The teacher finished today's lesson.

How is that pronounced?

This is the biggest book I've ever seen.

Kimberly tried to take the microphone away from Mikey.

What you've written isn't actually wrong, but it leaves out some important facts.

You aren't jealous, are you?

Hello, my dear, I made two pictures and I want your opinion on them.

The marionette took off his clothes and laid them on the sand to dry.

Could you show me the way?

Thanks for talking to me.

Rakhal seemed interested in nothing else.

I'm supposed to help Nicolette clean his room.

Carole is very pretty.

Everyone believed his lie.

Help me out here.


Is Joe an alcoholic?


Harvey invited Kiki to his house.


Meet the twisted reality!


How many cows are there in the village?

Margie suffers from chronic pain.

I want to move to Boston.

I recommend it highly.

Kevin has been very upset.

Yes, a man is as good as his word. But I'll just be helping, you understand. You'll have to work too.

Monty tentatively opened the door.


I've heard of him, but I don't know him personally.

Let's finish this work as soon as possible.

The church is in yourself, for your body is the temple of the living God.


Can we come with you?

Everyone is talking about Bradford.

I don't see a problem.

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Is there anything you want to say?

I'll come if you want me to.

Her life ebbed away from her through her wounds.


I can feel pain in both of my knees.

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The secretary noted down what her boss had said.

Go and buy three bottles of coke.

When do you come?

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I vowed that I would never speak to her again.

Is it true? Paul kissed Lily on the lips?

That is a strange accent.

He drummed nervously on the railing.

One afternoon in late spring, Jinchao went out for a swim and was never seen again.

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I make a lot more money than he does.

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There's no reason to be afraid of Ole.

He embarked on a new study.

When the earthquake occurred, I happened to be watching TV.


Juan unchained the door.

It's just a rumor.

A farewell party was held for Mr. Smith.

The suspect has confessed.

Everybody has some good points and bad points.

This place sucks.

Jean-Paul Sartre was a famous French philosopher.


You're in good shape.

It took us a long time to decide what we really wanted.

Individuals do not exist for the development of the State.

Jarvis is in severe pain.

Censorious people delight in casting blame.

Thou hast wounded my heart with one of thy eyes, and with one hair of thy neck.

Fritz is worried that he might get fired.

I'm not sure what I should be doing.

Will you lend me your knife?

The murder case may bear a relation on his sudden death.

Prices depend on the costs and the demand.


I'd never do a thing like that.

Hitoshi left, leaving Malus alone with John.

We're not open.


It was very hot.


What are you asking me to do?

I'm hungry. I'm not angry.

Weeds sprang up in the garden.


That's what's important.

Can I give you some money?

I didn't know that dogs swim well.


It's not mine.

Heinrich is taking care of me.

This kind of thing doesn't happen very often.

It is not for beginners.

Juha knows it's too late.

I just talked to them.

Look, a squirrel.

His behavior puzzled me.

Ozan has a very thick accent.

Has he finished his homework yet?

I need to go pee.

Watch where you're going.

Can you take over?

I had the time of my life.

Why would Jelske be doing this?

The roads are dirty.

They put her in a straitjacket.


Every once in a while I read about a priceless antique that someone found in their attic.

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You never showed.

Although it it does not seem that way, peaches and almonds are family.

Today is not my lucky day!

There is no relation between characters appearing, organisations and places to those that really exist.

I would like to eat something.

Did you call me up last night?

I really want to know.

Aren't you supposed to be at school?

Were I you, I would ignore it.

What criterion did you use when you elected this essay as the winner?

I am going to call on her tomorrow.


My water broke.


I was so nervous.

I wish I was as hungry as you.

Okay, I will keep your advice in mind.

I want to age gracefully.

Al poured wine into a plastic cup and handed it to Johnny.


The birds fly below the clouds.

Do you know how Dick is related to Donna?

She's reading.

They made a toast at his funeral.

We are wearing expensive jewels.

Are you expecting someone?

Lloyd pulled his jacket hood over his head.

I should go talk to Kinch.

She bought a shirt for him to wear to the party.

Philippe is the person who motivated me and gave me strength at all times to go ahead in the right direction.

Do you know what time they came?

Are you still sick?

The wonderful performance of this actress exceeded all expectations.

If you wanted more cake, all you had to do was ask.

We need to bide our time.

The hospital is near here.

I think it's unlikely that Kory will come to the party alone.

A solar eclipse is when the Moon blocks the light from the Sun.

Astronomers believe Saturn's rings developed from particles that resulted from the break-up of naturally occurring satellites.

Heinz always asks for permission before he borrows my bicycle.

Well, I can tell you something that will put your mind at ease.

At times she can be absent-minded.

In my house we drink a lot of beer.

What does it contain?

How are you washing the blue blanket?

His talk was a mere game.

I thought it would make her laugh.

How do they expect us to survive?

I wonder how many people were here last night.

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My parents will be home about 2:30.

Josh helped an old lady load her groceries in her car.

Not being useful to anyone is simply being worthless.

Please do it using what you think is the best method.

If you like, I'll tell you about what happened to Billy.

A city at night with neon signs in logograms and phonograms looks just marvellous.

A monkey is climbing up a tall tree.

A beam of white light is split by a prism into rays of various colors.

We want Lenora to say yes.

Jacob said that he couldn't breathe.

You didn't tell me Omar was so handsome.


He promised me he wouldn't tell anyone.

You're scary!

Cars are already parked like that on the sidewalk.

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When are you going to tell us?

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It's too hot to work right now.

Nathan is now being held prisoner.

There's some milk in the bottle.

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When she was my girlfriend, I remember that I was very controlling.


The following passage is a quotation from a well-known fable.

I understand that would be difficult.

I'll never be like her.


This is "free of charge".

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Arlene walked into Stagger's bedroom.

I can't stand to see you wasting your time.

She was staring at him.

The cup you just broke was the one Kylo gave me.

You really are a spoiled brat.