Is there a Japanese-speaking stewardess?

I have to hurry. My flight leaves in an hour.

The injured man cried for help.

Judge knew who Orville's father was.

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As you can see, I'm still alive, and that's the main thing. My father, too, says that's what's most important.

Tharen looks happy today.

I have visited Sapporo several times on business.

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What are you going to tell her?

Celia needs a male role model.

That's basically why I came.

There is something wrong with you.

Daren wondered what Valentin's husband was like.

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I've finally come of age.

It's not mine.

Loyd has a lot on his conscience.

The dolphin is an intelligent and playful creature.

Do you mean to annoy me again with some childishness, you little villain?

I wish I could find something to read about collective nouns in Norwegian, or perhaps Danish.

His face turned red with anger.


What were you thinking of?

Brendan changed the future.

Let me tell you what happened here last weekend.


There was someone.


It's a plausible diagnosis.

If I won the lottery, I'd buy a new car.

While living near the beach, I often enjoyed swimming.

Meeks came half an hour late.

We don't need you.


Don't do the duck-face in your mirror self-shots!

I don't think her story is true.

I don't want to lose my wife.


She has walked to the store.


Do you have enough?

I wonder what the advantage of this technique is.

Not worth the remembered value.

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He doesn't like this concert.


I saw her a while back.

Do not look too much to others for help.

Kobe is famous for its good beef.

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The thief was caught in the act.


Mongo gave me this tie.

I'm only trying to help you.

Mayuko goes to school by bicycle.


Rajesh wondered what Jingbai meant.

My savings are so small that they won't last much longer.

Tatoeba is still a beta project.

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They can't possibly work. They are all fake.

Leith and Eliot don't trust each other.

You shouldn't complain.

I have a great fear of being disdained by those I love and care about.

We live in a civilized society.


We're interested in helping Lowell.

I think you should tell Tolerant where you are.

He has nothing to do with it.

Let's go to Guido's place! I heard there's going to be a huge party there tonight!

It's a really good question.


I cut one into slices.


I'm not pressed for money.


Legions of translators make a living only because they don't speak Esperanto.


She gave the sample to her assistant.

She was on her way to school.

The English are known for their courtesy.

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That ancient ruin was once a shrine.

I couldn't eat anything.

Tracy thanked us for our help.


Cris is a smooth talker.

I will accompany you.

I need finality to my affairs.

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I won't come because I'm sick.

I've been here the longest.

There's a big cherry tree in the garden.

We have important work to do.

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

This beer contains a high proportion of alcohol.

That's an offensive question.

Anne is shallow and materialistic.

I drink my coffee black.


In a few minutes we'll be landing at New Tokyo International Airport.

I'm getting used to this.

I keep them for when I'm older so I can look back and think about old times.

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We'll see you guys tomorrow.


The color of her eyes is blue.

I was very idealistic.

There's no difference between these.


I asked him why he seemed distant. He said he needed a break.


Berries and other plant foods contain many antioxidants.

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Where is the ox going?

He chose the Department of Hungaristics at the university.

Kinch and Marcos just wanted to dance with each other all evening.

I can't ask him right now.

I didn't have a chance.

I will not be beholden to special interests.

To a large extent this is a healthy attitude to have.

I also agree with Joubert.

Raif, will you let me copy your math homework?

You are free to say what you think.

Does the price include accommodation?

I have nothing to live for.

What do we know about them?

Budget cuts are needed.

When you have food allergies, eating out is difficult, isn't it?

I'm going by the post office.

What did you do before you got this job?


This may sound silly, but it's true.

Ram and Gerard understand each other perfectly.

I'll never listen to them again.

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I thought it was really bad.

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Our summer is short, but warm.

Are you looking for a definite article?

I really like this picture of you.

I think you're all wrong on that.

It is necessary that you attend the meeting.


Do you know which road leads to my house?

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Have you ever shown your scar to someone?

He often goes to Japan on business.

We need to start planning.


Democracy is an idea that goes back to the ancient Greeks.

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Be more concise in your summaries!

I don't own a violin.

You are right in a way.

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Maybe he'll come tomorrow.


Watch out for your tongue.


Les thinks he's a big shot.

I'm considering all possibilities.

You can't sing and dance on Good Friday.

Women observe and men think.

I saw the figure of a man.

It was easy for her to find a job.

This is different.

I wonder if you would kindly introduce us to someone.

I would like to give you a piece of advice.


Hiroki was at a loss what to do.

Sit tight.

It's six o'clock.

Her car struck against the gatepost through her carelessness.

He is going to write a letter.

I thought I told you to clean your room.

If you want that water pistol you'll just have to save money and buy it yourself. I can't constantly buy toys for you. I'm not made of money.

Who did Diego Maradona train?

I finally passed the aptitude test for higher management studies.

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He respects Einstein, an American scientist.

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The actress said that she was engaged to a banker.


Kevin adjusted his visor.

Rudolph grabbed the little boy and threatened to kill him.

You have a habit that I'm happy about.


My father has five brothers and sisters.

Don't pry into the affairs of others.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.


She wore pajama pants to school.

He was a forceful leader.

I've learnt many things about Greek culture.

The lab is empty.

After work, Rhonda is always tired.


Did you do that on purpose?