He devoted himself to the study of chemistry.

Limiting yourself is so limiting.


Vadim put away his notebook.

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Father is busy writing letters.

Their marriage has been strained lately because of financial problems.

Is that all it would take?

I want you to tear up her pictures.

I thought he loved you, but as it is, he loved another girl.

I'm in love with Jonathan's girlfriend.

This fact proves her innocence.

The two clubs united to form one.

He looked as if he had seen a ghost.


Who appointed her?

In the past, there was never this much snow.

It must be the flu.


Soohong is very lazy.

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I watched him cross the street.

Do you know the boys who beat Kinch up?

Stan said he would wait.

This beef is very nice and tender.

Have you already heard that your firm has won the tender?


Pedestrian safety is being compromised by people looking at their mobile phones or other devices while crossing the road.


Jarmo looks as if he's seen a ghost.

Martin Luther King, Jr., had won his first protest against injustice - peacefully.

There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God.


I couldn't get rid of my doubt about it.

But above all, I will never forget who this victory truly belongs to. It belongs to you. It belongs to you.

Where are my sunglasses?

I am always at home on Sundays.

To the best of my recollection, Loren used to hang out mostly with Jerry up until the day he met Carter.


I think we have more work to do.


What was your favorite part?

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She works for a large American corporation.

You'll be in shtuck.

They ask her many questions.


We're lowering ourselves to his level.

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When the articles of incorporation are complete it is essential to go to the notary public's office to undertake certification of the articles drawn up.


Heinrich came into the living room wearing a bathrobe.


Anatole is cooking stew and Miek is making a salad.

Did you just get to know him?

I'm glad you volunteered to help.

What else did you do together?

My favorite subject is math.


I saw Taurus and Olson making out in the movie theater last night.

Why does everyone hate her?

Brett is just being helpful.

Ritchey was, of course, acquitted.

I strangled one.

Monty ate all the chocolate truffles.

Any student can answer that question.

Don speaks French well.

We shouldn't have done that.

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This plant is native to Canada.

Shel was talking in his sleep.

Sales have dropped off at every big department store.

Aren't you going to kiss me?

She cooks chicken the way I like.


I will be your guarantor.

I wanted to be a journalist.

When you hurt others, you also hurt yourself.

I wish you had not told him about the plan.

He's a real piece of work.

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I am in Russia.

Stop. I'm bleeding.

He is less clever than his elder brother.

A passing car hit a puddle and splashed water all over me.

I went there by train.


The train has already left.

People massed along the streets to watch the parade.

The city is well supplied with water.

They would have to move fast.

People often say that Japanese is a difficult language.

Here are some idioms.

Lucius was very aware that every eye in the room was on him.

Kari suspected that Erik was lying to him.

I can't find my phone charger.

Jin respected Thomas.

I'm real sorry to hear about that.


I will not tolerate this.

California is boring.

You certainly deserve a break.


Art never cleans his room unless I tell him to.

We have snow in January.

How could we have let this happen?


Have you ever seen them dance?


I have agreed to let a friend's son come up to this farm by day for about six months as a sort of farm pupil.


No one died.

They went in.

The light is better over here.


No, I won't do that.

Do you think he still keeps my letters?

What's the minimum salary in Congo?

The worst part of the trip is past.

My grandmother is still very active at eighty-five.

He said to her under his breath.

Harry had to back out of the competition because of a broken arm.

The problem isn't Monty.

I can't have this on my conscience.


It certainly doesn't look like Everett is enjoying himself.


I need glasses to read.

I'm trapped.

I'm not here to hurt anybody.

A travel agent arranged everything for our trip.

Use bullet points.

I'm still not sure what I should be doing.

She won't come today.

Nobody wants a war.

Ragnar got shot at.

This fellow is an artist!

After a short break the show was to be resumed...

I swear it couldn't be sweeter.

Matti lived in Boston until he was ten years old.

She was invited.

Gail can't be stopped.

She always speaks English.

I have never seen Clay so happy.

Anyway, if you want to know more about my country, I'll send you a letter when I get home.

You deserved better.


He's going to pay me back next week.

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That just broke my heart.

I can't live on ten thousand yen a month.

That'll depend entirely on them.


I am looking forward to seeing you.

It's fun to hang out with Hilda.

If you knew what I knew, you wouldn't be so complacent.

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it, did it happen? If a man speaks his mind in a forest, and no woman hears him, is he still wrong?

Those who search, find.

Luke's shift starts at midnight.

Dwight's squirrel is blind, afraid of heights and allergic to nuts. I don't think that he would survive without Ben.

Is it possible to buy the book at the bookstore in Akita?

I am at a loss what to buy him for his birthday.

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Her job was to see the children safely across the street.

We have a big game tomorrow.

I'll take the yellow one.

I can't believe Sanity knows sign language.

Put what you get at the store to my account.

The lake freezes in winter.

That is the office where he works.

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Where did you put my keys?


That's awful.

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I think Diana is overweight.

Factory waste has polluted the sea.

Dan videotaped Linda's apartment.


The tele-evangelist has a large, if deluded, following.

It is no use asking a favor of that man.

I prefer whole-grain cereals.

I stayed at home last night.

Jagath is very interested in folk music.

The buds are beginning to show signs of color.

They had wonderful lives.

I want a cellular phone.

In comparison with his brother, he was shy.

All subscriptions must be paid before the end of this year.

We have to give Gerald a chance.


I hate coffee.

Sridharan can fix this.

They assisted the painter financially.

Have you told Izchak that you used to date Rudy?

Have a safe journey.

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Don't you know then, my son, how little wisdom rules the world?


It must be done.