pressing needs of less privileged within their environment for possible assistance.



One can directly take part in the company’s short-time buying and selling of commodities. Expected regular returns are 15% to 40% profit after 30 days.

(317) 253-3389


This is a means of appreciating everyone that is taking part in the activities of this GREAT HOME OF LOVE. Prizes to win include airtime, cash, coupon/voucher to purchase on this site and more.

(619) 371-9467

Something You Must Know

Grant Home is an organisation governed by rules, these rules are intended to protect our rights, making sure that no one loses in any way. let us keep to the rules



We have efficient support always available to attend to you. Contact us via the query below or our email, info@granthome.org


Business Hours

Monday - Friday 8.00 - 16.00


Unemployment, low or no capital to set up businesses and sudden crashing of businesses has been serious issues today and these threaten the future. 1. We are here to help in growth of existing businesses through our unique and wonderful strategies by connecting customers to businesses, 2. Create new businesses for individuals with no funds through our online shops and business connections, 3. Provide jobs as many will be employed for various positions such as Professionals, Coordinators, Managers, Agents, Sales representatives etc, 4. We create avenue for individuals to take part in the company’s buying and selling activities in form of investments under regulated conditions, 5. We provide assistance for the less privileged towards their pressing needs, 6. We use other special activities to add value to the above shortlisted ones.

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For maintenance or upgrade, we endeavour to inform all members before any maintenance will take place, to prevent any unneccesary panic

It's something important you want to know.

We reward good suggestions to this BIG FAMILY. After your suggestion has been reviewed, you will be rewarded accordingly. Please we want your advice and suggestions to make us keep running..

see what clients are saying?

I was in doubt when an agent told me about how GrantsHome will grow my furniure business, I tried to subscribe for three months and now I'm seeing wonders. I like their customer assessment aspect too.



I love how the whole idea of this platform and how its touching lives of various social classes. It helped my business by connecting customers from PH, Kaduna, Calabar etc, I have also been investing for the past 4 months and its wonderful. I'm really enjoying everything here

(212) 215-0923


I didn't believe that someone can make some cash online, here GrantsHome changed my thinking though its regulated but I'm ok as my mind is at rest. I like this investment aspect which has been sustaining me as I don't have any job yet


Without a physical shop and much fund, I was able to start dealing on hairs and wigs with the help of GrantsHome's online SHOP, now I'm selling BIG. Grant Home is the best!


To Place ads on our homepage(716) 553-4828

Place Ad Here! 1 week= N25,000
Place Ad Here! 2 weeks= N45,000
Place Ad Here! 3 weeks= N60,000
Place Ad Here! 4 weeks= N80,000

Contact us

Contact Major Managers

# Name Phone
1 Okaro 09065766332
2 Judith 09039416842
3 Abdul 08032781288

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