I have to see him now.


I feel like I've been here before.

Leora posted a picture of her cookies on Pinterest.

Little did they imagine that they would lose the game.

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It's all going to be okay.

She earned money.

He took an unfriendly attitude toward me.

I have never liked her and I never will.

The helicopter landed and Perry got out.

I didn't have to wait long.

How are your folks?

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Do you remember the first time I came here?

All things considered, I'd rather be in Boston.

Morton can't live without a TV.

Ravindran knows something is wrong.

"Why can't I just have a normal boyfriend? Why? Just a regular boyfriend who doesn't go nuts on me!" "Everybody wants that, dear. It doesn't exist."

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He died because he fell sick.

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Are they not Englishmen?

Sir loves the nostalgia of listening to hit songs from his youth.

Would you mind drawing down the blind?

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Hang on tight!


I find your argument too convoluted. Couldn't you try to make it simpler and more concise?

She became very ill.

Despite being small you are of great value.

No, thank you. I don't want any more cake.

You've got to let me go home.

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Even Jay couldn't do that.

On May 18, a young Japanese couple was arrested after their one-year-old baby was found wrapped in a plastic bag and dumped in a gutter.

I hate insincere organisations like UN and the European Parliament.

He is not fond of sports, and I am not either.

Do you think that bothered them?

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I never said that it wasn't a good idea.

Learning a foreign language requires patience.

I'm sure Van understands what we want him to do.

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Tomorrow we leave for Stockholm!

The problem isn't you.

Raphael copies everything I do.

We can smell an odor of tobacco in this bedroom.

I'll tell her when to go.

Not even you can dampen my spirits right now!

It's a kind of virtue to keep one's temper.

I observed that his hands were unsteady.

I just can't do this anymore.

Whose side are you?

Dan swerved off the road to avoid knocking down a dog.

Prof. Wilson's work has not always met the approval of her straight-laced colleagues.

Someone is hiding in the corner.

I wish I could be more optimistic, but I don't think things will get better soon.

It's hearsay.

Ralf may come.

I'll show you exactly where I found this.

I'd like to send a coded message to Liz.

Get your meat right into my office, you maggot.

There is no way to be truly great in this world. We are all impaled on the crook of conditioning.

Delbert told me that he had been skydiving since he was sixteen.

I'll lend you as much money as you need.

Do I look tired?

Give me fire.

That was really important.

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Where can we go?

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You can't live without love.

I studied for perhaps two hours.

Norman may do whatever he likes with what I gave him.

He moved to Tokyo last month.

If you agree to become an organ donor, you may help save someone's life.

He leaves everything to the last minute.

The jackal is howling.

Don't include annotations as part of sentences.

The new teacher is fresh from college.


Why don't you pull over?

Pitawas went up the ladder to pick some apples.

It is quite natural for her to be angry with you.

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He hung a picture on the wall.


Maybe Nate was mistaken.


They promised.


I nearly made a mistake.

What a lonely world it will be with you away!

Sean was tough.

Christopher made room for Ellen on the bench.

We knew you'd be upset.

You work too hard.

Jerome left on his own.

My father's in the garden.

You're lazy.

What I drink the most is coffee.

All we want is information.

He learned to dive when he was five.

Tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for kids 12 years old and under.


I'll take you with me.


Okay, that will do.

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What should we say?

I'll save you a seat.

I wanted to fight.


His explanations left me in a daze.


Shouting won't do; it's important to have patience.

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I have enjoyed reading this novel a lot.

Chet could never afford to buy such an expensive necklace.

Please read these reports carefully.

Sandra is in a bad mood this morning.

I haven't seen Dustin today.

Brandi looks somewhat unhappy.

Cris has a hidden agenda.

The accident showed that he was careless about driving.

Hi, friend!

Clifford isn't buying it for a second.

Let's get out of here before it's too late.

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He tied the world record for the hundred-meter breast-stroke.

Nothing's wrong with the engine, but my car won't move.

Dr. Patterson, a psychologist, has tested Koko's IQ.


These two noble and pure hearts beat with delight one against the other, and it only made them more noble and pure.

She is a psychic.

Beverly was really great.


We have to clean up.

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Are you willing to take a cut in pay?

The 'gold' yearned for by the Japanese synchronized swimming world was not quite reached.

I think that someone went there.

Is that another joke?

I have a nap almost every day.


I don't think it would take more than 15 minutes to clean your room.

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What kind of person looks up to a genocide and calls it a hero?

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It looks like it's just the two of us.


They held each other by the hand, kissed the roses, and looked up into the blue sky, talking away all the time.

I'll need help.

Let's kiss.

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I could make you help us.

This is getting awkward.

I wonder if I could speak with you.


You're welcome to sleep here if you want.

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You seem to be in pain.

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Liyuan does things his own way.


Of course Chris will go.

High fructose corn syrup is found in about everything you eat these days.

I'll tell you what to buy.

The trouble is not with impure politics, but that the whole game of politics is rotten.

The price they are charging seems reasonable.

He is a real gentleman.

We've still got each other, and that's the main thing.

The bungalow is approached only by a narrow path.

Don't look at me, don't stare at me, demon, don't stare, I can't bear it!

I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable.

In Thailand, people use coconuts for food, drink and toys.

"Aren't you Mr. Ogawa?" "Yes, I am. Can I help you?"

You're just running away from life's problems.


Konstantinos has arrived.

The man awakens.

I wish I didn't have to deal with this.


The police are going to catch you sooner or later.

I think we were awesome.

"Little by little, the land of Esperantists will become a school of the future, linking humanity with itself, and this comprises the most significant merits of our congresses."


Will she be able to pick up the gauntlet?

Why would I say something like that?

He was always as good as his word.

There's someone there.

He wondered why his wife left him.

Wait just a minute, please.

Peggy won't be here next month.

He is inventive of excuses.

Hwa pulled out the nails.

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Stay right behind me.