He still wants to come.

There are about 1 million millionaires in Germany.

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Lyndon believes that the universe really has eleven dimensions.


How long will it take?

My unpaid liabilities are still $100.

Mariou kept his opinion to himself.

His speech was an effective apology for the Government's policies.

As you start to look deeper, you will find it out yourself.

Leif and Franklin said they had to work some things out.

It's an order.

I wish I could've stuck around for a few more hours.

We are bedridden with fever.

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Seeing me, the dog wagged its tail.

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It looks perfect.

I have two sons. One is in Tokyo and the other is in Nagoya.

I don't remember my grandmother's face accurately.

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Jerald didn't want that to happen.


I want to show Micah around town.

Do you think about us a lot?

They say there are ghosts in this old house.

Eric didn't seem to understand the purpose of the project.

It's too late to do anything about that now.

I do not like this song.

What will I do? The strap on one of my geta is broken.

Have you spent much time in Boston?

Noam answered the questions.


How do you like Japan?

That's not what I was thinking.

We made a lot of bad mistakes.

Has the rain stopped? It would be good if it had.

I'm good at skating.


Marcos gets along well with everyone in Marilyn's family except her younger brother.

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We had lunch at a roadside restaurant.

Jerrie gently put his arms around Oleg.

Please give me salt and pepper.

You said you were a doctor.

This box contains assorted chocolates.

Your hands need washing.

You had better communicate with the police.

I got her a doll.

Hours pass, and she's counting the minutes.

He opened her lunch box.

I am 4 years younger than him.

He is funnier than I.

It's very impressive, isn't it?

Work harder if you plan to succeed.

Why are you always the one deciding everything for us?

She has two children.

Best wishes to your parents.

She always writes to her mother every week.

Charley can speak only a little French.

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She made friends with him in Boston.

We can stay here if you want.

It looks so good!

Rob is wearing a women's dress.

I'd like to dedicate this song to my mom.

They are among us!

Please tell Barney we're here.


My elder brother doesn't do sports.


The crowd went wild.

Would you like a shot of tequila?

Expectations are low.

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It fascinates many that Prince William would marry a commoner.

The police knew it was a hot item.

That watch is very cool.

I took the money.

They got married and settled near Boston.

Hal didn't want Santa to leave.

He makes a bad impression.

I wanted to show Vic your book.

Raul was so nervous that he almost threw up.

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In culinary, can you substitute sodium bromide for sodium chloride?

I'm not impressed by your magic tricks.

Krzysztof hardly comes here anymore.


The admiral is never satisfied.

Agatha never did what we asked him to do.

June should be living at home with us.

I'm waiting for something to happen.

We met them by accident at the bus terminal.

I'm going to need some data.

She's still dependent on her parents.

Ro got very annoyed about his landlord turning up unannounced several times in a couple of months.

May I change this for a salad?


Lynnette had bigger things on his mind.

I bought the girl a sweater.

Hello, I'm Donovan and I'll be your waiter.

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The stray girl sobbed her name.

They are examining him from top to bottom.

He made me write the letter with a pen.

She probably knows.

You're in perky form, aren't you?

I've almost got it.

Get ready.


Kinch went to prison for murder.


I put a new handle to the door.


Jess doesn't care one way or the other.


There's not going to be a party.

There's no way to find his house.

Can I get a little help?


It rained heavily.

I feel so much better now.

Lorraine was proud of her beauty.


Soon ripe, soon rotten.


I'm here for the meeting.

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Everything was so beautiful.

Thank you for your gift.

I don't need your money. I just need your time.

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He's very protective.

How much is your monthly gas bill?

One of the guests told me that they saw you kissing Luke.

I'm not sure, but I think I know what to do.

What's your message?


Have you ever heard of the Loch Ness monster?


He ran up the stairs.


Grandma likes watching TV.

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Bob gave that to me a few years back.

Do you have a smoke and a light?

It is everyone's wish to succeed in life.

There is no fool like an old fool.

I want to help.


Can I have a towel, please?

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Canada is a Nordic country.

The pupil was punished for smoking.

I have to do something.


I don't care what you say. It's not going to happen!

You must miss us a lot.

What else do you like?


The chance of that happening is less than a thousandth of a percent.

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He gave her a book.

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Surya is the only person who can help me.

Charlene said he didn't want to talk to Linley.

Kevin will probably be there.


Tell me what you can.

How did you fall into the swamp? Someone pushed us.

The students managed to indict the country's establishment and forged an alliance with the unions.

You must learn to be more careful.

Antony came by bus.


She wanted to have paid a visit to India.

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There was a young fellow in to see you a half an hour ago.

I'm just helping out.

She'll almost certainly pass the test.

The enemy had triple our numbers.

Get up, Ronald! Your mother has cooked you a sweetroll.

In Esperanto the final o is a word that means: which is.

Robin doesn't live on Park Street anymore.

Can I tell my father what you want?

Tell us why.

I've been trying to get Debbie to take his medicine.

Are you a real doctor?

I left you a message at the front desk.

Total tosh.

This is a lie.

It's not likely that he went there.

Amedeo may have read the letter.

Have you been stealing from me?

We always have a party on his birthday.

How did it go with Manuel last night?

Tanya hates my guts.

The others don't want them here.

She did what she promised to do for me.

I will see him at the first opportunity.