It's not just a theory.

Leith has to be more careful.

Dennis invited Ro to his home.

Sitting on the chair, she listened to me.

Maybe I shouldn't sell my canoe.

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He goes to bed early but it takes him a long time to get to sleep.

Do you think in French?

It doesn't matter how much you keep saying this is your house, please stop walking around naked.

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I'm not accusing anyone.


There's something you should see.

I can see why Ronald is concerned.

It's important that you share your pain.


I want to teach you something.

She took over the business after her husband died.

Leslie is much older than he looks.


Huh? Don't be so whiny! And you call yourself a man!

They don't seem that bad.

This is sooo scary!!!


Shari was also there.

Forgive him if you can. He is not guilty.

The plane flew toward the west.

I thought you might need it.

Revenues are growing, but not as fast as costs.

I'll wait.

Our server will be offline on October 20th for scheduled maintenance.

We should've worked harder.

I was not being taught to experiment or even to repeat experiments.


Do you know what this car cost?


I can't reach any of the books on the top shelf.

Coitus interruptus does not protect against STDs.

I just can't believe my eyes.

Do you have less expensive ones?

We were roommates in college.

This is the first time I've ever hung up my washing.

I was on my way to school.

I've written many love letters before and would gladly do it again.

You can use Tatoeba to test yourself.

I shouldn't have gone there.

Sanand is miles away.

Why is Harry going to the picnic with Jaime?

King asked us to leave him alone.

"The sun is yellow." "That depends on your perspective. I am of the opinion that yellowness is sunny."

You might try that.


Where they burn books, they will in the end also burn people.

Natraj spent all morning in the interrogation room.

I'm worried about her.


I want you to follow her.

I want to thank all of you for coming here today.

We teachers are human just like you students.

You bet I'm angry.

Please be prepared for emergencies.

I need to open this door.

I think it would be a mistake to lend Rhonda any money.

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That's what I'm thinking.

Ideally, a candidate for this job should have four years' work experience.

I'm sure everything's fine.


I must do that, I think.

Few of the trippers called in at the ghost town of New York.

The car my grandfather gave me only got ten miles per gallon.

I had a severe headache.

They were very grateful.


It's awfully expensive.

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Write with a ballpoint pen.

You need to make a decision by 2:30.

But now I love you.

Never have I seen such a beautiful sunset.

Something bit you.

Are humans like goldfish in a fishbowl?

I'm not Real's sister.

This Chinese book is not too difficult for us.

I don't know anything about programming.


This is better than nothing.

I've won.

This dog barks at everyone it doesn't know.

Even science is not an exact science.

Something is wrong with my computer.

This is a simple declarative sentence.

I'm looking forward to having some time off.


There's one problem.

Wormholes allow spaceships to travel throughout the galaxy.

Are you giving up so soon?

Suzan has nobody to turn to for help.

I have no intention of resigning.

I don't want you to date him.

I told them I was OK.

He has been in Japan for two years.

The new building cut the view from my window.

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They all laughed.


Spain is a developed country.

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Put the cooled, cooked apple mixture into the pastry case.

The battle quickly became a blind struggle.

We'll be better off in the long run.


You're frank.

This CD is my son's.

I'll find a way to get the money to you.

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Stacey looks rather depressed.

Can you exchange a 10000 yen note into 50 pence coins?

I'm after him.

It's about time you got a haircut.

Just one slip and you'll be mistaken for a troll and flamed.

What shall we buy him for his birthday?

Let's go to dinner.

The finals of the championship will be in Mexico.

Sri and Terrence and their children all live together in a small house on the outskirts of Boston.


How do you want me to fix this phone without knowing what's wrong with it?


We enjoyed playing chess last night.

What do you learn Spanish for?

He wished to wait until the next night.

I'll probably never come here again.

She is not in the kitchen, nor is she in the living room.

Don't stay up late every night.

If you had wanted our help, why didn't you ask us for it?

Morris showed me some photos yesterday.

Please just wait here.


Magda marries a Spaniard.

They struck the wall with their fists.

What I need is not money, but your advice.

The curry fish balls are one dollar each.

Why doesn't she sit with me anymore?

We both know that's not true.

You aren't allowed in here.

I thought that Hein was still living in Boston.

All the arrangements were made by Donal.

Kobe is famous as a port city.

Don't make me ground you.

Will you help me translate this?

My mother can play golf very well.

I love these actors.

They're fighting fiercely now but I assure you they'll bury the hatchet before long.

Let Jane decide.

"Little by little, the land of Esperantists will become a school of the future, linking humanity with itself, and this comprises the most significant merits of our congresses."


I didn't miss anything.

It was genuine.

Do you know what happened?

Has that happened to you?

Look after Spencer, will you?

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Why would anyone want to attack Tatoeba?

You must not read while eating.

I wish I knew what to tell her.

I don't allow it.

When I called him right-wing, I mean that his thinking is old-fashioned.


She will without a doubt visit England this summer.

She sends us to the town.

We've been together a long time.

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May I have another piece of cake?


Santa doesn't live at the North Pole, but in Finland.

I know you're hiding somewhere.

We just had to deal with it.

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I hope you're happy.


Why don't you just go away and leave me alone?

The dam gave way and sent a great flush of water down the valley.

Belinda could tell Gideon wasn't happy.


It's strange that our friends are not here.

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How do you write your last name?

Your timing was excellent.

Did you invite him to the party?


You didn't cause it to happen.

Celia forgot to tell us not to drink the tap water.

We are to meet at the station at nine.

I don't think I like that.

The hikers were all but frozen when they were found.


We often talk about the weather.

I've told him where we are.

You mustn't miss seeing this wonderful film.