I saw Sjouke's name on the list.

The storm will damage the crops.

He bought her flowers.

I don't know where your painting is.

The snow prevented me from going out.

Nowadays, the fourteenth century's debate about the Eucharist sounds completely arcane.

They would pay back the loans when they sold their crops.

She has a secret crush on her sister's boyfriend.

We can't pretend it never happened.

He turned his artistic gifts to good account by becoming a painter.

Am I in love?

I hate long flights.

I never doubted Byron.

I'm getting an idea.

I was told you knew how to do this.


That sounds a little hard to believe.

When the work was done, the men were discharged.

I've waited a long time for this.

I don't want to read this here book.

Norm wanted to talk to Shatter, but she walked away.

My mare foaled.

Lorenzo asked Lisa to do it.

This was a really good buy.

Who else do you know that can speak French?

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She loves singing.

She's always putting on airs.

Didn't you know that he had gone abroad then?

I haven't felt well for two days.

I will have climbed Mt. Fuji four times if I climb it again.

You're not real, no, you're not real!

She is a most beautiful lady.

He tried several times, but failed.

You don't know my dad, do you?

I'll give you a piece of good advice.

Are you for or against abortion?


If I had had more time, I would have written to you.

The hotel was burned down.

It's unlikely Horst will return.

Those people might be able to help us.

You could've resuscitated Nick.


She's a student.

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Why didn't she tell me?

Brent entered the room after Sho.

I never thought I would have to support such a large family.

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Emily has been learning German for five years.

Try the board surface first.

Bill Clinton was found not guilty.

How much did you pay for this?

Copy-and-paste is very useful.

I'll bring her.

How do you plan to do it?


I'm good at skiing.

You gave Hal the list, didn't you?

"Don't be like that." "Like what?"

I don't have a lot of work, but it's enough to keep me in the office this week.

She cried that she was innocent.

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Everett finished everything on his plate.


Isn't it true?

I haven't completely given up the idea.

There is no telling when I can see her again.

Erick and Kusum are on their honeymoon.

I talked to Piete's ex-wife about why they got divorced.


What else did you say to them?


He responded by giving the "OK" gesture.

He is known to us all as a novelist.

Reindeer can be trained to pull sleds.

Nanda couldn't find anyone for the job.

Why doesn't he exercise with me anymore?

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The fact is we were not invited.

Juliane turned scarlet.

I am no more diligent than he is.


A snow-clad Mt. Fuji is fabulously beautiful.

Vernon talks too fast.

I don't understand this.

Elisabeth lived with us.

We've flown for about three hours.


You're a poet and you didn't even know it.

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Alex isn't so good at singing.

It's a legal gray area.

Do you really think you can do this?

I never told anybody about it, I swear.

We all stared at Shean.

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You're students - It's only now what you can do this sort of thing.


Is it the Pantheon in Athens or something like that?

Sofoklis sat as far from the door as possible.

Has she become crazy?

Minus and minus is plus.

This building is new.

Kiki never reads the newspaper.

The members told us about the strange experience in turns.

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He is suffering from toothache.

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I once went to Boston with Dimetry.

I can be exactly what you need.

Things got violent.


The women stopped working.

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It all happened so fast, I can't really explain it.

They were destined never to meet.

That's sweet.


I'll call again.


Is there a parking lot?

He would often read detective stories after supper.

She entered college immediately after finishing high school.

I call the living, I mourn the dead, I repel lightning.

Now you've hurt my feelings.

Don't meddle in his affairs.

I have something to ask her.

I want a round-trip ticket to Chicago.

Aaron put the bottle of whiskey in front of Christophe.

Louiqa is ready.

School lunches are disgusting!


I wasn't very fluent in French back then.

As far as I know, he is honest.

When the sun shines, all is well with the world.

Ning wrote poison pen letters to most of his neighbors.

Father won first prize in the photo contest and was in high spirits.


He is an acrobat.

How much are these gloves?

I didn't want you involved in this.

Brooke asked us to be silent.

How do we get rid of them?


They're in here.

She passed the exam.

Jock thinks about Kate all the time.

He built on his father's fortune.

When he was a child, he lived in a small town.

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I, knowing something about medicine, can help.


The dogs were howling at the moon.

Join us.

This room is not suitable for sleeping.

Keep your room neat and tidy.

There are more women than men in the world.

I wasn't aggressive enough.

People are too materialistic these days, in the vulgar, rather than the philosophical sense of the word.

Is there a post office anywhere around?

What's New Zealand like? Is it as sparsely populated as Australia?


Omar lost 30 kilograms.


I feel bad about lying.

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I'm really too drunk for this now.


He lives in that stately mansion.


How do you want to handle it?

He's a party animal.

The more you look, the more you will see, and the more interesting they will become.

I grabbed a book off the shelf.

"Shall I close the window?" "Yes, please."


I am bound to him by a close friendship.

I don't know how to reply to that question.

Starbuck told me that he needed space.


Page tried to explain his idea to Leslie.

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Kathryn was wearing an eyepatch the last time I saw him.

"Listen", he said, "your wife, my sister, is safe."

In the face of ruthless competition, our business failed to survive.

More haste, less speed.

Did Tanya ever tell you where he hid the diamonds?

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If you really want to know, all you have to do is ask.


Sanjeev woke up because the dog was barking.


She was interviewed for jobs.

I will go along with you as far as the station.

The main advantage our company is professionalism.

It looks really good.

You aren't stupid.