I wish I had never been born.


We lost a lot of time.

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Why doesn't anybody help Knut?


That didn't take them long.

Fool me once, I'm mad. Fool me twice, I'm twice as mad.

We all thought Kerri was crazy.

Music is my hobby.

How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?

I changed the sentence completely.

We sell metal, paper, and wooden plates.

Andre keeps an eagle feather as a good-luck charm.

A good education doesn't imply a good upbringing.


She has a cold and is absent from school.

I want you to know that I'm sorry.

Matthias told me he wasn't busy.

These glasses are cool.

Thank you very much for the undeserved attention.

The festival is free.

She has selective hearing.


Hi, how are you, my dear friend?

Reservations are not required.

I wonder what ear lobes are for.

Nothing I do lately seems to turn out right. I'm losing confidence in myself.

Do you agree with them?

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What's your favorite chick flick?

We're really hungry.

You're wasting your money and my time.

Don't be so modest.

The fox scampered off after a few seconds.

Robbin is working in his office.

Now's not the time to be showing off!

That's exactly what I'm suggesting.

Are you sure you want to throw all of this away?


I'd like to thank everyone who helped.

They tied me up.

No, I feel like he's not "pure", but rather "dull".

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Today he feels much better than yesterday.

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I would rather have a coffee.


It poured rain, it hailed, it thundered, and the lightning was so bright that it turned the night into day.

This is a very difficult exam.

Can I interest you in a game of cards?

I'm not smart.

The fear makes the wolf bigger than what it is.

Try and penetrate with our limited means the secrets of nature and you will find that, behind all the discernible concatenations, there remains something subtle, intangible and inexplicable. Veneration for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion. To that extent I am, in point of fact, religious.

It's already past ten o'clock.

I am too fat.

He is anxious to know the result.

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The same sounds well!

Does that mean that the boy's parents can be charged with child neglect?

Do you have something else in mind?

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You have to speak only English.


He didn't go to class.

He hanged himself.

This book implements a new system of instruction.

Nobody tried to help them.

I wonder who's going to go hiking with Narendra next weekend.

Let's go to the theater early so that we can get good seats.

That girl that's talking to John is Susan.

She tried it herself.

This story is believed to be true.

We're just children.

The rioters were like animals in the grip of a primitive frenzy.

Jeany jumped out of bed as soon as the alarm clock went off.

No suitable comment offered itself to Syun.


I was wondering if you were free tomorrow.

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You've been warned.

He cried out in pain.

You need to face the facts.


The silence in the forest is restful.

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He may have missed his usual bus.

I saw a man get hit by a car.

The accident wasn't your fault.

The soldiers left for the front.

Make sure to tell Eduardo what time to be here.

I was in school.

The day when we first met was a rainy day.

He must be tired.

I think this guy is serious.


I hope I don't regret this.


Svante is one of the funniest and most interesting people I have ever met.

Go get some tools.

Cynthia has never been willing to help us before.

Donn was bitterly disappointed.

Ritalynne didn't think I noticed.

The tank is full.

Edward is an ingenuous student.


It's not our will that makes us act, but our imagination.

There was a time when kings and queens reigned over the world.

I quit.

This is true partly because non-Westerners have begun to take pride in their own cultures and partly because those areas of the world where forks are not used have some of the highest birth rates.

When will she leave for Athens?

Do you have a picture?

Harold and Avery aren't far behind me.


You should've seen Cary's face.

He is enthusiastic about tennis.

I didn't even know that you didn't like Rudolph.


I've been around a lot longer.

Archeology is a science that studies the activities of human beings and their changes through the study of the traces left by them.

Do you believe in miracles?

Gil is the smartest one in our class.

Good morning, my sweet dog.

The maintenance of the house costs a lot.

We all had hope.

A certain movie was novelized - rather it was a scenario written for a movie that was expanded as a novel and localized to Japanese.

Going to Europe is very exciting, but also scary.

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People who do not have health plans should wait long to be attended.


We get on and off the bus here.

Young people must not study.

I haven't been much of a friend, have I?

You've given up smoking.

I was proud of myself.


The Soviet Union collapsed 25 years ago.

I regret not marrying her.

We only get healed from a passion when we savor it till the end.

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I'm meeting her for breakfast.


The wood is rotten.


I believe you all know them.

Supply is relative to demand.

I suggest that you don't say anything about this to Pim.

I will hit the sack.

He doesn't want to open the car.


St. Petersburg is a Russian city.

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Marjane Satrapi's mother is Tadji.


Hurry up. We're about to pass that car up ahead.

Do you think a pitbull would approach a huge dude like Dan?

Am I supposed to believe that you did the best you could?


She hasn't done anything.

Will Franklin hear Saiid recite the poem?

She stood there even after the train was out of sight.

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As soon as he went to bed, he fell fast asleep, for he was very tired.


Can you fix that for me?

The girl playing the piano is my sister.

I asked the doctor some questions.

"Tatoeba" means "for example" in Japanese.

Two years have passed since he went over to American in order to study English.

We must get off at the next stop.

Is hitchhiking prohibited in Australia?


Could you come in here for a moment, please?

Leonard thought Gary was asleep.

Don't push. I'm suffocating.

She once proudly stated that she was going to lose 5 kilos of fat in a single month.

I tell you a lot of things I wouldn't tell Eduardo.

What happened to the ship?

Is that why you bought all this stuff?

Please get plenty of sleep the day before donating blood.

Old took a day off.

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That's my reasoning.

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Teri was by far the brightest student in his class and he breezed through every exam with top marks.

I'm trying to get used to being paralyzed.

I tore up the letter and threw the pieces in every corner of the room.

Quit it!

They kept it secret that they were in love.

Rhonda says he needs to talk to you.

It's roasting in this room.

China has landed their first jet on an aircraft carrier.

Page was in the hospital for three months last year.

I think about you every day.

How are you going to stop them?

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You are making a big fuss.


You don't have to answer.