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Will you be riding with us?


Did you have a good birthday?


No one listens anymore.

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I think Alfred is Bobby's older brother.


We broke up on Valentine's Day.


Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it.

In general, women live longer than men.

This bottle holds one liter.

She pulled the curtain aside.

Tell me about him.


The plastic chair costs four libras.

They charged me too much.

The plane was delayed for two hours on account of the bad weather.

All Axel wants is a cheeseburger.

The fire burnt down four houses in the east of the city.

Hotta is chopping wood.

Rahul wouldn't allow Stanly to kiss her.


He has a good reputation.

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Could you change my room to one with a view of the ocean?

The two boys raced each other home.

Sanjay seemed happy.

It sounds strange.

We went to Boston.

Though he is young, he is equal to the task.

As the Holy Koran tells us, "Be conscious of God and speak always the truth."

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There aren't enough banana trees.

Hermes gave humans modesty and justice.

The biggest problem of the hour is unemployment.

What is it you do for a living?

Spanish is her mother tongue.

Everybody laughed except him.

I think Sugih is courageous.

I'm taking the book.

Please, turn on the light!


I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can't see from the center.

His carpet is completely white.

I'm now retired.


If NATO forces invade Russia some day, it will be for preserving democracy and freedom, not for taking the oil of the Caucasus and Siberia.


'Polynesia' is a Greek word that means 'many islands'.

Brad isn't going to like it very much.

I'll bet 10,000 yen on his winning.


Sorry. I missed the train.

You have to appear in person.

Renu wrung the water out of his wet swimsuit.


Room for rent.

I enjoyed it a lot.

I didn't know you felt that way about Felix.

This yogurt tastes strange.

I got upset.

An expert analyzed the fabric found in the car.

It is just because fear of punishment has no deterrent effect that crime continues in spite of all laws and courts, prisons and executions.

I'm pretty sure Blaine is the only one who can tell us what we need to know.

Say hello to your parents from me.


Is there a movie theater near here?

I knew you'd miss me.

What do you want from her?


It was a bitter disappointment to him when he failed his examination.

I'll grab my coat and be right with you.

Who cares what Dan said?

I wish I could show you how much I love you.

It is abnormal to have the heart on the right side.


They said the deal was foolish.


They are examining him from top to bottom.

That was a terrible joke.

You were so late coming that I was just about to telephone you.

They entertained us at dinner last night.

We have breakfast at seven.

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I've got some things I want to do right now.


I just wanted to see what would happen.

I went to Hokkaido to see the floating ice.

Sanjib was OK with it.

Mayo found a wallet lying on the sidewalk.

70% of English people don't speak a second language.

She came across the street.

You have what you need.

Novo is a wise man.

I can't hear you well.

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I have two brothers and one sister.

Bob suggested that the party be put off till Wednesday.

Loyd is afraid of spiders.


I enjoyed it very much.

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My brother has been living in London for many years.


Elric looked a little tired.

She taught her children Russian.

While he was waiting for the train, he listened to music and sent text messages.

When Einstein said, "Things should be as simple as possible--but no simpler," he meant "Simpler is better--but only to the edge of simplistic."

Quickly he got down the stairs.


How long have you been going out?


It seems good to a scientific person, but I prefer to consult you in practical matters.

Turkeer held the car door open for Plastic.

Don't you want to win?

Dinner is on the table.

Are we going to the movies later today?


He went to the bank and changed his money.

However, the princess had barricaded herself in her room and wouldn't come out.

I was going to see them.

Your ideas are all out of date.

It's not the time but the will that you lack.

The military has a very strict chain of command.

Jin blamed himself for what happened.


I'm not always free on Sundays.


She sings on an album

Maybe in another universe, beings are like clouds or shadows in a cloudy or shadowy milieu...

I wouldn't mind finding a Singaporean wife.

Corporate political donations are coming under heavy scrutiny.

He has a fear that his brother will fail.


She lives by her pen.

They both can speak French.

Please apply to the employment office regarding the job in question.


I suggest that we go out on Friday.


I'm glad this is all over.

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Mike liked animals very much.

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We'll be right down the hall.


The family of my wife is very rich.

Let's not bother him.

The boy is right.

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This sentence is a lie.


I can't tell you what's going to happen.

I know your father.

Tharen is still your friend, isn't he?

History has proven that.

Ouch! I bit my tongue!

I would enjoy that.

The game of shiritori is played by taking the final sound of the word spoken by the person before you, and then the next person looks for a word that begins with that sound.


My house is situated near the station.

The British acted too late.

His honesty does not have the room of doubt.


He isn't so tall.


The oppressed people cried out for their liberty.

A heavy rain had fallen.

They tricked me!

When was the last time you broke your glasses?

The airplane is scheduled to arrive at Honolulu tomorrow morning.

How did Toufic get Erik and John to stop fighting?

He joined the baseball club.


They're not moving.

It is actually possible to say exactly the same thing in Swedish.

Do you think Bernard would want to go with us?

They started shooting.

The plan was supported by practically all the attendants.


My brother is so smart and witty that I cannot beat him in an argument.


Marla's hands were shaking and his face was red.

Success is never blamed.

I know what Anna is like.

Ragnar died a little after 2:30 yesterday afternoon.

I know how they did it.


We're pretty good at this.


Please let me know if it hurts.


Maybe Julius didn't see Cory.

You're evil and disgusting.

That's what Bradley would've done.


The guy starts being on top of the girl and experiences his penis being soft.