I need you to focus and listen to me.

The children wanted to go out.

I met a Mr Kimura at the party.

I should stay here.


A book dropped from the shelf.


I think the movie is a very heart warming one.

I'm in enough trouble already.

That should about do it.


Why can't you be more like your sister?

It is silence that is valuable now.

Does this look good on me?

Merril could be dead by now.

Cindy told me I shouldn't talk to you.

She never came.

He is something in the FBI.

Am I on the right road?

I want to see you alone.

Don't hate what you don't understand.

They tried to collect wood from the forest.

I know what he's thinking.

This park is really beautiful and clean.

I'll never run away again.

This is the first time I've ever smiled at Marika.

Do you have cash on you now? Could you lend me some?

Al stopped laughing when he noticed Sanity was crying.

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We're going to have so much fun.


She was getting all the guys' attention.

The crow spread his wings.

What time are you going to leave for London?

The spinal column is composed of twenty-four bones.

The proposal went through.

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My opinion is somewhat conservative.


I think Amanda and Jarvis are in love.

Where are your keys, Brandy?

Martha answered quickly.

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I don't salute their flag.

Professors should explain everything in detail, not be succinct and always tell students to go home and read their books.

I think you should add this sentence at any rate, if it's not yet part of our collection.


I don't think that's enough.


Bernie said he was Canadian.

Let's settle this issue without a mediator.

Suddenly, I saw a beautiful bird.


I don't think you should get married.


The Gospel of John was probably written about fifty years after its predecessor.


Alfred is inclined to be lazy.

Did you bring what you promised you'd bring?

Dale often smokes a cigar after lunch.

The question is what'll you do.

Make sure that the device is attached firmly to ceiling.

It'll be huge.

The soldier sacrificed himself to save his friend's life.

Max won the Boston Marathon.

I'm not that good at goodbyes.

Where can we exchange yen into dollars?

Narendra should be the one who does it.

I have a rash around my anus.

She got a new CD player yesterday.


Nobody criticizes my country.

How do you like your new class?

Digits are to numbers what letters are to words.

Guillermo likes the way Lewis makes potato salad.

I'm just kidding.


Casey doesn't own a credit card.

I tried to get my homework done on time.

The teachers won't approve phytochemical researches any more.

She was the one who contacted me first.

Even though she's allergic, I gave an egg to the child.

We're horrible.

I must ask you to leave.

He is old enough to drive.

I love you like a son.


She lived with her elderly grandmother.

Leonard is sad, as in German sentences he is often separated from Rudolph by a comma.

I watch TV now and then.

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You have until Monday to do that.

She is well known both in Japan and in the United States.

At most, Henry has six dollars.

After all, it might be imagination.

As soon as he finished his work, he went home.

It rained yesterday, but it cleared up this morning.

Guys better don't bring up this topic. You're young, playful, everything's easy for you. It's wrong. It's not Chikatilo, and not even FBI archives. Better don't venture here. I'm serious, any of you would regret. Better close the topic and forget everything written here. I quite understand this message provokes more interest, but I want to warn the curious - stop. The rest will just be lost.


You're picking on someone smaller than you again!

Marco has a ticket.

Case pushed the door open and stepped into the room.


That place is open to everybody.


You have such good friends.

How many books do you think you've read so far?

My cat is white.

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As the proverb goes, time really is money.

He had to fight against the storm.

Barbra's house has one stained glass window.

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Every success in your new job.

Your face is pale.

Can we quit talking about this?


The teacher looked over the papers.


They won't find her.

Carole is a very sociable person.

You're not seriously considering going, are you?

Finally, I took leave of them.

I'm going back to the synagogue.

I'll not forget that.

Will he ever do it?

There are religious issues we should keep in mind.

Why are you always so busy?


Money remains an issue.

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His feelings were not reciprocated.

She spends as much money as she earns.

Little by little, the buds on the rosebush in my garden begin to open.

Black wins.

The government would give them food for the winter.

He was relieved when she informed him that she had a rich new boyfriend.

The first batter up got a base hit.

I'm not strong enough yet to go to school.

He made big money.

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He's a Democrat fundraiser.


We couldn't do anything for them.

I saw your name and posts in an English forum and took the liberty of reading your profile.

Why didn't you ask Gretchen to leave?


I'm spending my holiday on the beach.

I don't know what the plan is.

That's a picture of a monkey associated with the Year of the Monkey.

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Peter is a night owl.

Sandy likes her life.

Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?

We'll make an exception for Agatha.

She was carrying her baby in her arms.

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The Amazon River meanders through northern Brazil.

Two pages are missing from this book.

I didn't expect that.

The birds fly.

Thank you for giving me something to eat. I was really hungry.

Don't press your opinions on me.

What denominations would you like?


Your honor, I am anxious for my day in court.


Antony slipped on ice and broke his hip last winter.

I don't eat the core of an apple.

I'm as surprised as anybody.

You may as well tell me all about it.

He's always leaving the toilet seat up.

The president stated his position on the issue.

Cats like fish in particular.

My dream is to become a very strong mahjong player.

I'm tired of all his complaints.

The elephant won't move an inch.

I want you to come work here at our company.


We need to get them some help.

Nancy invited him to a party.

May I talk to you?

Everyone left except her.

Let's go indoors.

What's so special about that?

You know I can't wait any more.

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They are older than Pantelis.

Aaron wouldn't hear of it.

You have no idea what true love is.

The store was already closed when I got there.

The term "bourgeois" can be used as an insult by both the lower and the upper classes.

At least it wasn't boring.

I thought you didn't want to go.


No, it wasn't her.

We don't allow Ozan to watch TV until he finishes his homework.

I wonder what Dwayne will want to do.

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I can see it in his eyes.