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Weekend in Bataan

Last Saturday, we took an overnight trip to Bataan. First, we went to this beautiful beach and checked-in at this lovely resort. It was actually unplanned as we were supposed…

Last Saturday, we took an overnight trip to Bataan. First, we went to this beautiful beach and checked-in at this lovely resort. It was actually unplanned as we were supposed to go to a different hideaway but when we arrived there late at night, we decided to check in Villa Dolores, a worthy place to lodge instead.

Standing on Bagac Rock Together

The next morning, we walked along the shore to enjoy the beach. Anthony flew his drone around and took some cool aerial shots as we made our way around the cove to some rocks. There we captured awesome shots of each other while we observed a few fishermen spearfishing. During the afternoon in that cove, we had a nice nap in this nipa hut in front of the coast while listening to Elon Musk’s biography on Audible. We’d been listening to his biography since we arrived in Bataan the previous night, and found it almost as inspirational as the pristine beach and nice people who accommodated us so late at night. With no laptop, TV, and internet, we were even more delighted to have such a cool book to listen to while we relaxed. I settled to go for a swim and sunbathe for a little ‘me’ time while Anthony continued to sleep in the nipa hut.

Bagac Beach Pano

Later that afternoon, we hit the road for an unplanned adventure in Bataan, open to anything that piqued our interest. We just had one little errand involving the search for a fully functional ATM before we were completely free. A lady from the resort traveled with us on our journey so that we wouldn’t have to spend time returning to the resort ourselves. Nice right?


In search of an ATM, we found ourselves at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar as they held the only ATM that could read a debit card with a chip and they insisted that we pay the P2.5k entrance fee. While I was aware of the beauty this place held, Anthony was a little skeptical as he’d never heard of it and just wanted to pay the lady so we could continue to explore. I attempted to bypass their entrance fee by claiming I was there for an ocular inspection of the property for an upcoming event but they didn’t care and just wanted the money. Anthony and I decided to just pay the fee. After all, we were looking for an adventure that afternoon.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

When we entered the property my eyes are all over the place!  Everything I saw was fascinating! I adored the old houses that were restored from the 16th century and felt endowed to cherish my country deeper. Looking back to the past and learning more about the Spanish colonization of the Philippines make a lasting impact on me.  Each home had a rich history and story to tell. I feel in some ways that their history and traditions are a part of me and I really love it.

During the heritage tour, the tour guide told us stories of each ‘casa’. In the old house of our national hero ‘Jose Rizal’, called ‘Casa Biñan’, which was originally built by Gregorio Alonzo, national hero’s maternal great-grandfather and was passed on through various ownerships down the generations. We watched a brief play of his life and learned of his execution by the Spanish colonial government assisted by the ‘gwardya sibil’ or the civil guards of the Spaniards for the crime of rebellion after the Philippine revolution which eventually led to Philippine independence.

In another casa called ‘Casa Mexico’, they stored many antiques. Accouterments like an old electric fan, sewing machine, tobacco maker, a fusty ‘makinilya ‘ or typewriter and this super old school way to iron their clothes back in the day. Our guide demonstrated the use of a flat iron by balancing herself on a rolling pin and used her weight to knead the fabrics. At the end of the heritage tour, the tour guide gave us a frozen ‘bimpo’ or towel which we used to refresh our face and neck. Goodness gracious it was so relaxing!

Afterward, we roamed around the area and took some splendid pictures! We as well noticed that there’s a ‘carabao race’ that is happening in the beachside. We checked it out and Anthony captured some shots of the race. After, we strolled around this ‘ avenida’ or avenue called ‘la puesta del sol’, ‘puesta del sol’ means sunset in Spanish. From there, anyone can see a breathtaking sunset on the horizon. My love, Anthony without fail seized a magnificent shot of this stunning ‘la puesta del sol’ or sunset.

I hope there are still more places like ‘Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar’. Places where we preserve our history, our legacy that we inherited from past generations, maintained in the present and bestowed for the benefit of future generations. As a Filipina, it made me know myself further, it shaped me perceived my raise wider. As a foreigner, Anthony was able to acknowledge and appreciate our culture more.

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Family Philippines Vacation Pt. 1: Bonifacio Global City

We were both excited about this trip with Anthony’s parents as it was their first time to visit the Philippines and we planned the trip for them. Before reaching the…

Tap Station, BGCWe were both excited about this trip with Anthony’s parents as it was their first time to visit the Philippines and we planned the trip for them. Before reaching the island, we had a few pit-stops to make. First stop, Bonifacio Global City where we toured them around our neighborhood. BGC is one of the well-developed city in Metro-Manila. We walked around, dined and shopped. They arrived night time, so we dropped their things first. Anthony booked them a cool place on Airbnb where they could stay for a day near our place before we headed to Iloilo. Knowing that they enjoyed tasting local craft beers, we brought them to a local beer spot on Forbestown road called ‘Tap Station’, where you can choose your own mug and craft beer.

717-437-1387The first time meeting his parents was wonderful! They are really nice people. Heather (Mom) is really sweet and Worth (Dad) is really communicative. After that beer night, we decided to meet in the morning for brunch so we brought them to ‘Little Flour Cafe’. They served us a healthy and hearty meal that we were able to walk off during a mid-day stroll through ‘High Street’ as we geared up for the upcoming island trip.

That afternoon, we had some tea in our studio and relaxed before heading to the rooftop of our building to catch the sunset over the cityscape before dinner.

After that rooftop viewing, we enjoy sushi and saki at our favorite Japanese restaurant, Keizo while we told origin stories of how we met our significant other. To cap off the night, we called Zennya for some in-room massages at his parent’s Airbnb so they would be well rested for tomorrow’s trip to Iloilo.

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