She did a lot of voluntary work for the Red Cross.

Please take a seat and wait.

You're belligerent.

Let's go to Susan's office.

No Trespassing.

He took the express for Tokyo.

Dan sold drugs for a dangerous drug dealer.

He tipped his hat.

He was far from thankful to his former teacher.

I forgot to turn off the gas!

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I can't believe that the pizza still isn't done.

Harris collapsed on the couch.

He thought of them yearning for fame.

I saw him the other day.

You shouldn't go around telling lies about people.

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All the passengers were killed in the airplane crash.

Slartibartfast left three hours ago so he should've arrived by now.

Sonny could see what was happening.


The mayor was killed in an ambush during the height of the insurgency.


Audrey bumped his head on the roof of the car.

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I'm pretty sure Marco is a fussy eater.

He reads 10 books when he returns to the house.

I need some butter. Do you have any?


I got stuck in traffic.


This train stops at all stations.

Are you sure we have time for this?

I'm supposed to be on duty now.

Where do I throw these eggshells?

What is this world coming to?

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It's the only logical explanation.


You can have a fulfilling life despite many unfulfilled dreams.


Barbara was killed by Alister.

Do you want fish?

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.

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Arnold told me that I didn't have permission to do that.


Don't even get me started on Al.

People do not know the blessing of good health until they lose it.

You've got three weeks.

How did you talk Shamim into doing that?

They must remain face to face.

Matthias used to go to parties.

I want to send some postcards to my friends in the United States.

Johnnie showed Adlai the book he had written.

Do you want to eat?


In aftermath of the accident he lost his sight.

May I open the box?

Dog is man's best friend.

These are the originals.

I received a letter from my friend.

This is my sandwich.

Example is better than precept.

I barely know Sundaresan.

What more do I need?

She entered this school last year.

We loaded our baggage into the car.

How much is this? Four Euros please.

I gave some money to him.

Are these my socks or your socks?

I think I'm going to buy one of those.

Justice is found in a courtroom.

When I say hello to him, he never replies; he only inclines his head.


Jerald is a little jealous, isn't he?

I found out something about Delbert.

Don't get too excited.


I watched television instead of studying.

Having finished my work, I went out for a walk.

We're still young.

I want to practice to write in Icelandic.

You don't understand me, Pratap.

Wendy looks really relieved.

Isn't that awesome?


They will use an innovative technique to perform such a task.


Giles had his hair dyed black.

Sho is expected to arrive any minute now.

I am swearing at that jerk!

Daniel can't play the drums very well.

You are comparing apples and oranges.

What's your debt?

Is there anything that needs to be done?


He ordered a chop suey.

This will be the starting point of the tunnel.

Having done the lessons, he immediately went to bed.


"I'm in a terrible hurry... for reasons I can't say," Dima replied to the woman. "Please, just let me try on that suit there."

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You should carry out the plan on schedule.

I visited a small town in Catalonia.

They asked Mrs. Lincoln where she wanted her husband buried.

Ole knew he was going to win.

My cousin is already four years old.


John is a member of the swimming club.

You're not yourself today.

Were you bit?

This woman definitely knows that she doesn't know what she wants.

Japan is hot and sticky in summer.

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I want to know when you'll be back.

I could do it again.

Cole told me to stay away from Kris.

I disagree with your argument on every point.

I quit smoking and drinking.

The firm is known for its high-quality products.

Do you think there's a chance I'll be elected?


The soil retained richness.

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Do you want to have dinner with me tonight?

English is just one of over 2,700 languages in the world today.

I don't want to lose any time.

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No one would want to hurt her.

Sometimes reality seems to me unreal.

I haven't bothered checking it.

I feed my dog once a day.

I tried to be calm, but finally I lost my temper.

Jussi doesn't know whether to accept or to refuse Kyu's offer.

How did you know Patricia was sick?


The tools are in the container.


Would you help me?

There is just time enough for us to have a quick one.

I am already wet!

It'll only take a minute.

Jeffrey's ordeal was far from over.

I think Shari is hiding something.

Rex's office called.


Do you think I'd be here if I didn't have to be?

There's something else I need to discuss with you.

Julius is a girly girl.

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This dog jumped.

Chew it over for a while and let me know what you think.

Malus is a chauffeur.

I think you and I need to talk.

Obviously, you volunteered.


Come on, do it for me, you're not going to die for meeting my parents.


I thought this present might be from you.

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He has been hospitalized.

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I rode the elevator to the third level.


We don't have time to finish the job properly; we're just going to have to wing it.

Those houses are big.

I have to go, Sweetheart.


It's none other than her.


Eli has been studying French for the last three years.

The first speech was given at the convention by none other than Clint Eastwood, the famous actor.

They're late.

Please help me take this down.

"Hahaha! We're going to make it rain, boys! By this time next week, we'll be swimming in cash!"

My English is at intermediate level.

I helped an old woman across the street.

Children like playing on the beach.

We'll be there soon.

I couldn't understand his joke.

How do you plead?

The Sun is the star that's nearest to Earth.

If possible, I would like to go home now.


Do you mind if we come in?

Work hard, and you'll pass the exam.

Maria accompanies the children to school.

So why are you doing this?

Have you ever felt nauseous on a train?

Wanting to build a snowman, the children eagerly awaited the first snow.

When Oliver started driving, it seemed that he didn't understand the risks involved.

Elijah tried to explain to Wes how to solve the puzzle.

I plan to do it soon.

I've never seen a shot like that.

Sergio wasn't flirting.

Trey got up and walked out of the kitchen.

His actions are typical of those of his friends.

Ranjit's house is made out of concrete.

I can tell that you're angry.