May you have a lovely day.

When you're reading an English book, it isn't a great idea to look up every word you don't know.


Tanaka said he heard gunshots last night.


Her reply is always as I expect.


Why do you have that?

My eyes hurt!

I'm not sure what he meant by that.

The US prepare new sanctions against Russia.

Roberta is a beautiful girl.


For the first time in her life, Yuka has finished reading an English book.

Fancy meeting you here.

He said nothing.

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We're going to have trouble here.

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My laptop is running Linux.


Please be quiet. They are studying for a very difficult exam.

Timo is being bullied by Debi.

Don't let that happen.

It will not be long before the cherry blossoms on our campus come out.

Floria has passed out.

They didn't suspect anything.

I'm calling from Saqib's cell phone.

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Do you think Sonny would go out with me if I asked her on a date?


Sanand didn't have the right tools for the job.

His happy life went on in a small village.

I answered with joy.

I'd rather do this without your help.

We have not yet discussed which method is better.

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The boy was accompanied by his parents.

Anne rubbed his face.

The one who does not work, does not eat!

I can't leave until he comes.

Marie has never driven a car before.

What is the reason why he came here?

I'm very happy for Holly.

He often went fishing on Sundays when the weather was good.

Where did you get these?

When did you guys decide this?

Seymour is hoping you'll come early.

My watch needs mending.

Jonathan tried to convince Arlene that he'd changed.

You're poisoning me.

We don't have tea.

Reid is quite helpless.

I have several good friends.


Shawn liked me well enough.

I was surprised at her inability to do things promptly.

The sufferer of a cold may have spread the virus even before they noticed any symptoms.

I'm behind the kitchen.

We were forced to change our tactics.

Think's callsign is Maverick.

We did well today.

I don't understand the plan at all.

I've had an extremely stressful day.

Charleen was devastated, but didn't lose hope.

Merat looked at Winston in the mirror.


Nothing would exist without a creator.

Do you really want to quit school?

You're very rich, aren't you?

I gave Amos money to buy art supplies.

We have to prepare for that.

You won't regret doing this.

Let us discuss.


The battery of my cellphone doesn't function anymore.

Mayday, mayday!

Would you like red wine or white wine?

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Jeannie accidentally set fire to the curtain.

Rajendra wanted Emil to teach him how to swim.

It sounds like you're having fun.


We'll take care of everything.

Elves live in the forest.

That was a recommendation, not a command.

He knows how to assert himself.

We introduced ourselves to each other.

I'll go and find it for you.

You can't reason with her.

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Jonathan absconded with all the money donated for earthquake relief.

Judith didn't realize he'd made a mistake.

He behaved like a father to me.

Immobility isn't a recommendable political option.

It's not healthy to skip meals.

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It became clear that she'd told a lie.

It is quite natural that he think so.

The room has two windows.

The world is in chaos.

Visitors to that town increase in number year by year.

Pantelis had the courage to do what it took.

Hans sold the patent to a company.

The sun was about to rise.

I don't know the Latin language.

You are expected to clean up your own mess yourself.

Let me know when you're done.

Pandora cheated on Roger.

You're enjoying yourself, aren't you?

They were sick.

I wrote a song about you.


He thought about everything.


This is interesting.

We are in a library.

International traders are struggling just to get by.

Nakido is a file sharing platform.

We should all work together.


Robbin said he wasn't concerned.

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How long have you been in love with Takao?

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My arm hurts.

Louie almost always falls asleep at night hugging his teddy bear.

In my bed by night I sought him whom my soul loveth.

The telepathist had little difficulty in finding new clients.

Kristin is fascinating.

His hat was very funny.

The tale is familiar to us.

I used to play in this park.

Why weren't you at the recital?

Ozan sent me a text message in the middle of the night.

Nancy is now in a very difficult situation.

The children were playing in the dirt.

Three were wounded.


Watch this.

Chip would never do anything like that.

Alexis called me a party pooper because I left the party just after midnight.


She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

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I hope they all have fun.


Are they still looking for us?


It's not that long a flight.

We learn English at school.

Tell me, my fine boy, do you also want to come to my wonderful country?

She is seeking my advice.

Wade wasn't sure how to fill out the form.

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Do you have to work today?


A bad tradesman blames his tools.

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Nothing's perfect.

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You should still be in the hospital.


The floor is very cold.

Kelly may be a great player, but Brian Boitano is even greater.

She is envious of my good fortune.

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Men believe that discussing problems is a waste of time.

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The truth is that we can't live without air.


We need a political revolution.


Only an ardent fan could create such a faithful pastiche of the artist's works.

Are you expecting to have the problem fixed soon?

How long would it take to swim across the river?

We met a traffic jam on the way.

I didn't pick it up.

We had to do without a TV set.

Will is obviously still very angry.

You're perfect for the job.

Manjeri speaks with a Cockney accent.

Liisa accused me of negligence.

There are only two possibilities.

"You're playing a game? Can I join?" "Sure." "Okay, cool."

Tiefenthal helped me find my way here.

He can speak French, and obviously English.

The child sits in the back of the car while the parents sit in front.


He is kind rather than gentle.

What's your name again?

He will be a Newton in the future.

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I am thankful for the food I eat.

The two ships went down at once.

You've been luckier than most people.


He decided to be operated on.


They spoke to each other on the phone.