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Come on. There's someone I want you to meet.

This music's annoying everyone.

Teriann isn't telling the truth.

Marjane caught the cat.

They declined our invitation.


Will you give this to him?


When shall we meet again?

This is too hard a problem for me to solve.

He is wearing an expensive pair of glasses.

I'm too tired to go out for a run.

Can I open the windows?

I am going to church now.

The well is dry.

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I've just watched a video on how to bake a sumptuous blueberry pie.

Would you like to see Andrew?

Could you send it to this address?

He was at the bottom of the class.

Does Marla have to do that?

Can you vent your anger on someone else?

These animals are going in different directions.

I have a card up my sleeve.

You're giving me too much credit.

Rogue spoke first.

Who's crazy enough to do that?

Looks like the Japanese maple is finally branching.

If he's going, I'm going too.

They eat dinner at twelve o'clock.

"Did you know the word 'gullible' isn't in the dictionary?" "What? Really?"


I've been in China for less than a month.

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I might have an accident!

"Do you prefer tea or coffee?" "Neither. I prefer milk".

Gil says he doesn't know anything about Boston.

This desk is broken.

Japanese parents are not keen to talk about their own children.

We wanted to listen.

Excuse me, could you pass me the salt and pepper?

My father supplies me with my school expenses every month.

What's the prognosis?

A week later, Germany attacked Poland.

I don't know if I can wait that long.

A handsome man is a good reason to go to hell.

Ilya denied having ever met Gypsy.

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I make a doll for Anna.

Let me talk to him.

Nobody will convince me otherwise.

The race was fixed.

Many people think that sponge cake is difficult to bake, but if you use enough eggs, nothing can really go wrong.


Just answer the question please. We don't have much time.

The ice-cream will melt, so I put it in the fridge.

Anxiety lined his face.


Just tell me when you want to leave.

Keep your door locked and don't let anyone in.

I was being eaten alive by mosquitos.

Can you deliver it to my house?

What should I have done?

Renu said he'd like to spend his next holiday hiking and camping.

I've never seen him wearing jeans.

The father carried his son bodily from the room.

This is the first time I've ever got tired of translating.

The Arctic is the area round the North Pole.

He's gonna have to throw himself on the mercy of the court.

Explosives went off with a bang.

Are they supposed to do that?


Her clarinet squeaked, and the entire audience laughed.

You can't tell him what to do.

Where was I?

After I found out where Erik went, I went to look for him.

Jarmo currently lives alone in a small apartment.

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I am human, and I think nothing human is alien to me.

My companions were watching me in silence and, unlike other times when my wonder had made them laugh, they remained serious.

I'll make sure you get the raise in a year.


Do you recognize that guy?


He doesn't know anything about politics.

Chip explained it to Pam very carefully.

He just cares about himself.


That's disturbing.

Where's your pot holder?

Which syllable receives the stress in the word "Australia"?


I have read it to my great profit.

I think we can work something out.

Didn't Casper tell you I was dying?

As is often the case with her, she didn't show up on time.

She will be back within a week.

No one expected Herman to arrive on time.

Cancer is not one but more than one hundred distinct diseases.


If he had drunk only a little alcohol, he wouldn't have been drunk.

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How did such a thing come about?

I just spoke with him.

I'd like to buy a new car.


Takao is wise.

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It's eight o'clock in the morning.


Jeffrey made me hurry.

You must take care of your dog yourself.

I'll never forget how kind you've been to me.


Why do you think I don't like your friends?

Is Edmund still working as a doorman?

Sugih is the one who decided that we all needed to be here.


Life spread a range of opportunities to you.


A baby is incapable of taking care of itself.

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We'll go talk to her.

Carlo was unharmed.

Perhaps I could have Slartibartfast take care of that for you.

She thought of him as her lifesaver.

I want to buy a gift for him.

Do what your mom is telling you.

She has an evident need of medical attention.

How's the weather there?

The rich are getting richer.

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Who'd want to hire you?


Get out of bed!

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We take a bath every day.

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Sundaresan didn't take it personally.


Johnathan hasn't yet done what we've asked him to do.

What's there to comment on?

How long will that take?

Americans accumulated their trade deficits by living far beyond their means.

I wish there were many Berbers who contribute to Tatoeba.

It will not be long before business returns to normal.

People don't cry over spilled milk.

Now why didn't I think of that?

Steal money.

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Everybody was listening intently to Martyn.


Pieter said it was none of my business.

I knew that Gregg would come.

She bought a toy for her child.

What do you want me to do right now?

Janice is energetic, isn't he?

That's nothing, don't worry.

May I borrow your radio?


I think Teresa has made a mistake.

I had not waited long before the bus came.

A fine view burst upon our sight.

They bought (it).

The United States needed ten years of war in order to annihilate Iraq and divide it.

She's getting older.

Stop hiding your head in the sand.

Lorraine forced me to go there.

I'm at the hospital.

If you were to win the lottery, what would you buy with the money?

The penalty for spitting is five pounds.


I'm unenthusiastic.

Brian is mad because Chris obviously doesn't intend to return the money.

That'd do it.

This dog runs very fast!

This is incredibly frustrating.

Did you tell Sabrina how much fun you had?

Max looked into the mirror all the time he was talking.

Cynthia sent his son to a boarding school in Australia.

You made that up, didn't you?

My students are always studying.

I think it's fine.


He can speak just a little English.


Boyce turned thirty on October twentieth.

How many crazy people are there in this town?

I turned page after page.

Hikers need to carry a compass with them to find their way through the woods.

Can we enhance the image?

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Did the doctor say it was OK for you to go swimming?

He's playing with his friends.

Manolis's doing very well.

Olya ordered this manhua from Taiwan.

The weather being fine, we went on a picnic.

You can't blame all your bad luck on Merat.

I have to get up quite early tomorrow.