On the idea of ​​a hanging house I came first in order to facilitate the organization of toys, and then because of the better look of the children’s room and convenience. All favorite plush sleeping toys are at your fingertips. Children will know where their toys are and will not be scattered around the room anymore. And also this aesthetic looks like a real dollhouse. The house can be hanging and can also be used in the game on the floor.

From the shelves Shelves are great help making a dollhouse. Here the roof is added with a rope on the wall. Super idea that is easy to implement. Simplicity Wallpapers in one color, a little furniture and a bunny. Cardboard Cardboard is always great for fun! Each new piece presents a special challenge and looks for new inspiration for what to do with it. These were interesting suggestions to turn ordinary boxes into beautiful puppets, with which children will be happy to play. In addition, there are also ideas on how to equip the cottages with cardboard furniture, to the smallest detail. Prepare unlimited quantities of cartons, sharp scissors, decorative tape, glue, black and white pens, and you can find numerous ideas on the Internet.

Treat your princess with a beautiful little house in which her dolls will live. Let the party begin! There is no girl who does not dream of having a cottage for her puppets, but given that they are very expensive, rarely which parents can afford. However, with little creativity and effort, you can make your own princess self-made doll house, and all you need is an old suitcase that can be found in almost every home. In the making of the cottage, the kids can help you, so the party is surely guaranteed. In the old suitcase, first make the corners, and for this you will be served thin slabs of wood or some other harder material. Then determine where there will be windows and doors, so make them from slats or cut out the holes and the corners just paint.

You’re probably wondering how long it took him time to do it? Two afternoons or 5 hours for the construction itself because it has never worked with wood before (except in elementary school). The hardest thing was cutting the window. The master would probably do it more quickly. At the same time we advise that the house has even greater depth, about 25-30cm, for greater stability and more room for future furniture. Coloring of the construction, adhesion of wallpaper and “laying” parquet took 2 times in 3 hours. It spent most of the time for making and gluing tiles, about 6-7 hours because each tile was made manually and then glued to the roof construction. In the end, there were still gluing strips – for which I was convinced that they were not necessary and that it was only his perfectionist exaggeration, but then I was sure to really make the house look right – it took him another 2 hours. Most of us are happy that the house can now become a long-term project where our girls will find out what is all possible to do with a little imagination. Around the furniture will certainly be a lot of interesting ideas, and then they can follow additional details such as flower boxes on the windows or even making additional buildings.