Did I mention I have dinner plans with Son?


I found the rare edition that I've been looking so long for.

This year I didn't have time to go on holidays.

Dan scored second place in the race.

Becky never works on Sunday.

Gideon is the same age as me.

Why are you asking me?

Health is essential to happiness.

Sitting behind people at the movies who constantly chat and giggle doesn't make for an enjoyable evening.

Why don't you just go take a hike?

I walked along the river.

She knows how to cook.

I don't make friends easily.

I realized it was a mistake as soon as I did it.

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Tal has no classes at all on Monday.

He was employed writing letter.

Tommy makes Sehyo very happy.


You have changed quite a lot.


I wouldn't put it in quite those words.

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I told the police that Barry was with me at that time.

Where did they learn this?

I would have been surprised if the translation had been "I hate... " :)

I shouldn't have believed Renu.

We cannot help but admire his courage.


Who would buy one of those?

We'll go get him.

There's something he's not telling us.

I met Tahsin in front of the store.

Rayan didn't tell me you were here.


I am in complete agreement with everything he said.

Find yourself a seat.

There's no door.

I know you hired him.

Somebody opened the door.

Aaron was shot and killed in front of the restaurant he owned.

I don't want to go to bed yet.

The police searched Cindy's car.

That boy used to drop in on me.

Ethan is going to have to leave.

Why would I be offended?


What have you bought Julian for Christmas?

Don't look back cause you know what you might see.

Where did you want to take him?

It is true that he is ill.

Have you ever read this book?


What can I get you today?


Everyone was glued to the TV set as the election results came in.

I know this is hard.

That's our French teacher.

Vice President Roosevelt hurried to Buffalo.

I've always wanted to meet your younger brother.


If I had known her address, I could have visited her.

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We should probably wrap up.

At the same time, they allowed themselves to be duped and led in circles by a structure of politicians and bureaucrats.

That boy won't tell me his name.

Everything's going to be okay.

Is this real turquoise? At this price? Come on!

These two pieces don't fit together.

Pratapwant was really good at that.

We could not swallow his story.

I do really want to watch this match, but I'm not sure if I have the time.

The battle was fought by the river.

Can you take us to Jerrie?

I am very busy today, but tomorrow I should like very much to have lunch with you.

I crave knowledge.

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He's generous, so let's go with him.

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My Christmas is now ruined.

My guess is that Glen isn't going to want that.

I'm starting to get a bad feeling this.

Mrs. Tanaka and I were in the kendo club together when we were in college.

I feel fresh after a walk.


At least they listened to what we had to say.

You need to learn to mind your own business.

It's time for you to buy a new car.

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When do you expect to have your Christmas shopping done?

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Jerry heard a twig crack.

We're having a party next Saturday.

You do like living dangerously.


Marion stayed there for an hour.


Your income is about twice as large as mine.


What time do you wake up?


Would you like to go out and get something to eat?

I can't think of anyone better suited for the job than Saul.

What else do you know?

I was able to pass the test.

I must rest.

Jeffery's parents were missionaries in Africa.

This is a story written in English.

Alfred said something to Rebecca.

I've already thought about that.


Laurie is the fastest driver.


I don't think I'll stay until the end of the concert.

When Saumya showed up late for work for the third time in a row, his boss told him that it was the last straw and that he would have to fire him.

I heard a noise outside.

His parents are very conservative.

What did you think we were talking about?

Do we have to do this tonight?

I think Hal's skirt's too long.


He's up to no good.


Do I please you?

I think Olson is rude.

I thought I was clear about this.


I didn't want Gregor to help me.

I'd like to have a coffee.

He was seen to take out the book secretly.


How many questions were there on the test?


We need to apply to the bank for a loan.


We've taken a hit. Trivial damage.

That's not fair. He started it.

I heard that Manny is sick.

We have to save money against a rainy day.

He demands immediate payment.

You're a naive person.

She is worried about her health.


What in the world got into you?

I could not make myself heard on account of the noise.

I'm not jealous of him.


Don't make fun of them.


A Airlines flight 112 bound for Tokyo will be delayed 30 minutes.

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Bobby is planning to go be at the party, isn't he?

I can't deal with him anymore.

In one year there are twelve months.


Vincent is going to be so surprised.

Maybe Polly wasn't busy.

The capital of Sweden is Stockholm.

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I was disappointed in her.

She said that John must be very glad to hear the news.

I know that Marco has been sick.


That sounds terribly farfetched.

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How fast he runs!

Please don't laugh! Try it yourself!

Rafael doesn't have children.

I haven't seen that in a long time.

Troy doesn't like being told he's not old enough yet.


I was there once before.

I confronted them.

How did I look?

What makes you think they know who you are?

It's not surprising that he be proud of his son.

We used to swim in this lake.

I'm very sorry, but I seem to have lost your parasol.

Do you need help?

We have respect for our teacher.

What kind of fuel do you use in this machine?

You're really angry.


I called a guy I know in the FBI and requested help.

Can you tell me how to get to the city hall?

I wanted to buy a house in downtown Boston, but I couldn't afford it.


We understand that the Woody Panel retails for $80.

She wore heart-shaped earrings.

He did duty at the expense of his health.


The first pancake is always a blob.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Guess what I bought today.

Fir trees are often used as Christmas trees.

She wanted to help them.


What caused that to happen?