I would like to propose a toast on your birthday.


Jem fidgeted uncomfortably.

I just wanted to talk to Lori.

My seat is near the door.

My name is Ricardo.

You'll have to look out for Gypsy.

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Put a piece of cake aside for me. I have to go.

I'd love to see somebody do that.

Just put those packages anywhere.

We believed that the earth moves round the sun.

Michael hasn't checked the doors yet.


I think you've already met her.

Ken picked up his bag and started to leave.

Sanand started snoring.

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Don't get involved with that guy.

Norman didn't even have the decency to admit it was his fault.

I really enjoyed betting in Las Vegas.


I can still remember the time when we went on a picnic together.


Theo felt a little light-headed.

Getting a driver's license would make me happy.

You will soon get accustomed to your new school.

It seems that he used to be a great athlete.

He showed us his mother's picture.

How was your date with Revised last night?

I wonder if Rafael is going to Boston next week.

Guess what that cost me.

People who are constantly copying others do it because they can't think for themselves.

I warned little Those to leave the kerosene heater alone.

I'm the only one here who has experience doing this.


May I leave my luggage here where it is and go out?

Who do you want to pass this good news along to?

I'm not buying it for a second.

Did you see him while you were at Lambton?

There's no way you can win.

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The wedding photos are very clear.

I can help you now.

What can you tell us?


She must be kind-hearted to send you such a pretty doll.


Are there still women who use your language at home?

Skiing is a good form of recreation.

One morning, when I woke up, I found that all the bills in my wallet had changed into two-thousand yen bills.


I don't subscribe to your idea.


I don't think I'll ever sound like a native speaker and I don't really think I need to.

He's confident and strong.

I'm just having a bad day.

You're not going to win.

There was no time to think.

I was fortunate to find a good job.

It was very late at night.


You missed us, didn't you?

I don't know when he will come back.

That is what I want to know.

The news moved him deeply.

Kris complimented Derek.

You needn't go too early, need you?

That would be nice, don't you think?

I'll give you as many as you like.

Are you mad about something?

Kristen finally noticed that Moran had a phone up to her ear.

Please don't call Straka again.

I haven't eaten chocolate since I was thirteen.

She went to bed early.

I'd be happy to work with you.

She fell fast asleep over a study aid.


Shawn chopped down the branch with an ax.

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I'll tell you my life's story if you tell me yours.

I want to travel to Australia.

Jerome angrily tore up Pete's letter.

Nobody will believe that rumor.

The train was delayed because of snow.

He will be killed by his boss.

This desk is made of wood.

Shutoku is afraid he'll get fired.

I really want to see you.

I was having a bath when the telephone rang.

You want to leave it like that?


"Who bought it?" "I bought it."


I can't wrap my head around it.

Don't let him die.

You're being paranoid.


I told her not to drive my car.

They hadn't gone very far when they met an old man.

Could you show us around?


Tai moistened his lips.

Mistletoe is commonly used as a Christmas decoration.

The popularity turned her head.

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When I got up this morning, it was raining.

He probably knows.

Gene apologized to the families of the victims for the explosion at the factory.

It is physically impossible.

The Sioux had signed a treaty with the government in 1868.


There were some ink stains on the cover of that book.


I want to look different.


Our household expense got into the red last month.


Make a thought about it before you fuck your ideas up.

Hardly had I met her when I fell in love with her.

He knows well how to use a computer.

The food was terrible -all the same I didn't complain.

Do you agree about that?

He's my older brother.

I don't know if I want to marry Orville.

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It's only a matter of time before we find the thief.

Lynnette has good fashion sense.

He was in the middle of a funny story when he stopped to answer the telephone.

Has Flight 123 arrived?

We learned Russian instead of French.

He was a poet and a diplomat.

You'll never see me back here again.

What is your favorite color and why?

Why do I always wake up at this time?

I think I will go to London after finishing high school.

I used to love this place.

What's the score?

You know, sometimes you need to hear it.

I bought a T-shirt.

She taught music for thirty years.

I can't handle his comments

You're one of the few friends I have.

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Can I ask why this is so important to you?

She is in the kitchen right now.

Bret doesn't have an office.

Whose car is it, do you know?

Winston got really sick.

I'm going to have dinner with him tomorrow night, so I'll feel him out then.

Are you novices?

It appears to be broken.

Ilya scared the wolves away.

Karl seems to be intelligent.

Philip wants to get ripped.

Maria is in no condition to make a decision.

A squirrel transmitted rabies to my daughter.

I'm telling him I don't know how it is written.

He swam in the sea with his brother.

Better to err on the side of caution.

You don't know your neighbors, do you?

Kerry said he would go to Boston.

Phill has been located.

Which beer is yours?

Guido told me I was wrong.

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She advised him to give up drinking.

I want to run for governor.

Tell me again what I'm supposed to do.

Milo and Tolerant dote on their little baby boy.

I made her a dress.


I borrowed money not only from Kate, but from his wife, too.

Three soldiers died protecting us.

Boys use the Internet more than girls.


Mariou can't win.

I told you it was too late to help Lenora.

I feel like I'm in a dream.

Tai took notes on a yellow legal pad.

A question arose as to who should be the leader.

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Did you finish your homework?


If you saw me the way that I look right now, I'm sure you wouldn't even recognize me.


A fish can swim.

Maybe it's not a good idea.

Tareq and Milo went skating together.


I was waiting all alone.

We discussed the problem all afternoon.

What she says is very true.

We have to do this again tomorrow.

What made you think that Arne wouldn't come?

The motor died before we got to the top of the hill.

He was in dead earnest when he threatened to call the police.

My bicycle has got a flat tire.

I answered the door.