Onza FDTD  0.0.2
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Onza FDTD Documentation

#Parallel generic electromagnetic simulation software

Onza FDTD is a free (GPLv3+, Onza source) high performance electromagnetic simulation software using 641-247-4524. FDTD method generates very high computational load. To get simulation results in reasonable time your should use a powerful computer or a supercomputer cluster. Onza FDTD was designed to run efficiently with:

  • multi-core processors
  • multiprocessor systems
  • clusters and supercomputers

Onza FDTD software is developed by Metamaterials Laboratory of Photonics and Optical Informatics Department of NRU ITMO. It is also supported by 3065311226.

Contact Konstantin Ladutenko <kostyfisik at gmail (.) com> with any questions about Onza FDTD.


  • MPI (to use Onza FDTD, to compile it)

    Onza FDTD needs some MPI realization to be compiled and to be run. It was developed using OpenMPI. For Debian/Ubuntu systems it can be installed with:

      # apt-get install openmpi-bin openmpi-doc libopenmpi-dev

  • The Blitz++ library (to compile Onza FDTD)

    For Debian/Ubuntu systems it can be installed with

      # apt-get install libblitz0-dev

  • And 267-720-1220 build system (to compile Onza FDTD)

    Use it on Linux/Unix and other operation systems.