This has to be a mistake.

It is not true that both of the parents tried hard in search of their daughter.

Please help me with this.

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Trying got killed in a freak accident.


He thanked the host for the very enjoyable party.

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In 1900 he left England, never to return.

Takao and I have business.

It's boring to watch.

Once outside, I gave a deep sigh of relief.

Real's at the door. Please ask him to come in.

We never should've hired Murthy.

I might be able to help them.


It does not follow.

What could be better than that?

A gentle wind is blowing.

He is to come here at five.

And what if we went to a Japanese restaurant tonight?

I wish I could figure out how to stop my children from fighting.

We don't have a lot of options here.


I apologized to her for stepping on her foot.

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She simply cannot keep her mouth shut, not even for a second.

I am married and have two children.

Don't you think you should call Uri?

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It happened again, didn't it?

Hi, my name is Jerald and I'm your waiter.

I had blood in my urine.

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I've never seen so much paper.

Ravindran believes the day will come when there will be no more wars.

Margaret doesn't need to know.

Tokyo is the largest city in Japan.

I was not satisfied with life in Paris.


I didn't get the point of his speech.


How much time do adults spend watching television every day?

I want a green one.

I have a urinary problem.

He is the one who comes after me.

What's Alf doing here anyway?


It's 4:30 in the afternoon.

I like the Japanese custom of offering guests moist towels, called oshibori.

Number of Turkish sentences on Tatoeba exceeded 200,000.

Sometimes I'm scared of the dark.

You've only been on the job for about 15 minutes.

In Singapore, practically right on the equator, the rainy and dry seasons aren't very clear cut.

We have five days to go before the summer vacation.

He did well for a beginner.

You're stronger today.


It's eleven and he's not coming.

Vick had what looked like a gin and tonic in his hand.

In this city there are 249 neighborhoods.


Tim wasn't worried.

He was not pleased.

The movie I saw yesterday afternoon was quite good.

I consider it my duty to help my parents.

His sudden visit took me by surprise.

I thought you'd want it back.

Just one year has gone by since my friend died.

Just leave her alone.

Please explain the delay.

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The first phase of construction has been completed.


This is a map of the city of Osaka.


Jochen is abusing his authority.

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As far as I know, he isn't lazy.

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Condoms greatly reduce the chances of pregnancy.


I don't know how I'm going to make it through today.


Let me talk.

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Can this car go any faster?

What do people expect?

My name is Ricardo.


Rather dead than red.

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We will play baseball now.

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I'm trying to impress Spudboy.

Be it black or white, a cat that catches mice is a good cat!

My father suggested that we should go camping.

Birds have nests, spiders have webs and people have friendships.

You don't have to be an artist to find the beauty in everyday life.


Do we have to pay anything?

I'll play along.

He broke the vase on purpose to bother me.

Why did I have to be the one who told Alison he was fired?

The person on the left ruins the balance of the picture.

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I shot the horse because it had bad breath.

Two detectives followed the suspect.

The most wasted day of all is that on which we have not laughed.

Rich made a terrible decision.

Japan is on the 135th meridian East.

Don't misunderstand my words.

Every year my family visits Italy.

Quintilius Varus, give me back my legions!

Don't hinder me in my work.


I'm with management.

Mohammad and Lars did what they were told.

You sounded just like us.

Elaine dies.

We'd like to order 18 tonnes of olive oil.


After all, it is talent that counts in music.

Europeans are the largest consumers of alcohol in the world.

Where is the registration desk?

There are so many stars in the sky, I can't count them all.

His poor grades may come from lack of study.


My book is prettier than my friend's.


I got back from Scotland last night.

Tell me how you knew.

There's nothing more you can do for me.


He hit three home runs, scoring eight runs.

Can I give you a hand with that?

Do you think I need to go?

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In order to share it, we'll have to tear it into two pieces.

Did you look under the table?

I heard that Jochen had been smuggling drugs into America for years before he got caught.

Ignorance gets you nowhere in life.

I'm looking for my eyeglasses.

We need to make sacrifices.

She thought of London as her new home.

Do you really have to tell Ima?

Allen visits me every time he comes to Boston.


It took me a long time to learn how to do this.

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I left Shanghai last year and have not yet been back.

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Chuck was wearing John's sweater.

Is this a stallion or a mare?

Few people have a typewriter.


A policeman came up to him.

Many drivers drive slightly over the speed limit.

That was the idea, wasn't it?


We arrived at the station at five.

The car kept swerving from lane to lane.

I saw Kerri trip and fall.

That island's population lives on fishing.

Did you speak to her?

The Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific Ocean.

This method has worked before.

Empty the water out of the bucket.

You're more beautiful than me.


I've been there myself.

The city revived with greater vigor.

Could we get out of here?

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I sold my books at a reasonable price.

Where did you store them?

Every minute counted.

You don't need to do that now.

Don't be ridiculous.


I'm as healthy as a horse.


She implied that she would like to come with us.

She resigned on the grounds of ill health.

Someone has walked off with my pencil.

Have you got a beard already?

I guess James didn't get around to painting the barn last summer.

I have a huge amount of clothes in my closet.

Takeuchi and Jay are honeymooning.

I already told Subra.

Some elements are not translatable.


I can teach English.

Let's take care of business.

Mohammad intends to live in Japan for good.


I wish I didn't have to tell you this, but ...

You'll regret doing this.

Kory is precise.