This car brakes automatically to avoid collisions.


I know what a lucky boy I am.


How do I know you?

There will be no big typhoon for the moment.

Do you trust Blaine now?


Naim didn't want to be found.


Yikes, we are in the soup now!


Let's do our best.


Now he is eating dinner.

The eye is the mirror of the soul.

I've dreamed of this.


I'd be careful with that if I were you.

Rodger is very imaginative.

The police think the house was torched to collect on the insurance.


Pandora cooks with gas.


Don't bother to call me.

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Knut was very busy.

It's going to get rough.

How can you lose?


He's not a charismatic leader.

I drink fruit juice.

I think that you should go.

He is intolerant of opposition.

Always tell the truth.


I don't care a damn what people think of me.

I wouldn't mind going out for a while.

Can you tell me who's going to come tonight?


It could happen to anybody.

Rita is Dan's daughter-in-law.

I haven't actually met them yet.

I knew it would be hard.

He was very unfair.

Show me how to do it.

Use dental floss after each meal.


You're coming at the wrong moment.


Well done is better than well said.

Please show me how to make cakes.

We're going to have a boy.

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Kyu was cheering for Jacob.


You don't practice what you preach.

Alvin wanted me to give you this envelope.

I invited Ken, Bill and Yumi.


She told him to keep away from bad friends.

You can't decrease the size of this file without losing quality.

For my part, having you lot with me is more reassuring than the police or anything!

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Rahul fought back.

That was a very kind act.

I want to say I'm sorry.


This is the dictionary I spoke of yesterday.

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I hated it at first.


Jamaican people were British citizens.

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The summer was coming to an end.


What's ours is ours.


In six years, will we remember what you said today?

He was playing with a toy.

Right now, we need to deal with this.

I think one of us ought to stay with Byron.

Whose bike is this?


Sandra is a freelance computer programmer.

Many people aren't glad about the current situation of the world.

We exchanged phone numbers at the end of the gathering.

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The instant he saw me, he ran away.

I eat cornflakes for breakfast.

Get everything.

Kee bought me some roses.

He couldn't start the motor.

The weather's rather jolly today.

Could you keep an eye out for the postman?


He put his tools away after he had finished.


My language is not on the list!


Tell my father that I've arrived.


They soon arrived at the station on the moon.

He'll be there in ten minutes.

Thousands of people visited the city.

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I think Stephe knows why.


Novo's health has always been a worry to his wife.


My favorite song is Hungry Spider.


Do you see the father and the mother?


You would have failed without his help.

It was so cold that we made a fire.

It was not an easy decision.

This street is lively.

I never want to drive in Boston again.


His bravery is worthy of praise.


You may not be able to find sentences that have been added recently because they have not been indexed yet. Indexation of sentences is not (yet) executed on-the-fly, only every week.

Shakil shot this footage.

Nancy is about to die.


Lester is older than you think.


June is looking for a large apartment.

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I don't want you to wake him up.

This fruit is very sour.

Don't mind her.

What has always united us, what has always encouraged our people, what draws immigrants to America's shores-- is an ideology that talks about aspirations shared by all people: that we should be able to live without fear, that we can to talk to or meet anyone, that we vote and choose a religion as we please.

We should concentrate on one thing at a time.

You will be in charge of the babies in this room.

Fold the napkins and put one by each plate.

It's all about revenge.

Is she reliable?

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Did you enjoy your weekend?

Tammy drove his golf cart into a sand trap.

Skiing on fresh snow is very fun.


I'm not angry at her.

You must not behave so.

Let's start tonight.

Kristin answered right away.

That may be a misunderstanding.

I don't mind if it's hot and spicy.

How long's Tor been in Boston?

You have our total support, Tor.

At the meeting I pointed out the plan's merit.

The runner collapsed as he reached the finish line. Had he reached the limits of the human body?

My watch is five minutes slow.

Nadeem refused to give Andreas what she wanted.

I carried the heavy bag on my back.


It's not easy being an adult.


The student who finishes an examination first does not necessarily get the best grade.

Last night he went to sleep at 11 o' clock.

They were servants.

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You know who I am.

Someone tried to kill Juliane.

He took a day off.

I haven't quite decided.

The official got the sack for currying favor with the contractors.

The new waiter should be much more competent.

I suggest you have a native speaker read over your report to make sure there are no errors.


I was very proud of that.

I haven't seen him here before.

I wrote her a letter every day.

Dirk was in his late thirties.

I'm not too picky.

Did you see what Srikanth did to my bicycle?

When was your last day off?

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Barrio is really funny.

You have to go to college for four years.

When my wife crosses her arms and taps her foot I know she's angry.


I can't do anything for him.


Is there something I can do to help?

I'm not sure it's a good idea.

You could do better.

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He came early, as he had been asked to do.


He fails at work.

Nhan unfolded the letter and read it.

This should not be allowed.


Carolyn is always complaining about how much Hans spends.

Why don't you have your bath now?

There was no investigation.