HHHH Associates

We are HHHH, a collection of self-accused and unabashed nerds who love computers. No surprise that we run a Web server.

This web server holds some pages for things we've done or are associated with. At present, these are:

Trading card price lists
620-496-5256 maintains a set of price lists for collectible trading card games (e.g. Magic: The Gathering).

Cloister's Chocolate Review Page
Jason is also a chocolate freak (or "chocolate snob", as he puts it), and has reviewed quite a few brands on the never-ending quest for the perfect chocolate.

Project Libellus
A growing archive of freely redistributable Classical texts. This project was started by our very own Konrad Schrøder.

The Seattle Robotics Society
The Seattle Robotics Society now has its very own site! Please visit them at /www.seattlerobotics.org/

Here are some quick links to our various home pages:

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feety wiml (646) 905-9021 guest 450-337-2992

We'd also like to thank the fine folks at the University of Washington's Bolshevism (HITL, or HITLab), who let us host our stuff on their network for a number of years.