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We have so many exciting things happening here on the blog (that I can’t wait to share soon!) and while I often have to pinch myself that this is my job, it does require a whole lotta hustle. Our family getaway to...

Bedtime Stories with Ella & Noah

I am really excited to introduce another new series to the blog today – Bedtime Stories. If you’re a longtime reader you already know that we’re a family of book worms (just take a peek at our library wall!) and that reading is part of our everyday. Knowing that we have time designated in the evening each night to curl up together while reading, discussing, and imagining over stories is something we’ve all grown to count on.

I hope you’ll look forward to our monthly Bedtime Stories series – I know I’m already looking forward to hearing about your favourites and recommendations. Hopefully we can all discover new stories and characters to love and invite into our homes, night after night.

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Atlas of Adventures written by Rachel Williams, with illustrations by Lucy Letherland

A beautiful book with an incredible attention to detail, specifically in its illustrations. I swear each time we read this book (which is weekly), we discover something new. The pages are just filled with drawings, tidbits of information, and unique descriptions of some incredible places from around the world. We often spend time not even reading this book, but rather discussing and expanding upon what Ella and Noah draw attention to.


The Wonderful Fluffy Little Squishy written and illustrated by Beatrice Alemagna

An adorable tale of a clever little girl named Eddie who is utterly determined to find her mother the most unusual, thoughtful, and remarkable birthday gift. As she begins to feel discouraged she quickly relies on her neighbourhood friends while embarking on her imaginative shopping adventure. This charming story is accompanied by the most whimsical illustrations, making it a forever favourite at bedtime.


Gaston written by Kelly DiPucchio, with illustrations by Christian Robinson

A New York Times Best Seller, Gaston is the most precious story about the love within a family, discovering where you truly belong, and accepting and loving yourself for who you really are. We just love Gaston the bulldog pup and all of his adorable siblings, Fi-Fi, Foo-Foo, and Ooh-La-La, and Rocky, R icky, and Bruno.


Dragons Love Tacos written by Adam Rubin, with illustrations by Daniel Salmieri

Another New York Times Best Seller, we love this silly read-aloud story. Noah requests it night after night, being especially obsessed with all things dragons (and dinosaurs), tacos, and of course repeatedly asking us when we can invite all of his friends over for a taco party! We’re always left with a case of the giggles after this one!


Dear Mr. Blueberry written and illustrated by Simon James

I saved the best for last – this charming book is one of my personal favourites. Dear Mr. Blueberry is the sweetest story between a teacher and his student, an imaginative little girl called Emily. The unlikely pen-pals correspond back and forth about a whale that sweet Emily spotted in her pond. The message of wonder and imagination throughout this story is what childhood and bedtime stories should all be about.

Malibu Beach House

Pure bliss, how else could I describe the beach house we rented in Malibu with Home Away? It really was just that, I can still smell the ocean and feel that salt water on my skin when I close my eyes and think of it. ..


Guys!!! This is the biggest sale say of the year on Wayfair Canada and I am so excited to share some of my favourite outdoor items with you from their sale!

Bathroom Reveal

Finally, we are revealing my bathroom!! Oh goodness, where do I start with this post? It has been such a labour of love, with moments where I thought I was going to cry from the delays to moments where I wanted to dance like Carlton at the results of things completing...

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The Bliss List

Fri-Yay! We made it! I just want to quickly thank everyone for sending me such sweet and encouraging messages regarding our first Bliss List post in the series, I’m happy it’s being so well-received and I look forward to sharing it with you every Friday.

Structube Wishlist

I have been SO excited to show you our new couch from Structube, well not new I guess since we have been enjoying it for a few months now! I have to admit, Craig totally takes over the chaise side whenever we watch tv - he loves being able to lay back and relax on this comfy leather sofa.

The Bliss List

I am so excited to introduce a new weekly series to the blog – Bliss List! Each and every Friday, I’ll be curating and sharing six things that I’m loving, feeling, using, eying, and coveting, while drawing from whatever is currently inspiring me. I would love this series to become a place where I can organically share a little bit of everything (however random it may be) rather than waiting to incorporate something into a more specific and concentrated blog post. My hope is that you’ll love reading the Bliss List as much as I love writing it, and that you find a little something you can take away from it each week.