Build A Better Jukebox

As with most projects that are taken on, the conversation starts with a “wouldn’t it be cool if . . .” or “it’s pretty ridiculous that . . . “, or some sort of combination of those two statements.  That’s what started my current project.  In the office, we have a single speaker that is […]


Automate all the things!

I am often asked by our students how I got into programming. I have several instances that I can think of where I saw the lightbulb turn on, but I think my favorite moment came when I saw the power of what writing an automated task can have on productivity. Working in a school district, you […]

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So, the last time I installed a wordpress site, it was 2008 and the famous “5 minutes install” was more along the lines of “15 minute install”.  As I was contemplating what to use to start blogging once again, I thought I would head back and give the old wordpress stand by another shot. I […]