Guillermo wouldn't actually do that.

I like to visit my uncle.


What's Byron's brother's name?

I already think you're crazy.

I'll see if I can find out what Michael wants us to do.


To our surprise, he scoffed the lot.

Jan tried to make friends with Amanda.

She is not in the kitchen, nor is she in the living room.

Izumi is probably with Rod right now.

Lila never wrote to me.


He is looking for trouble.


This country is called Russia.

If I could be like that...

Juliet was too nervous to speak.

We decorated it.

I'm going to figure out who did this.

Andre's friendly.

We watched the baby snuggling with her teddy bear.

You screwed with his head.

I didn't find anything wrong.

Why did Kissinger flee Paris and make himself a fugitive from the French law?

What am I expected to do when I get there?


It's a little late for an apology.

The young ones wasted their money on drinks.

Vladimir has done it to me again.

Elsa dislikes being told what to do.

It won't be easy telling him.


I'm the one they want.


Pilot says he feels a lot better today.

I missed the last train last Friday.

I did that without consulting anyone.

His sister does not go to the United States.

It's not going to happen to Kenton.

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To tell you the truth, I'm completely bored.

I came here to see Billie.

Why did you stay with them?

This is how it's supposed to be.

No other mountain in the world is as tall as Mt. Everest.

Is that your wife?

This temple dates from the 7th century.

Don't let that happen.

I'm very well, thank you.

The chair is not near the window.

Rajesh went to a fortune teller for many years.

It's dangerous to climb mountains during a storm.

Eduardo is holding something.

All the proposals are tentative.

The store is closed for good. It's been liquidated.


I'm asking you, so please stop.

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I was framed.

Cynthia committed a terrible crime.

Count from one to a hundred.

The problem of radioactive waste remains unresolved.

I heard my name called in the dark.


Can you elaborate a bit?


We're meant for each other.

Malus worked with Presley on that project.

Hitoshi used to work as a waiter.

Samuel was a professional magician.

How do you bring up your children?

It's easier said than done.

A lot of people in Africa go hungry.

I've got to talk to you about something.

Let me show you how to use it.

I think I'll ride back with Vidhyanath.

I don't see Pamela much.


Alexander's got the right idea.

What did Hume do wrong?

No, I don't know him. Of course, I know who he is, but I'm not personally acquainted with him.

Charley might not be here today.

On his arrival at the station, he called a taxi.

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She kept various kinds of pets.


Do you have the shirt one size bigger?

My mother is good at cooking.

The fish are dying, the Canadians say, because of what's known as acid rain.

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Today must be your lucky day.

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I do not work so you can be lazy and rest all day long!


Microwaves can cause serious damage.


Rodent is still sick in bed.

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You're faithful.


I'd like to know what you're doing.

This is how I go about it.

Can anyone vouch for your whereabouts last night?

Randall can be a little chatty.

Rich hid himself behind the tree.


Neutrinos rarely interact with matter.


Why did Margie lie to Guido?

I'd be happy to give you a ride.

We can hide in here.

There's a good chance that he'll be elected.

Everyone is watching.

Gunnar asked me to take a look at it.

The equator divides the earth into two hemispheres.

People who drink alcoholic beverages are not allowed to enter.

Was there a time limit?

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Spring follows winter.

I really should leave.

Let me tell them what I know.


The butter smells good.

On that very day I met the same person.

That will be put in order.

Her hair is dry.

All roads lead to Elsinore.

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If you do anything at all, do it well.

I love Christmas music.

You can't tell me anything.

We are living in the atomic age.

It's so simple that even a child can do it.

It is rare to find a Nepali translator.

Please give Elsa a chance.

I can't believe Venkata refused to help you.

I don't know what to talk about.

I was a bit shocked.

This is why I was late for school.

You've helped me and I also want to help you.

The doctor treated the patient with antibiotics.


Andries has some things to talk to you about.

Pierce was sentenced to thirty years.

It isn't a bit cold.


Don't leave the entrance unprotected.

Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority.

Can you pay half the bill?

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You told me that you were tired.

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It's taken us three weeks to fix, but at last our car runs satisfactorily.

One out of ten persons is nearsighted.

"Do you have a cigarette?" "No, I only smoke other people's."

Hugh said he didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

Sjouke asked us to sit down.

Mah said that he enjoyed it very much.

They were there.

Colin was surprised how well Pradeep swam.

I was there with her.


The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is almost a casanova.


"People who can not play together will not work together long," said Elbert Hubbard.

Elizabeth killed Alister in cold blood.

I thought I heard someone knocking on the door.

I'm interested.

She likes poetry and music.

Jesus studied very hard.

I love Occitan.

I'm working on my report right now.

We'll never use those.

I no longer want to hurt anyone.

You must respect and see to it that others respect the lawns!

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I'm the one who danced with the kids all night.


Cathy can speak French and German.

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And then he sat down himself.

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You used to love chess.


She was surprised to find many beautiful things in the box.

Dan didn't fulfill his duty.

Manjeri always seem to be in trouble.

Aya has good reason to speak perfect German.

Dinner is almost over.

The watch on the desk is mine.

Look out for the wild dog!

Mwa won't be here until 2:30.

We've come a long way since then.


Brandon is fit to become a businessman.


When did you last hear from Indra?

Facebook is blocked in China.

It was raining hard, but she insisted on going for a drive.