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I was on the wrong track.


There are cherry trees on each side of the street.


Sridharan said he found a wallet in the back seat.

Sue wanted to drink some milk.

Comments are not needed.

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Vicki underestimated Marie.

Anger is a type of madness.

He broke out into rage.

Wooden doll as a monument with all my heart.

She cannot be staying at this hotel, because she has gone back to Canada.

Let's open our minds.

I tried to look innocent.

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The people tried to clear the street of snow.


The train will arrive on time.

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Even in Bucky's funniest sketches, there is a somber note.

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What makes you think Sho can do this?

Word got around that Jeanette and Dave were having an affair.

Mt. Fuji is a beautiful sight at sunset.


This is my destiny.

Everett is good at singing.

Ronald is being denied medical treatment.


Tenderness is an important element in a person's character.

Don't waste your money.

Pervasive and pernicious deviations from both fact and logical validity lurked behind a meretricious plausibility.

It's good that you've noticed the elephant!

Isn't it lovely?


I tried to make the best of it.

Sorry, I've got part-time work from the morning tomorrow.

He hasn't gone anywhere - he's at home.


I asked Leads to behave himself.

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Either you go, or I go.

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You must heed the advice of your teacher.

The cat loves to chase mice.

They caught sight of the man among the crowd of people.

Without the United States, the world will end. It will be invaded by little green men who would spread terror and chaos, and it will be the end of civilization. Was there any civilization before the birth of the United States? Of course no.

Rik is a figure skater.


Please wait outside the house.

This problem was troubling us until last night when we found the cause and fixed it.

My mother bought me a new dress.


These gases can lead to global warming.


The men's room is on the second floor.


She thanked me for the compliment.

I want this building searched from top to bottom.

I learned a lot about Ernst.


Trying is really cool.

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This sentence is not correct.


It's obsolete.

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Kriton is wearing headphones.


Is your bitch on heat?

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Gradually, they are all leaving.

After a while, Masanobu joined him.

When will you get back to town?

Christophe's face feels rough because he needs to shave.

For our improvement we need a mirror.


I included onions, carrots, and potatoes.

If the statement is true, then we will have to accept the conclusion.

Hsuan is rich, but not me.

I supervised the people fixing my bathroom.

I like your cat, but she doesn't like me.

That's certainly not it.

Kill it with fire!


We've already partied all night.

I went on a picnic last weekend.

The fatigue had nearly exhausted him, and the sharks only waited for the first quiet moment to swallow their victim.

Where has Cathrin been hiding?

What was the outcome of the election?

When did he fall ill?

I think that can be arranged.

I hope you can help me.

He need not have run so fast.

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We'll kill him.

This is non-negotiable.

I'm happy about that.

The British government was angry.

We haven't heard the last of this.

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Give me that gun.

Call me immediately after you meet him.

That patient has been in the hospital for a while now, but doesn't seem to have gotten the least bit better.

Vassos makes more money than Valeria.

Did you remember to buy candles?

We're looking for Karl now.

Let's always tell each other the truth.

I promise I'll do that before the end of the month.

Real and I have nothing to hide.

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My robot will prepare meals, clean, wash dishes, and perform other household tasks.

Sue took out his gun.

I go out for walks after dinner.

Noise is produced by the sudden flow of current into a solenoid.

I really want to help you.

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It's rude to whisper in front of others.

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Don't you want to stop them?

What's your native language?

A lost dog strayed into our neighborhood yesterday.

Would you excuse me for one second?

She has three brothers.

Ross kept his balance.

He cannot swim a mile.

Harvey has come here to help us.

Ji tightened the knot.

I didn't actually see Oleg kiss Benson.

I have lots of friends I can talk things over with.


He's a slacker.

We have to study.

I am in touch with him.

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Marie told me that she enjoyed the drive.


The windscreen is the large glass window at the front of a vehicle.

I thought you were going to help us.

Jochen is good at his subject.

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The victim's family wanted the murder case reopened.

Is this a gag?

I have a connecting flight on UA 111.

The main streets are wide and beautiful.

When I was young I wouldn't wear pants.

I'm not my father.

I intended to have changed my schedule.


She tried to get a tent at the shop, but she could not find the one she wanted.

I'll have her come here.

Don't ask such hard questions.

It really did happen just the way Mason said it did.

What makes us special?

He winked at me.

Huey is an obsessive collector.

You have your orders, Milo.

I think Jwahar has a little crush on you.

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Why did Marek call?


Teri carries pepper spray in her purse.

Can you tell one bird from another by hearing them?

It's a fad.


Gargling with salt water helps stop coughing.

I didn't make any adjustments.

Po helped Devon with her science project.


This tank can shoot on the move.

The little girl laughed her tears away.

She's vegetarian, so she ate tofu instead of turkey.

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They pitched their tent on the beach.


This is Charley's tomcat's tomb.


Jayesh coughed softly.

The beer has gone flat.

I remember Marvin talking about that.

Look at the size of it!

The 1959 movie "On the Beach" was based on Nevil Shute's 1957 novel of the same name.

He was the first to help him.

The tree is sick.


I've run out of gas.

I feel so good!

It seems unlikely, but maybe it'll happen.

Her name was changed to protect her identity.

Which people of this group are important?

Nobody told me what time I should come.

You should get back to work.


Rebecca spoke with tears in his voice.


You'll be in time for the train if you start at once.