You're upset with me, aren't you?

You aren't my mother.


Every pupil is supposed to know the school regulations.

The flowers of a tree will fall beneath that very tree.

Queens is my favorite borough.


In wine there's wisdom, in beer there's strength, in water there are bacteria.


You can keep this one for yourself.

You've been walking in your sleep.

Kylo assured Annard that he'd help her paint the ceiling of her kitchen.

The girl that likes me is over there.

I think this is totally absurd.

Alexander is almost the same height as you.

Sundar found the keys he thought he had lost.

Hwa did well on the exam.

A young girl was at the steering wheel.

I feel bored.

We need to try to get everybody inside the house.

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That is a distressing story.

He followed me along.

My father implied our summer trip was arranged.

I'm taking my lunch break.

Hopefully, we'll win.


How much is that mountain bike?

We have to live with the consequences of our actions.

There are some people who enjoy work - in fact, they love to work.

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My native language is French.

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Carsten's dog bit Pantelis.


Liyuan thought that Steve didn't know how to speak French.


The more complicated the law the more opportunity for scoundrels.

When I travel, I don't wear armor.

The chief of police told reporters that both a member of the public and a police officer had been injured in last night's altercation.

Her day is about to be ruined.

This is probably not a good time to be doing this.

What you eat and drink before bed can affect your sleep.

My family are all in good health.


I can't be involved in this.

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Your record in mathematics is good.

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I have nothing much in common with him.

I haven't unpacked my clothes yet.

I had to walk home.

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The separate names used for female nurses "kangofu" and male nurses "kangoshi", were unified in 2002 into "kangoshi".


His family emigrated from their mother country to Brazil forty years ago.

Owing to illness, he could not come with us.

We must find something to plug up this hole.

What exactly are we trying to find?

I teach here.


Please pour me a little tea.

I've made a lot of friends since I entered college.

I am widely different from my little sister in character and habits.

Mr. Jackson gave us some homework.

I feel privileged to have met you.

Banning smoking in restaurants is very popular, even with smokers!

Ravindran wasn't born in Boston.


In all of our efforts, foremost in our minds is the loss and the grief of the people of Orlando -- those who died, those who are still recovering, the families who have seen their loved ones harmed, the friends of ours who are lesbian and gay and bisexual and transgender who were targeted. I want to remind them that they are not alone. The American people, and our allies and friends all over the world, stand with you and are thinking about you, and are praying for you.


They ate some enchiladas.

In the afternoon today, if arriving at the house, I intend to study.

When did we decide this?

Cathryn said he had something very important to say.

You've been playing.

You are not answering the question correctly.

I need to know the whole truth.

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Hubert keeps his tools in a toolbox.

I'm out of ammo.

That's the current plan.

I am living the good life.

He promised to return the money without fail.

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A building, before it can be constructed, has to be visualized hundreds of times in the mind of an architect.

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It's too bright to sleep.

How's the hematoma, Ramiro?

I feel different.

Michelle digitises books in his spare time.

He wants peanut butter.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

She looked tired, but happy.

Have you ever wiped the table?

Here we took the boat to Alaska.


We keep our promises.

It's time to get moving!

Nguyen loves playing the piano.


You will ruin me.

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I won't bore you with the details.


I think Nhan is mistaken.

I waited more than two hours.

Don't expect anything to happen too soon.

They blew up the bridge with gunpowder.

She forced him to do it.


Everywhere you look you can see young couples kissing.


The scientists have not found any explanation for the mysterious phenomenon.


It's not every day you get an opportunity to meet him.

My daughter Suzan is my pride, and my son Suu is my joy.

We suspected our cashier of stealing the funds.

Knut just shot Christina.

Mike went down the hill.

Is something troubling you?

I don't think I've ever seen you so upset.

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Leslie won't talk about that.


Lar needs his medicine.

Tickets are limited.

Oskar had to cut the class in order to meet us.

The advantages of replacing human workers with robots are the following: robots don't need salary, robots don't get tired, and, most importantly, robots don't complain about their boss.

This fraud impersonated a doctor.

Father is away from home.

Where the fuck were you last night?

I think I should've been more careful.

Rolfe had no intention of doing anything he didn't want to do.

The oracle was fulfilled.

Marjane caught the cat.


We can talk to him.

I'm sure you can do better.

There are more cars on the road in the summer than in the winter.

I don't have any brothers.

You're a tease.

Don't try to find fault with others.

Teriann stayed in Boston for the summer.


The bus will have started before we get there.

Then he brought Simon to Jesus, who looked at him and spoke.

This is going to be fine.

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Do you have a friend that can help you?

It doesn't ring any bells.

It would be nice if I were a dog, it would be nice to be a cat, too. Peeing where I like, pooping where I like.

I'm going to go get him now.

Ramses II was an Egyptian pharaoh.


I will be there tomorrow.

She made spaghetti.

Debi made me weep.

We watched the game while holding our breath.

What's up, dude?

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It's amazing how Stacey was able to do that with just one hand.


Great music is that which penetrates the ear with facility and leaves the memory with difficulty. Magical music never leaves the memory.

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I go where I want to go.


Do you know how you're going to stall Jean-Pierre?

Bhutan is called "Druk Yul" in Tibetan.

You may dance as you please.

Who am I? That's really the most important question.

I thought we were supposed to eat lunch together.

I asked whether the flowers were blooming.

When is the next guided tour?


I don't know when the machine should be turned off.

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People don't always behave rationally.


He did what he had promised.

She's not dumber than you.

Whose baby is this?


The company moved its corporate domicile to Hong Kong for tax purposes.

Ernest has to go to a hospital.

I have a friend named Werner.


Make it short.

It's working as intended.

Don't be such a curmudgeon!

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Charleen leaped into the car.

Whose idea was it to fire him?

Rajesh was sitting at the counter reading a magazine when the phone rang.

Where is that new pack of cards?

Get him back here.

Did you hear it too?

Now I have to find her.

If he doesn't know about it, then it doesn't matter.

Horst knew why Edwin went to Boston.