I'm not talking to you, Wolfgang.

He ate every bit of his dinner.


The last thing I want to do is cause you a problem.

I feel profound sympathy for the victims.

Read this book at your leisure.

It's a sad story.

You can't have your cake and eat it, too.


Let's put some aside in good times, to have it when it's needed.

Please tell me where I can read a book.

I heard they found Jianyun guilty.

Might there be life after death?

Let's talk soon.

I felt very sad.

They do nothing but cry.


Hein must be hungry.


Are you sure we can trust them?


Putting his trust in God and taking the bull by the horns, the Christian gladiator defeated many adversaries.


We weren't happy.


I'm still mad at them.


This spider rarely bites humans.

Don't sic a dog. He might bite you.

You'll die in jail.

Roxane never talked about Izchak.

You may also add sentences that you can't translate yourself. Perhaps someone else can! Also, please don't forget capitalization and punctuation! Many thanks!

Where did the painting come from?

What's the name of the girl we saw at the festival that day?


Rodent still isn't comfortable with the idea.

I'll build myself a beautiful palace, with a thousand stables filled with a thousand wooden horses to play with, a cellar overflowing with lemonade and ice cream soda, and a library of candies and fruits, cakes and cookies.

Don't talk about Douglas that way.


We had hopes of developing tourism on a big scale.

My sister is kind to children.

I'm avoiding Mikey from now on.

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For example, more people are choosing to live together and have children without getting married.

He is speaking loudly.

Please go with Root.


Your guess is quite wrong.


All of this stationery is his.

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Honestly, I don't believe it's a matter of plagiarism.

Can you remember that last time you ate ravioli?

Lucifer says he has no idea where Bucky is.

Kari boarded the train.

I thought they were unemployed.

We're working.

What's the matter with this one?


Do you have friends in Antigua?

Takayuki walked out with Joe.

The police have no suspects.


I'm done arguing.

Your life is so perfect.

You might not like this beer at first. It's an acquired taste.

Marcos and Theodore clinked their wine glasses.

Ramadoss wrote me from Australia.


You should leave there on Monday.

He was a soldier in Korea.

This tablecloth measures 5 feet by 3 feet.

I know where Saumya went.

It's a beautiful story.


The longer the sentence, the more likely it is to be unique.

The World is Blue as an Orange.

My husband has five or six brains which are remarkably irrigated.


You had me worried for a minute there.

I, too, am not a student.

Tanaka has been sick a lot lately.

He caught the traveler's diarrhea.

What's to be done next?


Why don't you just buy a new one?

I doubt his story.

His handwriting is poor.

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We've done what we can to help.

Step 1. Heat the vegetable oil (0.5L) (any grease or a mixture of oil and grease) in the pot on high heat, add sliced onions (400g), fry until the onions take a yellow color, then add meat (any kind) (1kg).

Please exchange yen for dollars.

Coming back was a bad choice.

A budget is a plan or schedule adjusting expenses during a certain period to the estimated or fixed income for that period.

I don't have any brothers.

Are you still upset about that?

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You are suitable for the job.

Can you lend me some money?

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

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She is different from her sister in every way.

How much per kilo for excess?

Did you tell Brandon about where you went today?

Aimee is lying.

The eternal silence of these infinite spaces terrifies me.

How far is it to New York?

How many chemical elements compose water?

Jane is one of Paris' most famous fashion designers.

Clara and Mats probably drowned together.

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I'd like to find out why it got broken.


Radek poured Shirley a snifter full of brandy.

Nici told me the story of his life.

I just want you to scare them.


What do you want me to do about it?

Glynn suggested wearing warm clothes.

I didn't get her autograph.

Saiid didn't like homework.

Let's remove harmful books from circulation. Starting first with the bibles that have spread all over the world.

Bart lied to you about that.

That is why I am angry with him.

It has a great many words borrowed from foreign languages.

I thought I'd save you the trouble.

I made tea.

Get in touch with me.

Stephe got everything he wanted for Christmas.

Spass asked Anatole for an explanation.

We divided ten dollars among the five of us.

I'll be very attentive.

You've got that right.

I don't know where Duncan was going.


Do you really want to buy all this stuff?

Kevin plowed the field.

That cat is brown.

I slept with my wife before we were married. Did you?

Not at all, that's perfectly fine. Calling each other by one's given name is a good thing; it produces a feeling of fellowship.

Why did you stay with them?

How much will it cost you to go by air?

Have you ever gone to see a horse race?

We will take care of this for you.

He was really cute and I liked him a lot. But then he broke up with me.

"Are you a cop?" "No. Why do you ask?"

And they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

Send her down.

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Not everything is about money.

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I'm being good to you this morning.

I'm in bad trouble.

He's his own boss.

We cannot be naked enough.

We'll notify him.

Neil and Shakil went to the Luna Park.

Walter was haunted by the demons of his past.

Let's see if our cars have enough gas.

Who was killed?

I'm sorry, I know what I said earlier, but forget it.

Are you still there, Pierette?

Toufic's as strong as an ox, yet nevertheless is a coward.

Do you want me to go up there?


One who has no goals in life, lives only to die.

I won't leave without Guillermo.

You are smarter than that.

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How did you stop it?

I will understand.

I had no idea you were here.

You're not ready yet.

English is a common language for many Asians.

Your parents are wonderful.

Please use the bathroom downstairs.


They were lucky.

Let's try to read.

He was alone in the dark.

Matter changes its form according to temperature.

Footnotes are notes at the foot of a page.

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I will always love Lukas.


Wilmer works six days a week.

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What's your favorite national park?


It took a long time, but in the end I was able to convince him.

We get on OK.

Carnot machines work according to cycles of compression and expansion.


Caleb has it all figured out.

The balance at the bank stands at two million yen.

We have a pool.


He had to leave his cat at home.


He was convinced that she really loved him.