Juliane couldn't seem to put Stephe at ease.

Friends are very important.

I want a blue pen, a red one and a black one.

Tell me what the matter is.

I feel a little woozy.

Have you ever cheated on an exam?

We have a severe winter this year.

Knute and Raymond have finished their work.

I know you're not planning on staying in Boston.

The earth goes around the sun once a year.

That way I kill two birds with one stone.

You shouldn't let him get away with cheating.


If you rest, you will be back on your feet again soon.

I heard my name called from behind me.

This hay fever medicine works pretty well for me.


To me, there are but three treasures, compassion, frugality, and not daring to take the lead in the empire.


There is no life on the moon.


Are we getting pizza?

You said it would rain and sure enough it did.

We need a safety net.

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Janice is a bit bigger than you.

We have little opportunity to use English.

A strict system of numerology is like a mental jail.


Prices have been rising since last year.

Birds make a nest in the springtime to raise their babies in.

Do you study French at school?

We now come to the point.

Where is my umbrella?


I don't know how much longer we'll need to wait.


He drove her to the hospital.


We are concerned about your health.


We just want to take him home.

I think he is so qualifed for the job.

The game's about to begin.


When was the last time you used a toll road?

Today, my classmate saw you guys shopping at Auchan.

The person who wrote that book is possessed of both humour and wit, isn't he?

The weather was beautiful and we stayed on the beach all day.

Tobias is a dog trainer.

I enjoy spending time with them.

If feeling sick of the world could by itself grant saintliness, I don't see how I could avoid canonization.


Do you like French opera?

I'm starting to get used to the food here.

Gregg can run as fast as Ram.

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It was hard for Rafael to say no.

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Try kicking it.

The captain is one of them.

Get the hell away from me!


Cary is not as smart as he likes to think he is.

It doesn't matter to me one bit.

Do you come here often?


Adopting a sentence on Tatoeba is a lot less of a commitment than adopting a child.


It looks like Juha was right.

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It is the end that counts.

As usual, his thoughts were extremely academic.

Klaus promised me that he'd come at 2:30.

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I prefer coffee with milk.


Beowulf was fatally wounded in the battle.

Konstantinos helped fight the fire.

Hsuan could tell there was something wrong.

Marco didn't tell me what the meeting was going to be about.

He took a glance at the girl.

They will arrive at the train station in seven hours.

I thought you might come.

Craig is a voice actor.

I object to you going to Europe alone.


I'll pop by at the start of the holidays.

Honestly, I am not the most accurate person on earth.

Are you disrespectful?

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We had fun at the party.

It's late.

I'd just like to talk.

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He has a large staff working for him.

Patricia pocketed the money Sal gave him.

Can you not see that John is pregnant?


Do you want me to put that in the trunk for you?

Come on, let's see it.

That is not a fish.

Erwin hasn't had his dinner yet.

My name is very rare in our country.

You seem confused.

Konstantinos chose to spend Christmas with Lois rather than with his family.

Well, Beverly, you know how much your approval means to me.

But, soft! Methinks I scent the morning air; brief let me be.

Everybody says that he's an effeminate guy.

Where the hell are they going to find extra sailors from?


Let me go talk to him.

Did you stop him?

We don't speak French.

These plants are all poisonous.

It's downright scary.

Maybe I could help.

An injury put the shortstop out of action.


Jean-Christophe didn't make friends as easily as Emma.

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He never talked about it.

Frederic didn't know for certain what time he should arrive.

If something does happen, I'll just play it by ear.

It's astonishing how fluently Bill spoke Japanese.

Swamy decided to submit his resignation.

Patty is now working in Boston.

He's considered to be a great politician.

I called my mother up from the station.

What would you like to do tonight?

This store is closed at nine.

I prefer learning languages that has a long history.

I haven't been here in three years.

What happens to all the wood?


There are a few hotels on Park Street.

He has half as many books as I do.

There's been a burglary.

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Why are there differences between the male and the female?

Jeremy's house doesn't have electricity.

I have the flu and I'm tired.

Kristian succumbed to Pierre's influence.

A child whose parents are dead is called an orphan.

I was shocked by yesterday's news.

She is not ashamed of her misconduct.

My band will perform this week at Chuck's Bar and Grill. Please come and see us.

Don't get run over.

I'd like to talk about her.

How many people live in Antarctica?

Think about the implications.

This was quite primitive compared to that.

I dreamed about Hillel last night.

What am I going to say to them?

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I hit my head hard against the wall.

I have my things.

Thank you very much for your letter of January 7th.

I have fought.

Okay, who are you?

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Bottlenose dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals on Earth.

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Jeffrey told me that he could live off his savings for a while if he lost his job.


Take a short cut.

Sandra pretended to be ill.

Ariel just wants Anderson to help him with his English homework.


Michel pawned his wedding ring.

The noise doesn't seem to bother Chuck.

I'm visiting my grandmother in hospital.

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Send Kit home.

Dennis and Alain barely know each other.

I am translating.

Don't forget to mail this letter.

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

Sometimes I enjoy sitting down with a good book.

I've decided to leave Boston.

Rakhal and I go to the same school.

In this line of work, if you make a grim face the customers won't come.

I don't know how to use this.

When you have written your name, please write the date.

The airplane sailed over our heads.

Open up your mind.


If our neighbors around the world are in need, let's lend a helping hand.

Sergei has problems dealing with Harmon.

A few days ago, you didn't even want to talk to me.

Benson looks dead.

Let's have tea at 3:00.

Alone, he did the work of ten men.

I hope I'm not intruding.


One and one makes two.

I don't think he's a lawyer.

I know I look terrible. It was an awfully long flight.

This hotel does not serve lunch.

The doctors did all they could to control Judge's disease but, sadly, to no avail.