My house is built of wood.

I want to learn all the words on this list before July first.

Everything is all arranged.

I'm very sorry for being late.

We told him.

She cooked herself a good meal.

I need some time with them.

I can't find the printer.

The reason for him being late was that he had missed the bus.

This has been good.

I compete in ski races.

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If we don't end war, war will end us.

The doctor placed a stethoscope on the patient's chest.

He is little, if at all inferior to you.

Is something wrong with her?

This one's OK.

Hold fire.

Lucy will definitely get married to the pop singer.

Success breeds success.

Po is freaky.

John stamped the check.

He likes to sing in the bathtub.


I don't even care if you hate me.

May God keep you!

Why don't you ask Marci that?

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In the post office, mail is classified according to the place where it is to go.

Raymond is inarticulate.

I don't like to brag, but I'm a pretty good clarinetist.

Niall wants to make sure we don't make the same mistake he did.

Would you please send me details of your products via e-mail as an attachment?

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Harvey doesn't seem particularly interested in Merril.

Those griefs give most pain that are seen to be self-chosen.

Beautiful girls dream of him.

I've had a good time so far.

My father is a teacher of the English language.

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Even after delivery, it is bad to drink alcohol during the period of breastfeeding.

When did you move to Boston?

The firm is known for its high-quality products.

They are seeing their uncle tomorrow.

I'm a Japanese student.

He explained the matter in detail.

If humans were meant to fly, they would have wings.

The entire house has burnt down.

Spy started eating the sandwich Eliot made for him.

Ever been to Muskogee?

I think he was involved in that affair.

Dan moved to London after his divorce.

Doing that would be dangerous.

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I hope you will answer soon.

Is there any danger?

Let's all raise our glasses and give a toast to our special guest, eh?

Near such high virtue, every maiden fear takes wing at once.

You should talk to me now.

Can you sing the Argentine National Anthem?

Magnus began to move.


The best thing about playing an instrument you invented, no one knows if you suck or not.

Roman is in love with me now.

You should've told us the truth.


We'd better tell Jean-Pierre about this.

Neither Ania nor Magdalena love Justin Bieber.

You cut down a cherry tree.

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Don't degrade yourself by telling such a lie.

He is stronger than I am.

I'd like to be able to tell people my real name.

This is not my car.

We're done talking.

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The curry was very delicious.


She said that she was not my mother.

The man behind them plays the piano.

Where's our money?

I didn't think that Norm would let me down.

Julia's nose was red.

I like mathematics.

That was bad.

Prices will continue as they are.

Kamel doesn't work for me.

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She called me a taxi.

How much time do you have before you have to leave?

I thought you were working late.

Part would want you to have this.

Are there seedless watermelons?


You helped them, didn't you?

It's very comfortable.

Could I talk to you?


Is there something going on that I don't know about?

Winter is here, and the weather's getting cold.

What was the determining factor in this case?

The helicopter landed on the roof.

We were all rooting for her.

Darci didn't have enough money to rent a car.

Tyler would've loved the concert.


Don't fight fire with fire.

Did you have a good concert?

It's already September; however, it is very hot.


Everything was new.


Isn't it embarrassing going shopping for clothes with your mother even as a university student?


It rained yesterday after it had been dry for many months.

Tor sent an email to his boss instead of his girlfriend.

I prefer walking.

I think you had better look forward.

Tarmi had a great time.

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The ship wound in and out among the islands.

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Flashing lights transmit messages between ships and to motorists along city streets.

He hurried so as to catch the bus.

Follow your heart, for it never lies.

He looked up at the night sky.

You would have failed without his help.

I should thank you.

I see a lot, but understand little.

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I introduced her to you last week.

I want to be an astronaut.

Did you try restarting the computer?

Lately it seems that no matter how much I sleep, I stay tired. I wonder if I've come down with something strange.

Many things kept me from getting much sleep last night.

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I don't want to go bowling.

Jinny is three inches shorter than Mat.

I want to be your boyfriend.


Can you jump over a chair from a standing position?


Fancy meeting you here.

The boy tried to saw off the dead branch.

I didn't think the house would burn down so quickly.


Lana wants to live in the country after he retires.


My family still has their Christmas lights out even though it is April 21st.

This bag is not small.

I know I have a lot to learn.


"Why do squirrels swim on their back?" "To keep their nuts dry."

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Pontus always sleeps on the floor.

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He's come up in the world.


What time does the ship leave?

This year is a new challenge for me.

"I know how you really feel." "No, you don't!"

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If someone is already good in and of themselves, however, and treats you sincerely and from the heart, and truly loves you, then you really can entrust your life to them.

Look at that boy who is swimming.

I don't want to meet your parents.

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If I were a bird, I would fly to you.

Clive wants to be an electronic engineer.

Time to get married!

He made a flirty comment to me.

What I don't like about his films is that they're not grounded in reality.


Anatole is wearing the sunglasses he bought yesterday.

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I can ask her to help.


The clerk labeled the baggage.


I don't like ice cream.


He is a storyteller and a poet.


You're living in the past.

His unkindness made her angry.

The little boy held his mother's hand firmly when crossing the street.

Mike took a picture of her cat and sent it to Clarence.

Tell her what he told you.

He didn't intend to let her drive but she pestered him so much that he finally gave in.

She shot me.

It isn't safe for us to remain in this area.

Josip is an expert pilot with thousands of hours of flying time.

You shouldn't be doing that now.

We're meeting at the station at nine o'clock.

A boy was throwing stones at the dog.

That's what I like about you.

Almost all of Cristina's free time is spent on a golf course.

All the parking spots were taken.

Does she still want to take part in the party?

He seems really depressed and lifeless today. I wonder what took the wind out of his sails.