I know I can do that.

I think that he is in the right in this dispute.


I like baseball.

It does cause a problem, doesn't it?

We will not be jealous.

I met Panacea for lunch.

The rain cheers me up.


We'll be waiting.

Malus refused to stop to ask for directions.

What a disappointment!


Weather changes often.


How can you not like him?

I know there's a room available.

You can take today off.

Tokyo was really wonderful and the welcome the Japanese extended to us was also just as wonderful.

It's conceivable.

You don't seem to realize how serious this is!

Why are we protecting them?


Pascal carried the boxes upstairs.

How much will it cost to get to the airport?

The book, being read, was under the table.

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You'll find somebody.

You have a guilty conscience, don't you?

You've changed much.

Let's live here.

Your son will be well taken care of.

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It's probably the illness that's going around.


It would have been better if you'd never been born.

I called Lar last night around midnight.

I thank you for your confidence.

There's nothing I fear more.

They're looking for Cindy.

Ralph is a professional skateboarder.

I want to hear more.

Who gave this to you?

Are you with Chet?


Don't stand in my way.


I have no alternative.

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Kari likes carving pipes.


The soldiers seized food from the people they conquered.

No matter what, you can't leave.

I asked Shatter to play my favorite song.


Nathaniel looks scared and worried.


I'm sleepy!


This is my natural hair color.

There is a bookstore across from my house.

The first thing we should talk about is what we're going to tell Ami.

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How much do you know about Matt?

I don't think any of this is appropriate.

In my room, there are no clocks.

I did the best I could to answer his questions.

I'm not afraid of you, Bruce.

Every piece of reading matter calls for a different kind of reading.

John does not want to answer the question.


I'm still not sure who I should talk to.


How much does the job pay?

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Kyung doesn't have to worry about me anymore.

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We work by day and rest by night.

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See if you can find a pattern.


Randal turned on the windshield wipers.

For the first time in ages, I slept late.

I've heard that he turned a hippie, because he chewed some mushroom and discovered a new colourful world.

They began arguing over money.

When did you start?


Anne never even asked Jesper about that.

I'll do whatever I can to help you.

Your time is almost up.

He has a large number of books.

War may break out at any moment.

It's hard to convince Jonathan.

He is the last man to commit an irregularity.

He made many grammatical mistakes in his composition.

Even a small amount of human blood in the water can attract sharks from miles away.

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Do you need a ride to school?

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I shouted as loud as I could.

I think that was him.

Stay cool and keep going.


I've got mine, so screw you.

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You told me it was an emergency.

The trouble is that I can't remember where I parked the car.

The basic principles of grammar are not so difficult.

Joseph can say "I love you" in fifteen languages.

All gone.

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I've caught a bad cold.

Something's really bothering Ric.

Are you proud of your father?

Let our secretary take care of these kinds of formalities.

Do you want to be left out?


Did you make that all by yourself?

I don't care what people say.

I saw the girl swimming in the river.

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Maria talked and talked - her mouth would not stay still.

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I'm off duty.


Nick walked along the sidewalk.

I will gift you a cycle on your birthday.

There's one thing that is bothering me.

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Is that from him?

She could sing well when she was a child.

What's that bird called?

Our views are in agreement with theirs as to the essential points.

Just give her a second.

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Turkeer will help us.

Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables.

These two scratches stand out so I'd like them repaired.

We're being watched.

Spying on gangsters was a dangerous venture.

The doctor's careful examination of the patient brought about his speedy recovery.

Jon didn't remember where he'd put his pen.

Let's introduce ourselves to our neighbors.

Brodie didn't go outside.

Monroe received 65 votes.

I was quoting her.

It isn't what you say, but just the opposite.

Tell him the truth.

Isn't it nice when the newcomers are still so innocent?

She's done this before.

Is there any place special you want to go?

I find the concept of Globish restrictive and unreal.

Lucifer's pupils became dilated.

His absence was due to the storm.


Camila is from Uruguay. She is Uruguayan.

It's not necessary to leave in the middle of a storm

I like this town as it is. Although, there being so many stone stairs is a bit of a pain...


Did you come to my wedding?

Why would anybody do something like that?

That's why I didn't tell you.

I changed my mind about going out and stayed home.

He never thinks about him.


Call me later.

I'm scared of thunderstorms.

Though we have the bodies of men, we are not men at all, though it is not easy for you to understand why.


The twins have come down with measles.


When was the last time you saw your children?

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Do you think I don't know what's going on?

Diana does things at his own pace.

Ernst isn't very important.

While she is far from beautiful, she is more lovable than words can express.

Antonella is a newcomer.

You must try somewhere else.

Did you drive a Mercedes in Germany?


Could someone explain it to me?

I can't do two things at once.

Don't you think you should tell Caroline about this?

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I'm impressed with how much you know.

There was a lot of sibling rivalry between Arne and his brother.

Kolkka opened the truck door.

She needs a bone marrow transplant, but she has not found a donor yet.

We managed to get through to each other.

Our best negotiators always drive a hard bargain.

In winter our lips get chapped.

This room is very warm.

He did it absentmindedly.


I am ready.


I want them to help us.

She must have forgotten the promise.

None of this would've happened if we'd been more careful.