I spend too much time in front of my computer.

Who asked for vodka?

I'm very busy back home.


Both of them are in the room.

Can't we just flip a coin?

This rose smells sweet.

It bothers me a lot.

Death is certain.

We had an appointment.

Naomi was about to say something.


He's an attractive guy.

He put forward a plan for improving office efficiency.

I thought John would give up.

Please come.

Can we give this a try?


She and I are of an age.


He told me to run faster, and asked me if I was tired.


I can't give up smoking.

Isabelle was in the middle of nowhere.

I'll give you something for the pain.

This statue belongs to Presley.

What do we have here?


What's a sentence?

Of course, Sanjeev loves his children.

Joubert wants to meet you in the library.

Spass plays baseball like a pro.

You were supposed to do that yesterday.

Higher education is the single most important investment students can make in their own futures.

Tanya was hard on Lila.

The door was open, so we came right in.

Don't count your chickens before they're hatched.

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Your parents must be proud.

What's left over?

I was going to buy a new table, but my husband fixed the broken leg.

Won't you come in for a minute?

It's all a conspiracy.

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The children are playing under the lime tree.

How is this flower called?

They did everything in order to make money.


We'll let her try.

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I've got pliers in my car.


I already told you he isn't here.


Today I am going to be productive.

Julian likes his spaghetti noodles a little on the hard side.

You must read the newspaper so that you may keep up with the times.

The clouds dispersed themselves.

We have a water outage.


Petr just wants to be happy.

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If you don't do what I say, I'll tell everyone your secret.

I'll pick Sidney up later.

You just begin then God will help you.

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Ima uses eyedrops for her dry eyes.

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Show him what you're capable of.

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Merry Christmas, my love!

The higher the pressure, the higher the temperature.

All the essays, other than yours, were good.

Can you close the window, please?

Your submission is great! Congratulations!


I've got to get some sleep.

All oil-rich countries have to be bombarded with depleted uranium explosives to guarantee democracy and freedom for their people.

Vicky has gone to Boston to work.

Supposedly, one in ten Europeans are conceived in an IKEA bed.

She turns a deaf ear to her father.

What's the big attraction?

Do you think it's a winning case?

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Green leaves are coming out little by little.

Go straight ahead until you reach the church.

I want to do it tonight.

What're you doing to him?

Umeshu is a Japanese liqueur made from plums.


Krzysztof braided Claudia's hair.

For a moment there, I thought he had gone mad.

That company is, in effect, bankrupt.



There is no life without water.

Why is everything going wrong?


Pamela is not as stupid as he looks.


She has a rose in her hand.

Try to stay awake.

Jean-Pierre didn't want any of his friends to know that he was a drug dealer.

He got up early so he'd be in time for the train.

Swimming is easy.

She's unconscious.

Jane will probably come.


Please remember to mail this letter on your way to school.

Charlene is an extremely charming guy.

Johnathan wants to make a day trip.

Juliane hasn't called Gene lately.

The Earth rotates.

You guys are a problem.

She is basing her research on the results of the survey.

Loyd is our guy.

Olaf took a picture of her mother with her cell phone.

He has three times as many books as I have.

Judging from what you say, he must be a great writer.

Barton can't handle it.

Jinny married her long-time boyfriend.


Your dreams are almost as twisted as my nightmares.

Well, I've had better.

Parents were invited to attend.


He delivered a very long speech yesterday.

The expedition's supplies soon gave out.

Some wise guy left the milk out of the refrigerator all night.

Fay wanted some fresh air.

I'd like to have the sauce on the side, please.

He rejoiced at her success.

I guess my only question for you is why.

Let me give you a bit of advice.

Could you please gift-wrap it please?


I'm a friend of Vic and Subra's.


Can you tell us what you're wearing?


He gave me a hug.

I think there's no country that begins with 'Zo'.

Spencer approached Jaime.


I can hardly wait.

That's how I was brought up.

I really want you to meet Caroline.

Do you commute to school by bus?

He still hasn't answered my letter.

The Japanese have tried to learn the Western way of thinking and feeling for the past hundred years.

I want to practice a little more.


Felix assumes Angus will be willing to help with the bake sale.


Sign this.

It is impossible for you to do so.

Hirotoshi has been here since 2:30.


We will have much fun.

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I think what you want is over here.

Have you played that game again?

I've been out looking for her.

He gave some milk to the cat.

I'm going to be over here.

There's not a single safe place anymore in Japan.

I'll wait for him.

I cannot drink coffee without sugar.

Children are playing with toys.

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I'm glad you're home.

This sentence has no authors.

It is dangerous to cross that old bridge.


He is the man who drew the picture.

She passed away peacefully last night.

Does the cough disturb your sleep?

That the politicians keep their promises.

Kay has decided to have the operation.


He left for good.

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He has a very good sense of humor.

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I wish I were as handsome as Horst.


Dawson wanted to tell Kiki about John.

She is young and immature.

I want to be a stay at home dad.

He's not much better than a beggar.

Didn't you see anything?


Taurus went off by himself.

You remember what happened that last time, don't you?

She doesn't use salt when cooking.


Overpopulation is a big concern.

You sound like my mom.

Are you wearing shoes?