Briggs can't have gone to bed yet.

You can buy and read any kind of book at any time.

I got a leg cramp after using the leg press.

I think we should call her.


I cannot board a plane. I am afraid of planes.

Peace be with you!

She asked me how many languages I spoke.


We must remove our shoes before entering the house.

I am not afraid of dying of old age.

They look pretty.

What gift would you like for Christmas?

Let me tell her what I know.


I can't just give you this.


I'll never do this again.

I need that information now.

This is your destiny.

Some people say that French is one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

I usually work from 9 AM to 5 PM, but today I worked until 10 PM.

I thought Mwa might want it.

Lawrence can't help wondering why Barbra changed her mind.

It's kind of hot, isn't it?

I purchased a telescope and a book on astronomy.


Hand it to me.

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I suddenly got a craving to eat some crisp roast chicken skin.


The coffee was so hot that I couldn't drink it.

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He knows how to cheat people.

The hunters became the hunted.

You never know when it's going to happen.

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The teacher will illustrate how to do it.

They ask the parents of other children.

They didn't even know where to go.


We must tear down this house.

Philip won't be able to do that.

It might be her.

Promise me you won't give Chet my phone number.

We can heal the world.

It's cloudy today.

You can't let her stay here.

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Trey told Swamy that she should be ashamed of herself.


I feel it's a waste of time.

A burnt child dreads the fire.

Why do I always get up at this time?

I have no such desire.

In this group, there are my parents and my relatives.


She may not come to the party tonight.


Ric had hot flashes.

No instrument is snootier than the piccolo trumpet.

No, thanks. I don't drink beer.

The rice is yummy.

Nobody knows it but me.

We couldn't find it anywhere.

I have to talk to somebody.

I think I mistakenly said it was Liber when it was actually Brent that did that.

Wendell has to go back to Boston tomorrow.

Last year there was an incident with a security guard who shot a stray bullet inside a toilet.

This issue has nothing to do with you.

Where was he born?

You don't like love stories.

It seems like a fair offer.

I am disappointed that my friend is not here.

I go to bed at ten every day.

It's all in a day's work.

He failed to wake Harry up.

I'll make some tea.

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He's a complicated boy.

He's attracted to black women.

Was that Swamy on the phone?

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Try to look ahead.


Nobody is born under an unlucky star, there are only people who cannot read the sky.


Pray for us.

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It's been so long.

As the saying goes, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

This is the last time I'm going to tell you this.


I didn't go to school because I was sick.

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Valentin Jackson has set a new world record.


Sexual harassment has now become a social issue.

If you pass the exam, how about we go to the bar to drink beer?

Gunnar and Sriram ate a six-course meal together.

You don't seem to understand.

Hats are the secret to money.

You're hard to understand.

It's clear that the passport is a forgery.

I don't feel right about not telling her.

Jiro is indifferent about clothing.


He has great enthusiasm for golf.

Karen asked Sheila where she wanted him to put the bag of dog food.

Murray racked up a lot of debt because he was living beyond his means.

I need it done sooner than that.

Just between us, he doesn't think very deeply.

Great geniuses have the shortest biographies.

Negotiations are still going on.

She was chosen from ten thousand applicants.

He came up with the solution to the problem.

Piete knows this area very well.

The perfume of roses filled the room.

The planet Sakura is 4.7 light-years away.

I know that you and Mann are friends.


One of you must be lying.

People really enjoyed that.

When one nation pursues a nuclear weapon, the risk of nuclear attack rises for all nations.

My mother is afraid of elevators.

How is the word pronounced?

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Rob is a pretty good singer.

This chapter will focus on the riddles of the planets.

I'll be right here if you need me.

I didn't realize how difficult this was going to be.

This isn't exactly helping.

The climate here is milder than that of Tokyo.

My body aches all over.


Fred was very troubled by his wife's nagging.


The young lady carried a child in her arm.


Ariel is going to the airport to pick June up.


"I don't mind if I keep working even after we're married," she said.

Why are rabbits' ears big?

I'll find out how much money Kit needs.

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This CD belongs to my son.


You've been there.

His family staged an intervention to confront his abuse of prescription drugs.

You know that Frances is in love with you, don't you?

If an Icelandic sentence has a translation in English, and the English sentence has a translation in Swahili, then indirectly, this will provide a Swahili translation for the Icelandic sentence.

I called him on the telephone.


Don't interfere in other people's affairs.

He got a shameful title.

You could hear the desperation in Moore's voice.

I normally get off work at about 8 o'clock in the evening.

Nobody knows what happened to her.


I have a rash on my neck.

This was to teach me to think methodically.

There's a white van parked in front of Knut's house.

Ten people were slightly injured in the accident.

She is as simple as a child.

We finally found a man who fits this description.

I wish we could ask her.

He's antisocial.

Takao is very disorganized.

We expected better terms.

Saqib sent his daughter to her aunt Srivatsan.


I stayed behind to help her.

Thank you for taking such good care of Malus.

You don't look very strong.

I'm here because I need Nora's help.

Samir makes more money than I do.


I can't be friends with him.

The store is jam-packed.

I want everything in this box.

I'm fairly sure I'm right about this.

It was long.


He is my wife's acquaintance.

Would you like some popcorn?

A light-year is the distance light travels in one year. It's 9.5 trillion (9,500,000,000,000) kilometers.

We'll see you when you get home.

Linda was a popular exotic dancer in London.


That's what we've always wanted.

Hugh is able to say 'I like stoats' in over a hundred languages.

Vicky, will you let me copy your math homework?

He runs to the station every morning.

Your eyes are magnetically attractive.

I'm going to go back to Boston.

I'm going to speak to you with utmost candor so I want you to take everything I'm about to say at face value.

When you wear camo shorts, what colour t-shirt goes with that?

The meeting has been canceled.

I asked my mother if breakfast was ready.

Marguerite was glad that Rodent agreed with him.