What happened in Vietnam was like a bad dream.

Jones has been awake since 2:30.

Joon presented a provocative thesis: "Slang is becoming the new English."

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Caroline was watching a basketball game on TV.

You went to the casino.

Are you about done?

You'd love him.

I would be a bad expert if I wasn't able to date it acurately to a decade.

You're too self-conscious.

I wasn't even in Boston the night Wade was murdered.

Can I have this?

Don't cause a scene now.


Thou shalt be everywhere and always the champion of the Right and the Good against Injustice and Evil.

Anyone taller than a mile must leave the court immediately.

The child heard something fall with a crash.

You were very ugly last night.

Lanny isn't the only one who thinks that.


Multiplicity is only apparent, in truth, there is only one mind...


It would be better if he's there this evening.


I just want to hold her hand.


Lloyd couldn't decide what to eat.

In China, they celebrate New Year by the lunar calendar.

Dan lost his money to a swindler.


In the old days, there were no telephones or electricity whatsoever.

This is our friend Dean.

Vaughn doesn't have time.

Jacob doesn't know how computers work.

I'm not taking advantage of their garden.

I'm expecting Ritalynne.

How long has Lourdes worked with you?


All Gaul is divided into three parts, of which the first is inhabited by the Belgians, another by the Aquitaines, and the third by those who are called Celts in their language, and Gauls in ours.


Let me try another one.

I might be late for dinner.

You're ambitious, aren't you?


Did you get everything?

What's the best way to say this in French?

This is a message for them.

He seized an opportunity to speak.

Pontus asked me to go with Straka.


Loren and Wilmer got married in Boston three years ago.

This water isn't drinkable.

I'll never work for Cliff no matter how much he promises to pay me.

He's not much better than a beggar.

I can't tell if you're joking.

Torsten had a noodle soup.

Why do you think that?

Have you ever read Gone With the Wind?

They made first ascent of Mount Everest.


Lower air pressure makes it more difficult for humans to breathe and get enough oxygen.

Raif said more than he had intended.

I would go with you, but I don't have any money.

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Dan left his violin at school.

I sometimes take a shower in the morning.

This is a fine ship.


He spent six years as a political prisoner in South Africa.

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I owe you a lunch.

Cows are sacred animals to Hindus.

Is it possible?

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Does Walt have a choice?

Just let me handle this.

How much did you pay them?

Saumya noticed Anna and went over to talk to her.

Her oldest daughter got married.


There was silence.


She is quite decent in conduct.

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That was awkward.

It had never happened before.

Lida lived for many years in a small Native American village in eastern Nicaragua.

"How to determine whether a "how" sentence is a question." "Yes, how?"

Oh please!

Anita isn't good at making conversation.

The dog ran after the rabbit.

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This seems wrong.

If you don't kill them, they'll kill you.

I'll think of some other solution.

Jefferson remained calm.

Do you like spruce beer?


What are you guys drinking?

We got a break.

Check Bret's pulse again.

I took a doze after coming home.

Have you ever changed your password?

I was late for the meeting with the result that I missed the most important part.

Since you are no longer a child, you should be responsible for what you do.

Lenny invited me to go with him, but I said I didn't want to.

I miss all my friends.

Billie and Vivek got married a few years ago.

He is my Mr Right.

The lonely girl eats a soggy sandwich.

Don't give Reiner your number.


I want to eat fresh fish.

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He started for America yesterday.


The park is shady.

They immediately fell to work.

I think Micky needs to write something.

It works exactly as advertised.

The moon goes round the earth once a month.

Where is the hotel?

It doesn't matter whether you do this, that, or the other thing. It's all irrelevant anyway.

The train was just on the point of starting when I got to the station.

I don't have a problem doing the laundry, but I hate folding the clothes.


The countryside is beautiful in the spring.


Lightning precedes thunder.

The price of rice went up three percent.

Simon enjoys fishing.

I asked Martin where he got that.

I cannot grill this meat. It has gone bad!

I love you more than life itself.

Mars declared independence from Terra in the year 2302.

You're getting careless.

Masuo can bend spoons.

I'm skeptical when I hear someone claim to speak more than five languages fluently.

I really hope you're right.

I don't think you want that.

Dorj worked 10 hours a day.

She asked me for help.

The children were swimming in the altogether.

Spencer's attitude drives me nuts.

General Jackson failed to capture any Indians.

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Aksai Chin is claimed by India, but controlled by China.


I would like to see the trees from which you picked these apples.

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I leave for Boston tomorrow at 2:30.

I'm very tired from working all day.

Matti looked around for his key.

I'll give you a call later today.

Can't you go someplace else?

I wish you would tell me what I ought to do in this difficult situation.

Hotta lived in his car for a while after he broke up with Ji.

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I can't take the day off.


I think it necessary to finish the work by noon.

After what has happened, I dare not see her again.

Have you made a decision yet?

She looked like a fairy in her beautiful white dress.

Who lives without folly is not so wise as he thinks.


I'll shine your shoes.


What is two plus two?

You will see that everything has become very beautiful and you will be able to present something really impressive to those invited.

I am ashamed to use the language they talk.

It's important to keep learning.

Which language are you learning?


My love for irony is growing by the minute.

She was embarrassed by his sudden appearance.

You shouldn't eat between meals.

My father's car is new.

Darren said to meet him at the little restaurant across from the post office.

Please mail this letter the next time you go to the post office.

Tommy told Guillermo to wash her face.

Sergei has been infected.

This dog is shaggy.

It would be stupid to say no.

Just wait for us here.


Please let me know the result by telephone.

The price was only three thousand yen, or about thirty dollars.

Panzer walked to the store to buy some milk.

I only have 24 hours left to decide.

There is a big supermarket in my neighborhood.

My father has the same car as Mr Kimura's.

I sent them home to Boston.

I look at it from an aesthetic point of view.

For all her efforts, she didn't succeed.

There are many Japanese restaurants in New York.

Even the human race will die one day.


Stand by me.