What will you drink?

The man, who had not eaten for three days, had trouble thinking about anything except food.

I don't think Andries and Tommy are brother and sister.

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It was hot in every sense of the word.

I forgot about Tal.

Say, I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind.

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I don't know what Philip saw.


They're in a long-distance relationship.

It was a pretty normal party.

This young lady is from Russia.

High school days are when you can try anything.

Moore wondered how tall Dean was.

Marco doesn't seem to have changed.

I thought you missed your train.

I'm afraid Rathnakumar will show up and ruin my party.

Dorian is three inches taller than I am.

He must work hard.

We stood on the top of the mountain.

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I'm handling this.

Andy has never gone rafting down a river.

To tell the truth, he is still under sixty.

Can I come tomorrow too?

I respect the elderly.

There are very rare animals in Australia.

Have you seen her this morning?


In the 1980s an opera production of "Hansel and Gretel" caused a furor because the part of the Witch was played by a man; nobody seemed to care that the part of Hansel, a trouser role, was played by a woman.


I can't carry on like this.


It definitely felt good.

He was fortunate to pass the exam.

We get nothing so cheaply as we want.

List data can easily be totalled using the automatic sum function.

Cyrus refused my request.

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Men first visited the moon in 1969.


Grace picked up a pencil.

Just tell me what you know about Srinivasan.

He cut it with the knife that he got as a gift from his brother.


He made as if to say something, but instead kept quiet.

Victoria says he's tried everything.

The debate has been interesting, confusing, and sometimes horrifying.


I am monogamous.

Let's not do anything that might make Charlene angry.

The Anglo-Saxons displaced the Celts.

He asked us to bring him a television and a fridge.

I'm going to cut down on meat.

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We have to run now.

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I hear you're selling your motorcycle. How much do you want for it?

I'll take that.

Why don't you sit with us?

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Uranus and Neptune are very similar in composition.

You ought to ask for your teacher's permission.

I'm eating bread.

Did Srikanth tell you how much he likes swimming?

Suddenly I heard a loud clap of thunder.

Did they give you your job back?

There is just so much beauty in ambiguity!

I can't believe I'm here again.

If I create an example, will you correct it for me?

Humans are a highly social species.

Have you ever used a Dvorak keyboard?


Can you tell me what the major sources of conflict in organisations are?

Her behaviour toward me was a departure from the norm.

How important is Victor?

One of the main problems was food.

It was a warm day, so we went swimming.


What did they tell you?


Do you really think I'm going to forget you?

We're getting there.

She's tall and gorgeous.


Do you think you're likeable?

I supervised the people fixing my bathroom.

You must study hard and learn many things.

This is my union.

I guess Carl missed me.

I don't know what I would've done if you hadn't come to help me.

You're the guy who killed Sergiu.

Indra had a black scarf around her neck.

Lindsay and Sofia are John's children.


Pim is probably angry.

There are enough seats for everyone.

It's so sad.


Kerri asked the DJ for a slow song.


Get your socks on fast. We're late!


She came to like the house.

Amedeo is a quadriplegic.

He is in great want.


I woke up the next day with a hangover.

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I heard someone call my name.

I want to be an engineer.

Ramanan got killed.

I'll do anything in the interests of humanity.

I knew about this three weeks ago.

Seals eat fish.

Mehrdad didn't look happy.

It fairly took time to explain the fact.

Things might get a little rough.

Who buried the gold bars here?

Hsuan couldn't control himself.


She grows many kinds of flowers-roses, violets, sunflowers, and so on.


Should I be worried about you?

You're looking great.

There are books about art on the table.

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Jeffie was surprised that Aimee had never listened to November Rain.

They went to church on Christmas Eve.

That country is rich in mineral resources.

My heart skipped a beat when my wife told me she was pregnant.

I will hope for the best.

Stay out of trouble, OK?

Take this piece of chalk and write on the blackboard.

In the summer, we're used to going swimming in the river.

You can't always have your own way.

No one opposed the choice.

Not until yesterday did I know of the event.

The man suddenly struck me on the head.

We'll mail it to you.

My school marks were average.

I'd like to hear you talk more about that.

Please pay at this counter.

For them, it has to be a larger number.

I forgot to mention it to her.

From a lexical point of view, Esperanto appears as an Indo-European language, but structurally it is an isolating language, likewise Chinese.

Do you have any other theories?

I've been evicted.

Locusts came in big swarms.

They released Chuck.

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The main reason was that he had too little time for it.

Go back to your room.

Did you come with your family?


Bob and Jock are brothers.

Marguerite bores me.

The house Jack built is wonderful.


The Professor gave a lecture on solar energy yesterday. I gave a lecture on Relative Risk.


Please sit down.


He uses to bore people with his notorious stories.

You'll probably enjoy this.

Tell me a little more than that.


Suzanne is scheduled to stay with us until next Monday.

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How do we know we can trust Roger?

I need to ask you a few questions.

I am poor at tennis.

But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face.

There aren't many men like you.

I live off 300 dollars a month.

This is the bible of baseball.

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We were late for dinner.

He is inclined to get mad.

Murph promised to meet Kirk in front of the library.

Health officials have long urged people to eat less meat.

Gunter was alone.


I'll think about it and get back to you.

What are they asking you to do?

Unplug the television and turn off the light.

Can you guess what happens next?

This is fun to watch.


Their goal and activating main idea was indeed brotherhood and justice among the peoples.


I want to give Mom a plant.

He was quite decided in his determination.

They almost got us.

She's wearing a cool hat.

That's an interesting question.

Getter Jaani is very sweet.

It's a rather depressing thing.