Answer me, please.

It could've been worse. You could've died.

It is a well-known fact that a bad woman seldom becomes better as she grows older.

I promised to help my brother with his homework.


Now, what was your name again?


That boy is a chatterbox.


I wonder why Raphael hasn't come yet.

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We're going back for them.


They are Canadian.

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He's cooking.

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Footprints left on the Moon by the Apollo 11 astronauts will still be visible to Moon visitors 1 million years from now.

He has become more easy-going.

Your father went through all that trouble for your sake.

We're always somebody else's idiot.

This is a rough neighborhood.

Bud's inattention at the wheel cost him his life.

Louie is a lot like me.

A group of American architects, product designers, engineers and scientists have developed the seven principles of universal design.

Neil doesn't live with his parents.

I hope you like being here.

I'll see what else I can find to eat.

Giovanni always did what he felt like doing.

I am sick of them all.


Kenton ate the sandwich.

That was three days ago.

We're supposed to meet Marlena in thirty minutes.

How often does it rain in England?

No matter how rich people are, they always want more.

School begins at 9.

Will you help me look for my purse?

She has no one to turn to.

Matthieu wasn't invited to Sherri's party.

My method of learning new words is simple: every morning I learn five new words. At first I review them before going to bed, then in three days, then in a week, in a month, in three months, and finally in six months.

The moon is already up.

We know that this is impossible.

William got himself another beer.

Mariou took care of his sick mother.

Kyoto is visited by a lot of tourists.


He's studying hard so he can pass the entrance exam.


Please tell me about your trip to Boston.

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We'd better do as Cole says.

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They found the track of a bear in the snow.

He grabbed the boy's hand.

Love your neighbour.


Philip has been sentenced.


Shutoku traveled first class.

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Why do you need one of those?


You don't have proper dignity as chief of the section.


We'll need chairs.

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How do we stop it?


Clarence's dog dragged the dead rabbit back to its doghouse.

There's mold on the bread. This means that we can't eat it anymore.

I'm pleased to meet you.

Where else do I have to go?

You should not despise a man because he is poor.

You weren't that bad.

The thrush sings each song twice over.

He said what?!

Deirdre's parents live in a big house.

The car is very fast.

I thought Niall would want to try some Japanese food.


Can I touch your beard?


I think Barbra and I agree.

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I can't tell you. It's a secret and if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore.

He spoke about the sufferings and hope of humanity, about the sacred duty concerning the future of the feeling of brotherhood.

Cheese cuts easily with a knife.

I should've called a doctor.

His business returned a good profit.

I wouldn't expect too much.

Where did you circumcise them?


I called at Nancy's house on my way home from school.

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She plays tennis very well.

I don't want to get involved in this.

You'll never see them again.


Rahul wasn't surprised to see Son with John.

Howard isn't doing it the right way.

Are any of you hurt?

I bought some cheese and a little milk.

Till the 18th century Yemen was the source of nearly all the world's coffee.

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I liked them before they became popular.

Are you doing all right?

Meehan has been studying French for years.

I made an effort to finish my work.

"Special forces might do a lot of things that regular troops wouldn't do" "Like torture?" "I won't answer this question"

We want to hire some experienced salespeople.

Ti turned scarlet.

You'd think they'd call if they weren't planning on coming.

He doesn't know anything about politics.

What is the reason you want to enter this college?

He was always on the people's side.

What is this for?

I'll bring Meeks home.


You didn't know Sergio was gay?


Cristi looked like he was getting ready for bed.

It won't cost you a thing.

I've already been paid.


Would you like something?

I can't tell you any more about it.

I don't understand all the soccer mania.

Sandip isn't safe yet.

Teresa is getting upset.


Is Roderick with you?


We're sorry.

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Mario looked over to his shoulder.

I think I should check on them.

Is it poisonous?


Dan must have been scared.


He attentively went over her exam paper.

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You don't know what it's like to not have enough to eat.

You are fabulous.

You didn't answer the way I wanted you to.


I have to lose weight, so I'm going on a diet.


We'd better get inside.

I could barely speak.

I'll be there as soon as possible.

Did you bring cash or your (credit) card with you?

I thought you'd want to help me.

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Can you tell a duck from a goose?


Valerie didn't want to bother Pitawas.


I wonder how long Gunter has been living in Boston.

Why are you angry with Raman?

He is such a tall man that he can reach the ceiling.


I just got out of a relationship.

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I couldn't keep from snickering.

Have you taken a bath?

He doesn't care about his health.

We can go after the lunch.

Klaudia took a lot of photographs.

I think tomorrow is going to rain.

Why would I ever apologize to Catherine?


Can you spare me a couple of minutes?

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Wilson quit going out with Allan because he didn't like her sense of humor.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about this.

Things have changed around here.


Don't you ever get tired of listening to Brian?

I can't believe Rainer said yes.

I'm ahead in my work.

Lars is a world-famous bus conductor.

Now I feel guilty.

We'll go visit him.

Dominick likes romantic comedies.


Why do children have to carry such a heavy bag?


Wipe your feet.

Who gave you this?

Do you mind if I take my shirt off?

Hal's eyesight is deteriorating.

Whether to translate is a moral choice of the translator. Sometimes things are better to be left alone in the language which produced them.


She is lacking in common sense.

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No answer is also an answer.

He knows where the wind's blowing from.

I'm a pretty honest guy.