How should I prepare for a trip to a foreign country?

We are grateful to you for your help.

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Have a good flight.

The airplane is ready for landing.

Hillel asked someone he met on the street how to get to the station.

We can't allow Art to do that.

This is a figurative expression.


I work for Son.


Maybe it was them.

I'd like a cup of coffee.

Do you own this place?

My money has been stolen.

Olson and Giovanni weren't much help.

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Life is not convex.

Why are you doing this to yourself?

Suzan often skips meetings.

No one lives in that building anymore.

Grab a hold of the rope.


I didn't know you wanted to go to Boston with Sidney.

Tell me as much as you can about what happened.

Do you think he still wants to marry me?

Can you correct the problem?

My grandfather has made me what I am.

I do apologize.

Grant greeted Erwin in French.

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What's Kevan so nervous about?

The government finances are severely constrained because of falling tax revenues.

It just doesn't work, I'm sorry.

She wants to see you dead.

His new film is worth seeing.

There's a skeleton choking on a crust of bread.

Daniele is in the hospital, isn't he?


I don't plan to vote in the upcoming elections.

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My grandfather goes to mass every Sunday.


I think she would be happy to receive a new computer.

Lum went abroad to study French.

I'm a completely new person since that night.

" Wait, isn't this the place we were at a moment ago? " " That's right. We came back. That's strange."

I've been crying.


Why are you dressed up?

Is that all?

Hopefully, you will not be mad now.

That person is looking at our fruit.

I guess I can't blame you after last night.

Well, I suppose you're right, Jason.

Vern might not come back.

How did you and Piete get here?

I really see no reason to leave.

Rudy was beaten to a pulp.

Please inform profit after taxes, amortisation, etc


Click the picture, Paddy.

I don't want Saiid to forget.

Where would you like me to pitch the tent?

Children wear you out.

I wouldn't be surprised if Rajiv didn't come.

Think is kind to Brooke.

I suggest you come back home immediately.

And do you remember that time when we pulled that prank?

I can't change these plans.


You were half right.

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What's your favorite music?


It wasn't you who told me about this.


He dedicated his whole life to helping poor people.

His story was highly amusing to us.

I really appreciate your cooperation.

Your lives may be in danger.

My uncle drives a Ford.


Can I change the English alphabet?

I'm sure you're thinking to yourself, 'Why is this guy making such a big deal of this?' But make no mistake. This is essential.

You may find this useful.


Finally, I found the answer to your question.

I haven't found a good place to pitch our tent yet.

Let's try another approach.

Kathleen is looking forward to it.

That's interesting. Why would you do that?

You can't have fun all the time.

It's impossible to make out what he wrote.


She fled for fear of being caught.

We're very happy to be alive.

Did you ever date Michael?

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Things didn't work out between Maureen and Linder.

I'm familiar with this subject.

He never misses reading the papers every day.

Can you translate this for me?

I've always found Tinker Bell very sexy.


Ouch! I stuck my finger in the door!


Do you want this window opened?

You should wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle.

Raanan was chosen from among 300 applicants.

Please let the blind down.

I saw her at the restaurant.

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Get ready to leave.

Joachim could never fall for a woman like Leads.

Gregor told me he wanted to go mountain climbing.


She needed money.

Everyone is eligible regardless of nationality.

No shot Ramneek twice in the leg.

Vilhelm poured some cough medicine into a tablespoon.

Please say hello to Terry.

Saad opened his refrigerator and looked inside.

I'll get all the credit.

You are a cold-blooded person, aren't you?

Gregory bought a camera on sale.

This metal is free of rust.

Orville would like nothing more than to leave.

Nicolas broke up with his girlfriend.

Lila says he's willing to do that for us.

How could there be unbroken eggs under a toppled nest?

He often plays the guitar.


Nobody wants to invest in my country.

I should be studying for tomorrow's exam.

Bryan tried to hide his annoyance.


Carole's eyes opened.


Just to be clear, this was not me.


I know what people think of me.

Our class consists of fifty boys.

I hope there'll be no bloodshed.

You're responsible.

Who wants to learn Polish?

Let's refrain from stabbing people with knives.

Despite all his wealth, he is stingy.


You may take everything you want.

Kuldip crushed the box.

I don't want to disappoint you.

Vidhyanath wondered if Liz could speak French.

Julie thinks Micheal will never come back to Boston.

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Shel's son was very rude to me.

He was completely absorbed in the book.

Daren is making a copy.

Renu says that he's dissatisfied with his body.

I'm used to being teased for being vegan.


I absolutely cannot approve the proposition.


Today you can eat as much as you want.

I'll see you around, Gale.

I want you back.

Do not turn off your computer.

I looked at the animal and the animal looked at me.

He paid cash.

The government tortured the citizen to make him confess.

The small animal gave off a bad smell.

Would you like to sit down?

Dana isn't very creative.

She has a tendency to look on the dark side of things.


I want to go see a movie.


This CD belongs to her.

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Where is your cap?


The wind and rain put out the fire.

The new term starts in April in Japan.

Show me another example.

What interests me greatly is astronomy.

He took off his cap in front of the entrance.

Reducing the budget deficit is a major concern of the government.

We'll make you get over your melancholy.

Rolf twisted his ankle.

You have the wrong idea about me.

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He made me swear not to say anything.


Andy will be asking Dale to the prom.

They never go out in the evenings with their children.

He's got the new technique down pat.

You know it'll be fine.

Sally Ride attended Stanford University where she earned four degrees.


We were in the room, and we danced.