I have mixed feelings about that.

Give him your seat.

We couldn't figure out what Paul wanted to do.

He removed his sunglasses.

I'm sure I'll manage.


We'll think about that.

It'll start raining soon.

It didn't work.


The members numbered thirty, all told.

It was an anonymous tip-off that allowed the police to catch the terrorists.

Will you go on a picnic with me?

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I couldn't hear a word Kyle said.

When you think things cannot possibly get worse, that's when I show up.

I'm not used to walking long distances.

The lumber is still green.

I think Milo is normal.

In summer, they used to play on the beach all day long.

I don't mind helping.


You have joined the party.

That's the place for me.

He was leaning against the wall.

It was a magical moment.

Whatever you do, do it with foresight, focusing on the result.

Toerless told Stan that he didn't like her sense of humor.

Open the windows. There's too much smoke in here.

Mastering English is difficult.

He did it while she was drunk.


The work is easy enough for me to finish in a couple of hours.


She told him that she had been in love with him.


It's definitely good news.

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With a little more patience, she would have succeeded.

Journalistic spins heavily affect on everyday discourse.

I had little expectation for him.


He used all his strength to crawl out of the wrecked car.

Stanly comes from the southern part of France.

Have you ever ridden a horse?

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How could you? Is our relationship really so cold?

I met Ethan at the library.

We call him Mike.


Enough, stop this fight!


He had not even spoken to the president about it.

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She was a charming woman.

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However, when I finally reached the castle I was thrown into this prison by the commander of the imperial guard.


All the world loves a lover.


We need to do it immediately.


Is there any place special you want to go?

Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

That handbag is mine.


This box is a different colour to that one.

I have to be impartial.

I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.

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I got a hole in my jeans.


I don't go to work on Sundays.

I suggest you put that weapon down.

It snowed in Osaka.

I study English two hours a day on an average.

Take care of them.

Don't ever give up.

I'm the luckiest man in the world.

Only silence is great, the rest is weakness.

I was alone in the class.

Who wants to begin?

Juliet didn't leave the door open.


After a brief peace, war broke out again.

I knocked, but no one opened the door.

Please let me know if you feel hurt by anything I said.

Odette was born in Nantes in 1905.

Dan will always be here to help students.

I heard fear in his voice.

Thank God.


Marcel took out the trash.


He's the fifth man in line.


I should have drank something that stops hangovers.

There was a new candidate on the ticket at the Democratic convention.

The prime lending rate is an interest rate determined by individual banks.

He leaned towards me.

How many students were affected?

Damn, Valsi isn't here.

The princess was of so thoughtful and moody a turn of mind that no one could make her laugh; and the king had made known to all the world, that whoever could make her laugh should have her for his wife.

I could make changes.

Removing her bikini top, yet keeping her bathing shorts on, Stagger enjoyed the warmth of the sun, delighted that lying on the beach topless was accepted as normal and that no one was staring at her or at the other sun worshippers there.

Do you think you can do this alone?

Ariel's French is improving.

Thank to a fundamental restructuring, our surplus has swelled threefold.

Janet has been uncooperative.

I think you'd be crazy not to go.

It's unlikely that the boss would consider giving Martin a raise.

Is light a wave or a particle?

You're going to pay for this!


They're both quiet.

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Y is pronounced with the tongue approximating the hard palate.

"Are you serious about getting married?" "I don't know, Louiqa, are you serious?"

She was a foreigner and was treated as such.

You have to push that door to open it.

The game lacked excitement.


She won't be missed.

She is her mother's match in character.

The door would not open.

Panos isn't creative.

Celia is afraid of people who are more likely to be victims of violence at the hands of the majority than perpetrators of violence against it.

You will be laughed at.

The school has turned out many inventors.

Gregor needs you in the briefing room.

The institution must be protected.

I think we're going to have problems with Shawn.

Your face is pale.

We've made good progress.

Tahsin grew a beard because he thought that all wise men had beards.


Cristina looks very content.

They failed to fulfill the conditions.

Shaw is a systems engineer.


These are library books.

If you'd eat a bit less, you'd lose a few pounds.

Please keep us updated.

You shouldn't have told her such a thing.

I recognize that pool!

He reads a good deal.

My house is near her house.

Find out where Rogue is.

He broke his word, which made his wife angry.


Can you show me the way?


Did you ask Lucius to leave?

Translations can provide explanations to what has been said.

What did they say?

I saw Angela driving down the street.

Naren won't do that unless you ask him to.


Yesterday the weather was pretty bad.

They were sanguine about the company's prospects.

A small forest fire quickly spread and became a huge conflagration.

All the cabins remain shuttered.

That's what most of my friends call me.

He passes for a learned man in our community.

I make it a rule never to be late for appointments.


I can't believe he's single.


I'm all ears.


What kind of promise did Saad make?

Have you read the notice?

If he's convicted he'll have to pay a fine.

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Heinrich looks like he's having a good time.

Let's look on the positive side.

Benson isn't my client.


They hurried on.


When we were small, father used to read us moving stories.


We woke to terrible news this morning.

We need to use your phone, it's an emergency.

I'm thinking of going to Boston for Christmas.

Try harder tomorrow.

We need to prioritize.


Why don't you go over to Samuel's this afternoon?

Gerald must be dead.

The laws oblige all citizens to pay taxes.


Hans felt Alexander's hand on his shoulder.

Decide for yourself what you think is normal.

It's very loud.

She's off with the flu.

Don't mind Izzy.

Are you really confused about when to start?

Huh? How is that relevant?