Something is wrong with this washing machine.

She shouted that she was safe.

Catherine doesn't often listen to music.

She expected him to buy her an expensive gift.

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I'm working here.

Simon put his phone away.

Did he forget the money?

What happens happens.

The bathtub needs to be cleaned.


Kanthan hated lying.

I have great belief in the doctor.

I wonder which way to go.


Do not leave the lights on when you leave the room.

I had a cousin who lived in Boston.

The Japanese have dark eyes.

I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.

We're not ready for that to happen.

In Austria, you have to pay to use the highway.

I'm sure we'll be able to reason with Takeuchi.

It sucks to be you.

She cared for her son.


I slept in, so I was late to school.

They don't need to do it right away.

She poured a cup of tea for me.

The train is coming.

I met her in Boston last week.


Isaac is starting to relax.

Bryan was flying high after he heard the news.

She has lent me a new CD of a very good Brazilian band called Tinastacia.

Milo wondered where Rudolph had spent the weekend.

Imogen of the Internet can connect to dial-up BBSes by whistling into a funnel attached to a phone line.

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"What time do you guys wake up?" "Eight o'clock."

Do you really want to go back?

Put the radio on, please.

Srinivasan doesn't travel as much as Jun does.

Socorrito didn't get his wish.

Who will take charge of their class?

You might ask before you use my typewriter.

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You must be very talented, so as I!

They did a DNA comparison to see if the body was Donal's.


This room is for rent.


I've been thinking about what you said the other day.


Jeany is quite photogenic.

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A man is more or less what he looks like.

Mah is very mad at Giles.

I'll meet you out front.

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At the moment, the time difference between Japan and Italy is eight hours.

Shari goes swimming almost every day.

Naim made an angel in the snow.


They both looked back at us.

I'm leaving, but you don't have to cry.

Douglas and Skip are no longer in Boston.

Teri is with a customer.

The hill was covered in snow.

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Did you apologize to her?

Wolves hunt reindeer.

Connie came out of the bathroom with only a towel on.

I'm available now.

I do have one request.

Terri wants to pitch.

You heard from him?

Remember me next time.

What's in that bottle?

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We don't have any concerns.

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Are you going to take part in the English speech contest?

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I had already left when they arrived.

The sound of the violin is very sweet.

Miss Pizza and Mr Porridge were walking in the woods.

Juha doesn't have many friends in Boston.

Marco is much shorter than me.

When children play Go, they use a board with 5x5 or 7x7 lines.

I can stay in the guest room.


You're lying now, aren't you?

This did not happen.

Sue said Rolfe would be thirteen next month.

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I have three times as many books as he.

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Leon looked surprised at how well Edith was doing.

He looked to the right and to the left.

Sharada felt a little guilty.


None of us have met them.


Try to get Vidhyanath on the phone.


I asked him to keep quiet.


Tahsin is hoping that he can hitch a ride to Boston.

They jumped into the water.

How did it go last night?


Geoffrey walked past the table where Patty was sitting.

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The tidiness of his clothes always impressed me.


She wondered which door to open.


Did you really not know that?

Until we meet again, Bob and Nora.

It's never been clearer.

Rajeev doesn't seem to want to answer this question.

Was her uncle staying in London?

The cloud was pitch black.

Just let Bjorne go.

Methadone is commonly prescribed as a pain killer.

Every time I meet him, I swear at him.

Is Taurus conscious?

I've never liked the way foreign languages were taught at school.

I have bagel and cheese for breakfast.

I don't care if our team wins or not.


He always takes the lead when we play dominoes.

I'll study harder in the future.

There are sufficient grounds for believing he is honest.

Can you believe this is already happening?

He won us over with his honesty.

Even though the train was late, we made it in time.

I can't help thinking what Merton would say if he saw me doing this.

Everybody is relying on you.

You certainly knew Isidore was married.


"How old is she?" "She is twelve years old."

He thumped his hat flat.

Nicolo isn't sure what to do next.

To buy books would be a good thing if we also could buy the time to read them.

Oil is necessary to run various machines.

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I suffered a lot with this news.


He didn't pay anything.

He has a painting of Jesus Christ in the living room.

Be careful. It's very inflammable.

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"Can you cook?" - "Yes, I can. But I can't guarantee it'll taste good."

A timely snow promises a good harvest.

I want a blanket.


Quit picking on her.


I use birth control.


Man's but a bubble.

Mohammad needs to make some decisions.

If you keep on like this, you'll probably live to reach 120!

These are your quarters.

I'm not sure that's what Lenny really wanted to say.

Sir has a dog named Cookie.

Hilda has an eating disorder.

The doctor made six house calls in the afternoon.

Have you ever seen a wolf?

Always be true to yourself.

Phiroze insulted Dustin. That's why she's so upset.

She cooked us Chinese dishes last night.

I confess my translation is not perfect.


Brad hasn't paid the invoice yet.

Is this your copy of the dictionary?

There are many mysteries in life.

Let's share a cab.

The section chief said out of the blue: "Women and meat, I like them a little rotten".

He lacks confidence.

Barney and Jos are here to help us.


Won't somebody help me?

Floria hates to work late on Friday.

I watched TV last night.

There is little, if any, hope that Debi will win the election.

Thank you, Jesus.

The shops look merry with their bright toys and their green branches.

I'm afraid of the cops.

She covers Wall Street.

I took a step backwards.

Bird is the word.

The drowning boy was more dead than alive.

That program is broadcast every other week.

George gave me your address.


I'd like to improve my Cebuano.

The ground was covered with a heavy blanket of snow.

I just got a few bruises.