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Every girl cannot be a ballerina.

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Rabin embraces Marie.

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The police found Hwa dead on the porch.

I want Amir beaten up.

Is this kid autistic or does he have ADHD? His behavior is hard to characterize either way.


She has not replied.


I need a little help with my homework.

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This might not have anything to do with the problem at hand.

All I can do is to do my best.

As far as I know, it's not all that far to walk.

If someone who doesn't know your background says that you sound like a native speaker, it means they probably noticed something about your speaking that made them realize you weren't a native speaker. In other words, you don't really sound like a native speaker.

Robin would like to talk with you.

They were looking for a place at which they could pitch the tent.

Go away. I'm busy.

My mom's the greatest.

I asked them not to interfere.

What a gorgeous coat you're wearing!

I have read your letter closely, and your situation seems very typical and foreseeable in a relationship.

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We must warn Elwood.

He removed even this one.

Donnie said he was sorry for last night.


Let's play, little bro!

He came a little earlier than he used to.

I'll ask Luis if he needs any help.

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She is concerned about her son's health.

I must report this to him.

He is the chosen one.

Naoto knows why Sofia is upset.

Both Alvin and Tal lived in Boston when they were kids.

Why can't you stay with them?

The teacher sits on the chair.

Jos and Sergio live in a bungalow.

The cargo ship arrived four hours early.

Her body was never recovered.

Judge is just a boy.


We will make up for the loss.

I'm asking you to help me change Neville's mind.

I'm surprised Tahsin's still alive. I thought he would've drunk himself to death years ago.


He makes wine from grapes.


Devon is jealous and she gets mad when other girls talk to her boyfriend.


Kathryn hacked Martyn's arm off with a sword.

Hitoshi made a terrifying threat against Susanne.

Who is the plaintiff in this trial?

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If a philosopher doesn't have a long, white beard, I don't trust him.

Will it be necessary for us to buy a book for this class?

Violence breeds more violence.

We still have work to do.

We'll give you your revenge.


I got it

Four hundred million people speak English as their first language.

We're going to paint the wall.

You should've seen what happened.

The airplane arrives at 8.

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I can testify to that.


I have a message for you.

She's a little political.

She takes a walk with her dog every day.


I am a senior at Hyogo University.

Earl is the only one in our class who really wants to study French.

Can you find out where we go from here?


The teacher stressed the importance of taking notes.

You leave because of me.

"He used to love me," she answered sadly.


He lost his cool and started throwing things.


You've been gone for so long.

I like to go to a local jazz club where I can enjoy live music.

We buy toilet paper made from recycled paper.

The use of a condom during vaginal and anal intercourse and in oral sex is the best preventive measure.

Seize the opportunity that Vickie has given you.


You must not eat too much food at one time.


It makes no sense whatsoever.

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We just wanted you to know.

I freaked out and started screaming.

Why are you so paranoid?

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I knew I shouldn't have parked here.


I think I just heard something.


Did you stop her?


I got a call from them.

At home, we speak Hungarian.

I can't seem to do anything right.

Linder came back from Boston a week earlier than we expected.

I wonder what Lance can do.

Don't be late to school tomorrow.

I went on sleeping because the alarm didn't go off.


It was a welcome surprise.


I am Hungarian.


Dawn looks very pale.

You've done it right.

I don't bite.


You should've never done this to me.

I wonder if she'll recognize me after so many years.

Cecilia sat in his flat in the dark, listening to sad songs and crying after he and Phill broke up.

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Fool me once, I'm mad. Fool me twice, I'm twice as mad.

This isn't the time or the place.

Do you need anything?


Kate isn't having much success.

I didn't do anything to deserve this.

It was such a hot day that we went swimming.

Generally, Americans love coffee.

I saw Saify last night.

They stared longingly at each other.

Why would you go all the way to city to get a burger when there are many burger places here across the street.


We'll check it out.


Your train is on track number three.


In those days, I was still a student.

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Jelske thought that Vince didn't understand French.


What rooms are there in your house?


Any book will be okay as long as it is interesting.

I don't want another drink.

The activities of the volunteer group covered half a century.

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She was clothed in a red blouse and white skirt.

Do you want some scrambled eggs?

Who punched you?

Maybe you should tell him that.

She arranged her hair for the party.

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I have entered on an enterprise which is without precedent, and will have no imitator.

That's not a nice thing to say.

To the devil with you!

Anna is getting nervous.

I searched for the meaning of this word in the dictionary.

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People are gathering.


Although Randell is sick, he's swimming again today.

Ned realized he wasn't convincing anybody.

I asked him the same question.

Try to live within your means.

That's one of the weirdest things I've ever seen.

I'd like to start seeing you.

I couldn't run fast enough to keep up with them.

We want to hire some experienced salespeople.

They want a reaction.

Mac should be very careful while crossing the road.

Do you really think that that would work?

I had to learn the hard way that it is not advisable to drive your car when you're drunk.

He ran past without noticing her.

Connect the two cables together.

My father has a good job.

There are no waves without wind.

You'll feel better in a few hours.

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The dampness of the weather is bad for my health.

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I waited for an important call all weekend.

May I run with you?

I planted a peach tree in my garden.


Collin should be here by 2:30.

She suffers from a chronic malady.

Please tell me where to park my car.


The prospects for Japan's future look dismal.

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Do I have to write a letter?


Surya advised Del not to do it.


Is it morally wrong to eat meat?