We're not leaving without Raif.

We are anxious for peace.

I think you shouldn't tell Susan the truth.

If I were rich, I would travel.


I want you to come home.

How did you get into my room?

"Can you smell something burning?" "Oh, I went and burnt the toast."


Francois has agreed to help us.

It's really windy today.

Speak of the devil.

He equipped his son with the will to persevere.

Excuse me, but will you tell me where to change trains?

What time do you close?

Well, I just asked him if he knew the time, because my watch has stopped, and he simply bolted.

She removed her hat when she entered the room.

Please cover for me at the reception desk for about one hour.

Would you like to see something?

In Kabuki not only talent but also heredity counts.


He is sure to win the swimming championship.


The contrast between the two ideas is very marked.

Starbuck is popular, isn't he?

Are you intending to go already?

The Statue of Liberty is found in New York.

I must be on my way.


He said Harrison had only one vote.

This is all I know.

I'm painting an Easter egg.

Can you do this somewhere else?

Don took the whole day off.

I want to be sure I heard that correctly.

She was at home at the weekend.


I will explain this joke to you later.

I needed to meet you.

Suyog scared me.

Barney knew that Leonard had done her best.

I didn't take anything.


I could not help feeling sympathy with him.

You knew Hohn would be here.

To encourage conciseness the professor asked for a composition on a subject of our choosing and advised us that he would deduct one mark for each unnecessary word.

Vidhyanath wrung the water out of his wet swimsuit.

Let's remember to do that.


Lindsay is very capable.

Do you really want to wait for two hours?

I got stung by a bee.

I could never replace you.

Amedeo took a chance on me.


Elias is a language genius who speaks 10 languages fluently, but he's really bad at maths and can't even solve a simple first-order equation.

What sweater do you like more?

More people should do that.

The struggle ended in a satisfactory settlement.

They like all vegetables except cabbage.

I am not French.

Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of nonviolence, was born in 1869.


I want this building for a garage.

Does Stacy like Maria?

She was feeling desperate.

The end of the era of petroleum is in sight.

Do you still have what we found last night?

Vilhelm didn't recognize her.

Now it's time to do some serious soul-searching.


I complained to the manager.


He asked about you.

Your sister's as beautiful as ever.

Phiroze burst out laughing when he saw Paul.

I guess I just don't understand.

When a native speaker of Japanese says, "You talk like geisha," he's telling you you're not hip to the extra-grammatical dimensions of his language.

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Rajesh showed me how to operate the machine.

Leaves yellow in the fall.

Do you have another opinion?

Cyrus politely thanked Floria.

I know what you are thinking.

Calvin laid his racket on the ground.

You should throw it out.


This town gave to great men.

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Where's the next train going?

Please stand up.

I thought Mohammad would never shut up.

The function of the press is to provide the common people with facts.

Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.

The concert isn't going to take place tomorrow.

I'll keep my lips sealed.

Spyros most certainly would not approve.

The prominent psychologist resembles my uncle in appearance.

We'd sure like to help Rik.

His bad health is a great disadvantage to him.


There was no one on the other end of the line.

It was morning. There was the smell of coffee and the ground was covered with frost.

He is a doctor and an author.

She's working a case of her own.

Make sure you don't forget to apologize.

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I still have vivid memories of the explosion of the space shuttle.

Why can't you do it?

An old man has a long gray beard.


Teri lost his new watch.

On arriving home, he laid himself on the floor.

I finished that work up all on my own.

I wash my hair almost every day.

His car was stuck in knee-deep snow.

Do you need an umbrella?

Lorien couldn't run very fast.

When will that change?

We have to report to the immigration office.

The young girl, after going upstairs, opened the door of the house.

Don't come in my room without knocking.

He kicked the ball out of the ground.

Finish crying and then we'll talk.

The website is down.

Do you want to know what happened to Eugene?

Do you want to cancel the meeting?

None of us will go to Boston with Rabin.

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Claude looked like he was jealous.

Suppose I had gone to America.

He has a great deal of intelligence for a child.


I got Theo to sign the new contract.

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Brandy ate plain and simple food.

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I'll talk to him alone.

I stick to the old-fashioned.

We were caught off guard.


Many buildings sustained substantial damage.


You want to become a citizen, don't you?

I prefer staying home to going fishing.

I'm certain that he has finished.

We are agreed that we start early.

The cat is lying on top of the table.

Which one of us do you like best?

If I had done my best, I might have succeeded.

He is terribly funny.

Let Mott come.


He smokes twenty cigarettes per day.


Always keep that in mind.

When you don't know what to do, ask the host.

She wanted to have paid a visit to India.

In the upper left corner it says "For sale".

I felt something touch my foot.

Would you like a job?

Can I see your driving license?

This isn't about her, is it?

Patricio's not in a good mood.

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At that time, he was a student.


You threw salt?


It rained two days ago.

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Are you being followed?

Everyone's talking about what Raman did.

In 1777, I followed my father to the government offices at Haining to work for him.

He can't endure my selfishness any more.

It's easy for Ed.

We were diving.

I don't need a plate.

You should not spend more money than you earn.

I bought a book that will be very interesting.

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I've come to save the princess.


What's the most logical explanation?

He caught them stealing apples.

I knew I could count on you.

I wouldn't be surprised if Steve didn't come.

We'll get you out of here.

Maureen is the only one in our family who has ever been to Boston.

A war broke out between the two countries.

No one believes me.

Marcia doesn't want to lose you.

We hope it rains today.

I don't always follow instructions.

Why is it not talked about in schools?

Bob divorced Mariou after the children graduated from college.

I ate potato flavoured village bread in my hometown, Bolu.

I was pulled over by the police.

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I still think Dalton is innocent.