Glenn told me the same thing.

Owen looks reluctant.

Can I get you another glass of wine?

A number of students announced their readiness to engage in the contest.

As it turned out, he knew everything about me.


The doppler shift is a shift in an object's spectrum due to a change in the wavelength of light that occurs when an object is moving toward or away from Earth.


Dan heard the cops yelling at Linda.

I went to a sale with my mother yesterday and kept hounding her to buy me a dress.

If anybody can beat Earl, it's you.


The squirrel climbed the tree.


Which are the villages where your language is still spoken?

That way, please.

Mick knows how dangerous it's going to be.

One book is thin. The other is thick. The thick one has about 200 pages.

Martha has something he wants to tell us.


She is connected with the Oda's by marriage.

Dan thought it would take longer.

They aren't happy to see her.


This man is alive.


He decided to study law.

How are Naoto and Saad?

I speak English, French, and Spanish.


This is a story about stars.

I would never eat anything that Barry makes.

Ron is extremely polite.

All journeys begin with a first step.

If you hadn't done that, Jinny wouldn't have gotten upset.

That was my idea.

John picked up the articles one by one and examined them.

Tell her to come here.

It had to happen sooner or later.


The conservation of momentum is a fundamental concept of physics along with the conservation of energy and the conservation of mass.

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Lindsay recognized three of the names on the list.

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Ramneek did some good things.

You're not going to find us.

Are you ready for the worst-case scenario?


He is now on his own.

I tried to distract him, but it was in vain.

Randy is wearing low-rise jeans.

To be honest, his talks are always a bore.

Marty hates secrets.

Have you ever been kissed before?

Maurice? What does he have to do with this?

I thought Tricia was joking.

Should that happen, what we would do then is run.

What are the company's strengths and weaknesses?

Saify says he's never owned car.

Vance knew what was in Vladimir's suitcase.

She watched the apple trees burst into blossom.

Bernard is usually a little irritable in the morning.

I shouldn't be doing this.

Don't look at me!

Wade is using an external hard disk.

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I just want to apologize for last night.

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What brand of popcorn do you think pops the best?

He confessed that he had broken the vase.

He's just a husk of his former self.


I don't feel comfortable posing in the nude.

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I'm afraid I don't follow.

They found her.

That's curious.

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The Earth is smaller than the Sun.

Will you manage to repair my car?

At last, he went to America.

Are you going to ask her or not?

You know, you have beautiful eyes.

That envelope is a little too big, but it will be good. Better too big than too small, right?

We have nothing else to eat.


We don't even know if it's true.

There's too much salt in this soup.

Do you play an instrument?

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The ship is turning toward the port.

A rock fell from above.

I gave him all my money.

Slighty overweight girls would look cuter if they lost a little weight.

Mann sat down on the floor next to Pratt.

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Which is better, this or that?

I want back what you've taken from me.

Sometimes Krzysztof doesn't really understand what's going on.


Do you understand what I just said?

They presented Novo with a gold watch.

Hold on one second, please.

Dori and Srinivas have a daughter.

Did you give it to her?

She was looking forward to spending time with him.

This department store is closed today.


That's just the way it is.


I confiscated it.

Rajarshi puts gel in his hair.

Have you mastered English, or is it English that has mastered you?

Corey didn't have to leave.

I take great pleasure in studying English in high school.

Our relationship is very intimate and loving.

I don't want to walk any more.

Captain Cook thanked the natives for their hospitality.

You had to know Lynn might get upset.

Who made you so happy?

I can't finish this part of the puzzle.

I'll handle this.

Pria's not well enough to go to work today.


I want to make her friend.

How did you enjoy the play?

Life in Japan is expensive.


These shoes belong to Sridharan.

He's not home.

You must never resort to violence.

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I don't want to be rude to Rich.

You're among friends.

Cars go through the tunnel.

I called him up and asked his schedule.

I'm aching to tell this good news to my family.

Marek and I ate together.

Getting a driver's license would make me happy.

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I didn't win the match.

I can't call them.

Here's one for you.

The number is engaged.

Brian got his wisdom teeth out.

I have visited America.

I'm sorry to disturb you so late at night.

Let's only talk about one problem at a time.

We all work long hours.

Bret took off his coat and put it on a chair.

It is a pity that she should be in such poor health.


From the moment that I met her, I hated her.

I've always wondered about this.

Sanjib is expecting you.

Change was in the air.

I like to make Louise laugh.

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Harold has a wicked sense of humor.

The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.

He put his hand on his heart.

I wanted Bea to stop.

We don't want him to get hurt.


Asia is roughly four times the size of Europe.

Excuse me, I didn't understand you.

Why do you study French?


I don't want Laurie in my car.


Toft asked for my help.

Why don't you just study a little harder?

He has been to India.

That's a bunch of malarkey.

Is this milk still good?

His suit was gray and his tie was yellow.

Isabelle kept Kolkka from seeing his child.

Can you pass me the towel?

He was playing on the swing in the park when a stranger came by and offered him caramels.

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I wonder if the plane will arrive on time.

He was promoted three times in one year.

He said that America declared its independence in 1776.

Antonella is one of the three men that came here yesterday.

Could it have been him?


No's drowning.

He made up his mind to go there alone.

Is Owen better than Bernie?

Can you give me a euro?

There's only two days left.

The surface of a balloon is not an Euclidean space, and therefore does not follow the rules of Euclidean geometry.

The deal is done.

That was the intent.

How many people are still there?

Jeans take forever to dry.

Judy tried to stop Galen from going to Boston.

In a desperate attempt to escape, Conrad hijacked a school bus but was quickly captured by the police.

I cannot leave. It's too early.