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We are offering

  • Free labor to disassemble your laptop to the motherboard
  • Free diagnosis work of your motherboard
  • Free labor to assemble your laptop together professionally
  • Free 24 hrs hardware stability test
  • Free cleaning service to remove dust & lint from the air vent and fan

Motherboard repair quote will be provided after the completion of our free diagnosis. Quote depends on component costs and time involved. If you do not like the quote, we we ship your laptop back in the same condition. Most customers love our affordable price.

Why use our service?

  • You do not need to pay for the new expensive motherboard because most of the case your motherboard is fixable.
  • We save thousands of customers on the cost of the new motherboard because our in-house engineer and technician staffs can fix almost any motherboard down to component level for much less.

Symptoms we fix

  • No Power
  • No Video
  • Shows video but has lines or artifacts
  • Wireless cut in and out
  • No sound
  • Blue screen
  • Shuts down when gets hot
  • And much more

Q. May I keep my hard drive?
A. Yes. We understand that data is confidential and valuable to you. We will use our hard drive to test your computer. Keep in mind if your hard drive was damaged when your laptop died your laptop may not work when it is re-installed. If you choose to send your hard drive with your laptop, we will not touch your data

Q. Do I need to send in my AC adapter ?
A. No, you can keep it unless you are not sure if your AC adapter is good or not.

Q. How do I pay?
A. You pay when the repair is complete. We will call you to confirm shipping address and set up a private eBay auction.

Q. What components usually go bad on the motherboard?
A. Power chips, BGA video chip, north-bridge, south-bridge, fuses, resisters, inductors, controller chips.

Q. Can I just send the motherboard only?
A. No, unless it is an HP DV2,6,9 series, we cannot offer our 3 months warranty if we don't have your laptop to test that it is back up and working normally.

Q. What if you can't fix my computer?
A. If we deem your motherboard is not repairable then we do not charge anything for the labor above unless any work performed or any part replacement that you authorized.

Q. How long does it take to repair?
A. Most repairs requiring a single chip replacement normally take 5-7 business days. However a repair can take several weeks if the MB has several issues requiring multiple chip replacements. Unfortunately, the diagnostic tests can only detect one chip issue at a time. We offer same day services for power jack and LCD repair IF we have the replacement part in stock.

Q. Who pays to ship the laptop in?
A. You are responsible for shipping of your laptop both way.