I'd like to know how you got my number.

Be quiet during the course.


Subject numerals in Arabic language is quite difficult.


The tire on my bicycle is flat.


Harry is humane.


What exactly do you want us to do?


What kind of person would treat their pet that way?


I got you these.

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Where is the market?


I can't retrieve the paper.

I was afraid I should be late.

I'm sure he would approve.

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I'm not being defensive.


I have five copies but I need double that.

How much is the tour?

I'm too tired to concentrate on this problem right now.

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They wanted to stay out of international conflicts.


We can't let that happen again.

I've already written to Tanaka.

Music is the soundtrack of your life.


I'll never be like him.

She is a better singer than any other student in her class.

Carl Linnaeus is famous for his early classifications of thousands of animals and plant species.

Nicolo would be proud of you.

Shirley has a nice camera.

We didn't take anything home.

Were you able to do it?

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Even though it's small, it's still a great car.

Get them to help you.

Would you have been able to do any better?


I would like to have a room of my own.

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If God did not intend for us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?

Take a break.

I never even noticed I'd lost my wallet until I got home.


We are going to his house. Want to come with?

Dad, can I go and play outside?

Rudolf abhors horror films.

Pitawas had a silly look on his face.

Dorian hardly ever breaks a promise.

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The airline asked some passengers to give up their seats because the plane was overbooked.

Let's talk further in English, please.

Did I say something I shouldn't have?

I am only a customer.

I didn't see anyone using it.

That sound distracted my attention from reading.

Just ask next time, okay?

I am anxious about your health.

You're breaking the law.


The clinic is at 1439 Park Street.

I'm going to change my shirt.

Alice may possibly come.

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They had no house to live in.

We need sleep.

There was nothing for me to drink.

The marathon runners were out of breath.

They say that Liisa's summer house burned down.

She watched the children swimming in the pool.

In tears, she tore up his letter and threw it away.

I can't really tell them that.

I don't need Srivatsan to be here tomorrow.

There's something I still don't understand.

The hooker is old.

I can't tell you how good it is to see Jill.

We're historians.

Truth be told, this sentence uses the subjunctive mood.

You're very rude.

Has Loren arrived?

I'm glad we won.

We want to clear up this problem.

I am already forgetting my grandmother's face.

It's an unusual name.

A jaywalker exposes himself to great danger.


First, remove the burrs.


I speak French fluently.

He's a pretty unique guy wearing bell bottoms and Hawaiian shirts to the office.

I should've been more precise.


Have you ever seen a bear in the mountain?

I love you anyway.

Have you ever been punched in the face?

I wish I'd never gotten involved with you.

When he took up the brush he was a real master, and his pictures were eagerly sought after.


Sanjeev wants to lose weight.

We need to find out who he is and who he's working for.

I'll see what I can do, but I don't promise you anything.

Debi will be staying at least until next Monday.

I wonder if there is any meaning to putting proverbs into English.

Everybody says that he is a kind soul.

He walked to and fro in front of her house.

I contacted him.

Spy stayed up all night.

The mountain whose top is covered with snow is Mt. Fuji.

There's no perfect system.


How many parking places are there in this garage?

We put the world at your fingertips.

The Canadian unemployment rate was 7 percent in October of 2015.

I was just about to take a bath.

Murthy isn't as rich as we thought he was.

Saumya bought a pair of cowboy boots.

I suggest that you proceed very carefully.

She's bad in bed.

What a big book this is!

You'd better stay on your guard.

I think you've been here long enough.

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I have no idea how long I was unconscious.

Isabelle stared at his reflection in the water.

Hebrew is written from right to left, just like Arabic.

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Nou's face was very pale.

I never did anything to Emmett.

I wonder why Dad wants to buy that house.

Should I go talk to them?

If the statistics are less fuzzy than the fuzzy data they summarize, they are not fuzz-free.

They ran naked in the park.

He arrived an hour late, which annoyed me very much.

Tor knows how to tell a good story.

My trousers are wet.

His ambition was to be a great politician.

I'd love to hear from you.

For the boy to swim across the river was impossible.

Just my 2 cents...

Just tell me who's next.

I can almost guarantee that Shel won't get here on time.

I'd like to be a guitarist.

He has few friends.

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I don't see Sharan anymore.

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Who did the survey?


I'm eating the meat.

This better be good.

This tooth hurts.


They are good at computing.

I went to Sendai and back without resting.

Shouldn't you be getting ready for school?

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Would you like a cappuccino?

Elves have pointy ears.

Every nation, rich or poor, has its strengths and weaknesses.

I'll wait up for him.

I have seen a star today.

Dori fell in love with a German officer.

That's something I'd like to try doing.


Do you have something else in mind?


He is as great a scientist as ever lived.

Chet then hung up.

They continued searching.

What's that in your pocket?

I guess I should've asked you out to dinner.

My mother told us an interesting story.

You must be faithful to your word.

Only a few people here know that Blayne is from Boston.

Christie was shocked by what he saw.

You need some knowledge of basic science.

How long are you going to stay in Boston?

What department do you work for?

Rather than getting depressed, I'd probably feel hatred towards her.

He is lying on the bench.

We see so much advertised about happiness, but practically speaking, we see so few happy people.

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I translated all her sentences in Berber.

Peggy wasn't aware of the gravity of the situation.

Which train are you going to take?

Kerry definitely wants to become a doctor.

How long have they been walking?

This must've belonged to them.

Don't be so sure about that.

Who's Janet?

Favours favoured by those of my favourite people will receive them in plenty.

Maybe we should wait a little longer.

Don't talk to me that way.