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I didn't walk for a year.

Let me tell you all something.

Darrell is being modest.


Don't be so gloomy about the future.

Rob is competing against other swimmers.

I never dreamt that I would win first prize.

This is a pencil and that is a pen.

Excuse me, how much does this cost?


There is a someone standing at the door.

She wore a pink belt that was as ugly as it was expensive.

Bill was singled out for a special award.

How can we meet new people?

Rafael wanted Franklin to come to his party.

Our girlfriend traveled to a small town last week.

She was very captivating when she performed.

I think you should stop.

Are you a supermodel?


I have nice hair.

Get out of here quickly!

She didn't want to drink alcoholic drinks every day. However, beer is her favorite drink, so she drinks non-alcoholic beer every day.

Where is the meeting room?

Micky kept walking.

I'm all by myself.

That's a very interesting theory.

I'm stronger than yesterday.

Everything is all right at home.


Cornered prey is the most dangerous kind.


I may not be back until late.

Morgan still lives there.

The club failed to pass our resolution.

What impressed you most?

I suffer from depression during the winter.

His repeated delinquencies brought him to court.

The people at large are against war.


They ran out of fuel in the middle of the Pacific.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions.

That's a real possibility.

I'm pleased you like it.

And a little bread.

He jumped over a ditch.

Have I told you where I first met Niall?

I get what I want.

I would like you to assist me with my gardening.

I can neither confirm nor deny this.

He exercised his powers to the full.

Expressing your feelings is not a sign of weakness.

Shouldn't you overlook his indiscretions and forgive him?

This failure was brought about by your own negligence.

Kevyn broke his right arm.

Ninja's sentences are very ambiguous.

Bobbie is having some problems with his grades.

Never in his life had he encountered such a dilemma.

I wonder if Daren regrets what he did.

I don't want to see him again.

She was a tiny girl, but she really held her own on the baritone sax. Nonetheless, I couldn't help but imagine the thing wrapping itself around her and devouring her like a boa constrictor.

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Buy me some candy.

Brad asked Naim not to go without him.

Did Maarten say who did it?


They live in a little, rustic house out in the woods.

Our confidence in him is gone.

Ordinarily, this wouldn't be a problem.


I have to trust Geoffrey.


I want to study German in addition to English.

What were you talking about?

Why do you need this?

I want to rent a car for my trip.

Why don't you go first?


Is this the right way to Yokohama Station?


He turned a deaf ear to their complaints.

I talk to Joel on the phone every day.

Let's live here.

He wants a banana.

I'm off the clock.


How much insurance do you carry on your house?


I just barely managed to pass the test.


The construction of this project will provide 2,000 jobs.

I tried to reason with Honzo.

It just wasn't what we thought.

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Glenn has trouble admitting when he's wrong.

I will put that on my to-do list.

The pie is fresh.

Dwight also noticed that Jackye wasn't there.

He trusted his defense attorney.

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His debts amount to a considerable sum.

Who did you learn it from?

Those are really big apples.

He's not going to make it.

In a liquid rocket, the propellants, the fuel and the oxidizer, are stored separately as liquids and are pumped into the combustion chamber of the nozzle where burning occurs.

I telephoned my friend to congratulate him.

Jong isn't sure how to proceed.

I wish I were a baby again.

You'd be amazed how many apples you can buy for two hundred dollars.


What time is dinner?


The politician had sticky fingers, and 5% of every contract ended in his pocket.

I think we're too late.

I wish you had told me about it sooner.

I am your mother. I am to be obeyed - not questioned.

You'll never find the way back home, through narrow streets of cobblestone.

I told them I would help.

Yum yum!

I don't know either twin.

We've already lost three days.

I don't really like Lowell very much.

The air is soft, and the soil is moist.

He was sitting next to me.

Jeffery had changed so much that I didn't recognize him.


Walk every day.


Troy plans to stick around to see what happens.

You ought to keep your promise.

It will be worth it!

Can you answer it?

It's difficult to remember details.

They believe that the soul is immortal.

Imagine a problem such as this: Suppose your brother has a car accident.

Martha nodded his approval.

I admonished him of the danger.

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A quartet has one more member than a trio.

We want to remain like we are now forever.

Wolfgang isn't going to like it very much.

I'm waiting for Miek to return.

May I eat that orange?

I apologize for that.

Put the medicine where children can't get at it.

They're keeping it under wraps.

He behaved like a father to me.


Urs likes to shop at Macy's.


Approximately 4.9 percent of Finns are Finland-Swedes. In other words, people with Swedish as their mother tongue.

Those green suits are special suits for reducing the risk of biological contamination.

I wish Vivek the best.

Seenu did all he could.

I'm not going to blame you.

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We might not have a choice.

Check out what I've been up to.

Hui, I want to stay with you.


This drama consists of just two short scenes.

Rajesh is a little slow on the uptake.

I don't speak her language.

I'd like to eat something else.

They quit their job.

"What's the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?" "I went back to sleep."

The crowd clapped.

My father won't have any noise while he is at work.

Bob knows better than to fight.

I did not have the time these days to publish it.

The farmer that lived nearby came to investigate.

Let me take you to lunch.

I work at my friend's shop.

I know how to settle this.

According to the UN, the world population exceeded 7 billion in October of the year 2011.

Do you have a house?

How do you think Sugih did that?


You're bound to succeed in the long run.

He speaks Spanish well.

The crowd surged into the auditorium.

I'm not going to name names.

In case of fire, break this window.

Their eyes pursued him.

I wouldn't want to disappoint Chris.

Sylvan left me no choice.

You made spaghetti, didn't you?

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We got a flat tire.

I was so disappointed.

Roderick went shopping for dog food.

I am very sorry.

Is German pronunciation difficult?

Learning a language is not easy.

Thanks, the same to you!

Which language is spoken in the U.S.A.?

Do you have a car?


The sand on the beach was white.