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Two Years Ago Today

The story of most startups is told through a carefully curated mythology – most of it true but parts are embellished and made to fit together only after the fact. I want to tell a different startup story.

From the beginning, we carefully documented our progress for our investors with videos, written updates, and dashboards. There are also Slack messages, emails and Github pull requests to look back on. This blog will attempt to tell our story as it progresses, a week at a time. Of course, we are also a thriving business and don’t want to give everything away so we’ll start two years ago when the idea for this company was just forming. You see through videos, emails, and documents created at the time how we were ahead of the curve on autonomous retail, why we chose to build our own stores, how – despite our good intentions – we screwed up our launch, and how our customers, the brands we support and our partners ultimately saved us.

We’ve made a bunch of mistakes but we’ve also had some brilliant insights, made a ton of technical progress and created the first autonomous store. There’s still a lot of stories left to tell.