The tragedy happened suddenly.

Ro broke that one.

She's an undercover police officer.

The dishes got sent to the wrong table.


Maybe somebody wants that.

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Konstantinos took maternity leave.


I don't want Ping to know about this yet.

It wasn't very clever of you to throw away that note.

Tahsin became a teacher.

Dan had no alternative.

Look at you - all scrubbed and dressed. They say the clothes make the man.

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Jackye told me the party was tonight.


There's not a lot of time left until the meeting starts. Let's go inside and have a look at who's there.

I just wish Dannie wasn't leaving tomorrow.

I saw an interesting program that featured a child movie star who had become a dentist.

When we're in a hurry, we cut through the park.

Are you still married to her?


I'll wait for you in the lobby.

Warren showed Piercarlo a photo of John.

Were you born there?

I read all your text messages.

Sunil shuddered.


Where did you find it?

We'll protect each other.

Steve arrived on foot.

Helen looks like he's drunk.

It is said that his new novel is based on his own experiences.

This book is good but that one is even better.

It doesn't exist in nature.


I'll bring her.

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He just doesn't get it.

He gets along well with the people in his neighborhood.

Have you chosen what to do next Sunday yet?

I waited and waited.

I was just disconnected all of a sudden, damn connection problems.


I'll open the curtain for you to look out.

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The tall trees blocked out the sun.

Free yourself from prejudice.

Roxana is in a mental institution.

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The boy lay on the sofa.

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting.

You're the engineer.

I saw him on TV.

The British withdrew, but attacked again the next year.


The world isn't perfect.

It's nothing, don't be afraid!

The rules of grammar and spelling have to be broken in order for a language to evolve.

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What's your favorite cold weather food?

That country broke off diplomatic relations with the United States.

What are you doing for New Year's Eve?

Would you like to have dinner sometime?

It was kind of surreal.

Clay gave Kieran a piece of his mind.

I'd like to talk about him.

He said to himself, "Will this operation result in success?"

There are many animals to see there.

I believed that he was a doctor.

She has a good hand for painting.

If you had left earlier, you would have caught the train.

I'm going to make enlarged copies.

I touched him.

It's the Fairmont bus.

An hydrogen atom only has one proton and one electron.

Please leave and let me be happy.

We're in danger.

Her father will not come, he is very busy.


I inclined my ear to him.


There's nothing there.

I made a deal with her.

Adlai isn't going to marry you.

I once saw a man walk barefoot over hot coals.

The schools are closed today.

The revolutionary council met to plan strategy.

Did you put him up to it?

Let's go listen.

You told me that you were hungry.


It is pleasant to get up early in the morning.

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And whatever your labors and aspirations in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.

The traveler reached his destination at last.

He's trying to communicate with his beautiful little voice. You just need to listen.

They administered the anesthetic a few minutes ago but Plastic hasn't gone under yet.

Put the books in the bookcase.


In future I'd prefer to avoid sentences with quotation marks. That'll be better for the sentences and for me.


Can you hold on a second?

That may have been true when you were a kid, but it's not true anymore.

Yay, I went to the store!


This design is too inefficient to prototype.


I am already forgetting my grandmother's face.

Intolerance will not be tolerated.

She is very healthy.


When you know, let me know.

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Bob went about building his castle in Spain when he spoke of inheriting his father's wealth.

Is there a tour guide available?

Hey, if dinner isn't ready by seven, I'm going to a restaurant.


Ramsey can survive this.

You can't talk to Wayne like that.

Mick made it clear that I shouldn't be late.

I was the one who had to make it happen.

I suggest we put on some clean clothes.


Hector told Amanda to just relax.

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Let's start from the beginning.


I wanted to watch that movie with you.


I'm visiting her; however, she is not at her house.

There are thousands of participants at today's event.

We could get caught.


It is worth visiting the temple.

You shouldn't always do what everyone else seems to be doing.

Jong closed his eyes for a few seconds.

I was seized with the desire to buy the book.

You may stay at my house as long as you like.

She is a singer without equal.

I represented my university at the conference.

When was this temple built?

I'm dying to order some desserts.

Constant dripping wears away a stone.

Trevor knows a lot of proverbs.

How do you make your money?

Should I close?

I love playing music with Cris.

This time Clara is right.


What do you want me to see?

He ordered them to survey population growth.

I haven't been to Boston lately.

What's it look like?

It was a good luncheon, as hotels go.


I go to work every day.


You can judge your age by the amount of pain you feel when you come in contact with a new idea.

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His private papers include a diary of his first year in parliament.

Haruki doesn't have much money with him.

No, not this one!


It's raining, so please bring your umbrella.

We won't know until October.

Unfortunately, the results yesterday were as you see.

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The last time I saw Alf he was wearing a tuxedo.


This is a wig.

I hope nobody gets hurt.

She praised me, saying my English had improved by leaps and bounds.

Rajiv may not remember us.

I admit I made a mistake.


I was deeply touched by the story.

You can't hope to have your own way in everything.

Romain's hyperventilating.

Quit while you're ahead.

That was a beautiful moment.

He was looking for a letter all day long.

I just don't want you to get upset.

I've written three letters.

Little did he realize the danger he was facing.

Are you even listening me?

In what kind of city do you live?


What do they charge for room and board?


Jayant gave Raul something to drink.


Hartmann agreed to accept Liyuan's offer.

Everyone will experience it.

He wants to be taken for a rockstar.

Romain was just sitting in his car, looking at people walk by.

This kind of cloth is both cheap and sturdy.

I'm surprised Bud isn't happy here.

I tried to investigate his opinion indirectly.