Kees threw Hunter a life preserver.

I swear it was him.

She and I are classmates.

What's the difference between a village and a town?

Another war, and we all will be killed.

Is it that obvious that I have feelings for him?

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Don't wanna feel blue.

Who are you supposed to be?

We'll all be hungry, so be sure to bring enough food for everyone.

No one has the right to treat you like this.

A lot of people are lazy. Actually, I'm lazy too.


We put up at a small hotel just on the edge of the town.

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Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously.

Come back in.

In light of his youth the police have decided not to charge him.


It's a good thing you're cute.

It is not good that the man should be alone.

I'd like to write hundreds of sentences on Tatoeba, but I have other things to do.


You have to wait for the next bus.

Somebody left the lights on.

This horse kicks when anyone comes up from behind.

Mark is so honest that everyone praises him for it.

I wrote down where I was working.

Rathnakumar's mother died when he was born.

I was sure of his success, since he had already climbed the mountain three times.

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I plan to hire someone who can speak English.

He meets his girlfriend on Saturdays.

I had intended to finish this yesterday, but I couldn't.

We worked hard on this.

"What was it like for you just being there at the end of such utter domination?" "It was frustrating. You know, it was miserable. It sucked. It was terrible. Besides that, it was fine."

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Written by hand, the letter was not very easy to read.


This is everyone's problem.

He knows I don't like face to face meetings.

I have three more weeks.

The medicine relieved my pain immediately.

I have succeeded in doing it.


We bought new furniture.

This penguin is really cute.

You can not pull the wool over my eyes.

It feels very similar to this one.

Lars hates rules.

Stock-raising is one of the farmer's occupations and the animals are carefully selected according to their breed.

The company will hold a presentation of the new model tomorrow.


Without water, the flowers die.

Consider this a warning, Seymour.

He held her hand in a firm clasp.

Apart from cats, I like animals.

Tor sewed the button back on.

He's a translator of Turkish literature.

I plan on winning.


Michel rubbed her crystal ball.

I wish I could figure out how to delete my Facebook account.

Please give me a cup of water.


I was just trying to help.

What happened next?

They are afraid of the teacher.

I'll let Kate know that we can't come.

I do not know what to do to get through this month.

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Julianto couldn't bear to look at Tran's dead body.

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It is no wonder that the children love to visit the farm.

I'm trying to get to him.

Up to my ears in debt.

Do you think I don't want what's best for Niels?

How much is this tour per person?

He stared at her with hatred.

English is never wrong when it is beautiful.

I'm telling you for the umpteenth time - No!

I can't believe it. Rakhal can't believe it either.


She won't even look at the offer.

I do serve you in this business.

After it rains and the ground is damp, it's easier to pull weeds.

I just wanted to make you happy.

I don't have to think about it.


I've told you again and again to be more careful.

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"Aki's off school today?" "It seems her cold got worse."

The questions came fast and furious from the large number of reporters who had gathered outside the courthouse.

Santa Ana stepped down as president.

Hey, what's the big secret? Come on; let me in on it.

Love to one's native language is to be raised from childhood.

Maria's father is easily influenced.

Kirsten is not as young as I am.

You're not like me.

We have to buy a new rug for this room.

Dori won't budge.

I've known them for 13 years.


I think we'll do better next time.

I've got to go to Boston next week.

I can't trust you anymore.


I always forget about myself.

A cheap wooden box was set on a chair.

Trent was disappointed.

You are really crafty.

I want to talk to the person who owns this house.

It's amazing how Gregor was able to do that with just one hand.

An explosion tore through a block of flats burying a number of people under rubble.


They didn't fool us.

Do you like your teachers?

I have absolutely no intention of going there alone.


Not only can he speak Mandarin, but Shanghainese as well.

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It's good to see you again, Lindsey.


Russian is hard to learn, easy to lose, and impossible to forget.

The demonstration at City Hall started getting out of hand.

I neither drink nor smoke.


Dorothy couldn't rest.

Have you been crying?

Due to his high grades, he will inevitably be accepted to the university.

I didn't make anything to eat.

He lives in a huge house.

I'll sell the jewelry to customers.

We wanted to help them.

If he got a 10 out of 10 on the test it's because he cheated.

What I need is more time.

If so, what did they read?

Lisa told me that she had tried natto.

I told him you were coming.

Call me when you are ready to go.

He traveled to Hawaii with the family.

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

Don't think about it too much.

We had a little tiff.


Does it have something to do with Rolf?

Venkata says he'll never ever leave Miriamne.

Gold's heavier than iron.


They train you to act before thinking. Just execute orders.

Pandora isn't jealous.

Food prices will come down soon, won't they?

The hacker gained access to sensitive files in the company's database.

This is the temple where he stays.

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Leslie looked at his watch again.

Someone should put that dog out of its misery.

He is a busy man, so you can only get in touch with him by telephone.

Toerless didn't anticipate that that would happen.

He will be here soon.

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If Heidi had seen anything, he would have told us.

I believe that Knapper is really honest.

Lightning struck nearby without warning! I thought my heart was going to stop beating.


Turkeer has an old felt hat he always wears in the rain.

I'd like to try some Thai food.

They have her sedated.

That's very inconsiderate.

Who said he wanted to join the special forces?

You must work hard if you are to succeed.

Are you scared of them?

A single day can change the course of history.

I want to see Vincent now.


Please don't say anything.


I looked over the documents.

You can read where you were, but you can't write where you'll be.

His brother was nasty to me.

Olof told me he was really hungry.

"Here I come! ...Your Majesty, Duke Onkled is under attack by the evil forces of Ganon." "..." "Impa?! You're a slut!" "You smell like shit!" "Enough! Where's His Majesty?" "Ganon captured the King!" "Ganon is a prick..."

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Would you like something to drink?


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Why didn't you attend the class meeting?

No minors allowed.

I want us all under one roof again.


Nichael is better at math than I am.

I don't feel like studying French today.

Give me your coat. I'll hang it up.

Let me see you drink it.

The Soviet people, ruled by the Bolshevik party, steadfastly and confidently go on to the heights of Communism.


The stone is perfectly smooth.

I didn't realize Bea was in the hospital.

Why do you like short skirts?